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7 Which of these questions might be appropriate for a candidate to ask at the end of a job interview?

a Would you like to see my reference letters?

b If I am selected for the job, when can I take vacation?

c Is there any other information I can provide for you?

d Did I get the job?

Respostas: a; c
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8 Research a job description or advertisement that interests you and bring it to class. This is an example to guide your search.

Professor/a, como a atividade de prática oral desta unidade simulará uma entrevista de emprego, os/as estudantes são encorajados/as a buscar anúncios de trabalho em que teriam algum interesse para tornar a prática mais autêntica. Caso não seja possível incentivar a busca (online ou em materiais impressos), eles/elas podem criar seus próprios anúncios – usando este como exemplo – ou, ainda, usar este mesmo para a realização da atividade.

Conference Assistant

May 13 through August 4

• Live-in position (Free Housing)

• 20 hours per week

• $1,250 stipend

• Set-up & break down of apartments

• Check-in & check-out conference guests

• Front desk and customer service

• Inventory Supplies

• Linen and towel exchanges

• Able to work in 3-story residence halls

Contact: Sara Thomas 590-1888 or sthomas@mail.edu


• Live in position (Free Housing)

• 35 hours per week minimum

• $3000 stipend

• Replace and repair common materials in apartments

• Paint & patch repair work

• Move furnishings (sofa, chairs, bed frames etc.)

• Small appliance repair

Must have mechanical ability

• Able to lift 50 lbs

• Day shifts and some weekends

• MAs must take on-line classes only

Contact: John Stone 590-7999 or jstone@mail.edu


May 20 through August 7

• Live-in position (Free Housing)

• 15 hours per week

• Two-day work week

Evening on-call duties

• Front Desk duty

• $800 stipend

• Set-up/break-down suites

• Inventory Orientation supplies

• Able to work in 5-story buildings

Contact: Sara Thomas 590-1888 or sthomas@mail.edu


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