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Before writing

1 Look at the text and, in your notebook, choose the correct answer to the questions.

Melissa Smith


Home: 555-555-5555 Cell: 999-999-9999

28 Main Ave NE
Albertville, MN 55031


St. Michael Albertville High School, St. Michael, MN, June 2015
Overall GPA: 3.74, Honor roll each trimester
Athletics: Varsity Tennis Captain, Golf, Varsity Hockey Manager, Basketball Manager
Clubs: Yearbook Committee


Stock Clerk, Coborn’s, Albertville, MN
Winter 2014-Present
• Keep shelves stocked with goods
• Make and change displays
• Move and organize goods in back room


Coach, Shooting Stars Gymnastics, St. Michael, MN

Winter 2014-Present
• Run and maintain gymnastics class for students
• Help students achieve certain gymnastic skills
• Clean gym

• Provide childcare for families on weekdays and weekends


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Volunteer, St. Michael Catholic Church, St. Michael, MN

Fall 2011-Present
• Teach grades K-2 in religion classes
• Help stuff/stamp monthly newsletters
• Mail Newsletters


• Varsity Tennis Captain, 2014
• Girls JV Tennis State Champs, 2012
Dance Team Captain, 2011-2014
• Academic Honor Roll, 2008-Present
• All State Academic Tennis Team, 2014
• CPR Certified
• GWAM of 50



Computer Skills
• Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Movie Maker
• Google Docs
• Adobe Photoshop

Classes Taken:

• Accounting
• Microsoft Excel
• Computer Applications


Available at . Accessed on February 2, 2016. Some information has been removed from the original text in order to preserve the author’s privacy.


a What type of text is it?

I A portfolio.

II A letter of application.

III A résumé or curriculum vitae (CV).

Resposta: III

b What is its purpose?

I To present a compilation of one’s work (documents, drawings etc.).

II To formally state one’s interest in attending an institution or applying for a job position.

III To provide a summary of one’s education, work experience and additional skills in order to apply for a certain job.

Resposta: III

2 Now analyze the text carefully and, with this type of text in mind, answer in your notebook: which of the following statements are correct?

a A high school student’s résumé does not present valuable experiences or skills that can interest an employer or an educational institution.

b Résumés should be very long and present complex language, so that employers are impressed by the applicant’s educational and working background.

Página 90

c For each item mentioned in a résumé, there is usually a list of the person’s responsibilities and accomplishments organized in bullet points.

d Mentioning (expected) graduation dates and the periods when an applicant worked in different positions is very important in a résumé.

e Applicants usually describe their experiences using action verbs (teach, organize, create, design, serve, help, make etc.), which gives the idea of dynamism.

f A résumé is a detailed history of a person’s whole study and work life.

Respostas: c; d; e

3 Find these pieces of information in the résumé in activity 1.

Professor/a, as respostas também estão indicadas no currículo da atividade 1. Sugere-se pedir a contribuição dos/as estudantes quanto a outras possibilidades a serem incluídas em um currículo, como conhecimento de línguas estrangeiras, participação em eventos/congressos/seminários etc.

a Name.

Melissa Smith

b Contact information.

Home: 555-555-5555/ Cell: 999-999-9999/ melissa.ss@mail.com/ 28 Main Ave/

NE Albertville, MN 55301

c Educational background.


d Work experience (paid and/or unpaid).


e Extracurricular and volunteering activities.

"Volunteer” até “Mail Newsletters".

f Athletic and/or academic activities and achievements.


g Leadership positions.

Varsity Tennis Captain, 2014 e Dance Team Captain, 2011-2014.

h Additional skills that might be useful for the position.

Computer Skills

4 Find words/expressions in the résumé in activity 1 that mean the following.

a A list of students who had outstanding grades in a certain period. honor roll

b A school/college book that records the year’s events and usually contains pictures of students, compiled by a graduating class and published annually. yearbook

c A person whose job is to instruct/train a group of athletes. coach

d Arrangements of objects/pictures for people to look at. displays

e A person who works in an office, usually performing multiple tasks. clerk

f Electronic or printed reports with information about recent activities conducted in an organization, which are sent to its members. newsletters

g The main and usually most advanced sports team in a school or college. varsity

5 In your notebook, make a chart similar to this one and list the experiences that can be included in your résumé. Respostas pessoais.

Educational background

Work experience

Extracurricular and volunteering activities

Athletic and/or academic activities and achievements

Leadership positions

Additional skills




6 In your notebook, write a first draft of your résumé. Think about your professional and educational experiences, challenges you have faced, how you reacted to them and what the results were.

Página 91


If you have a specific position in mind, check out the job advertisement or the description of the educational institution you are applying for. Think about what the employer/organization is looking for and keep that in mind when writing your text. Emphasize the specific achievements and skills that may be of their interest.

Your accomplishments certainly contribute to your personal development. However, when listing and describing them in your résumé, think about how they can benefit the team/organization you want to be part of. Then select and emphasize those you consider more relevant in this specific situation.

After writing

7 Proofread your draft. Review spelling, punctuation and grammar and make any necessary changes. Then exchange texts with a partner and check if his/her résumé is neat, legible and if it caught your attention. Make any comments you wish and return it to him/her. Also, ask for your teacher's comments.

8 Type a second version of your résumé on a separate sheet, taking into consideration your teacher's and your partner’s comments.

Professor/a, apesar de o material produzido pelos/as estudantes não ter circulação imediata, é importante, conforme indicado no boxe “Tip” a seguir, ter um currículo pronto e atualizado para ser enviado assim que necessário.


Remember to keep your résumé updated as you gain and broaden experiences little by little. You never know when you will need to submit it!

Exploring further

Go online and find other samples and templates for high school résumés. There are many websites that provide a variety of models, as well as online tools for you to customize your résumé. Share your findings with your classmates next class.


Job interview

Ciências Humanas

Before speaking

1 Look at the pictures. What do they represent?

Job interviews.



2 What is a job interview? Discuss with a partner and choose the correct option.

a A stage in the recruitment process that consists of a meeting between the job applicant and the recruiter, in order to evaluate the potential employee.

b A conversation between an applicant and a member of the employing organization that happens straight after the applicant is hired, in order to introduce him/her to the new job.

Resposta: a
Página 92

3 In pairs, go over the statements about job interviews and, in your notebook, decide if they are appropriate or inappropriate.

Professor/a, para realizar esta atividade, os/as estudantes deverão utilizar seu conhecimento de mundo. Por isso, é importante discutir quaisquer contribuições trazidas por eles/elas.

a Punctuality is not something employers consider important and evaluate in a job interview. Inappropriate

b Nonverbal communication counts a lot in job interviews. Apart from using polite language, candidates usually watch their posture, gestures, eye contact and facial expressions when talking to the recruiter. Appropriate

c Smiling should be avoided at all costs during job interviews. Candidates should be serious all the time. Inappropriate

d It is important to gather all the necessary documents in advance, such as your résumé, academic certificates and personal or employment reference letters (you may not need them, but you could take them just in case). Appropriate

e Reviewing the job description and learning more about the organization before going to the interview might be useful for the candidate. He/She can then prepare himself/herself better and think about what information he/she should provide when asked. Appropriate

f The candidate’s availability for the position is almost never asked. Therefore, thinking about your schedule beforehand is useless. Inappropriate

g As everyone is expected to be nervous during job interviews, it is OK to lose confidence and give confusing answers. Recruiters don’t take into consideration how clear and engaged you are. Inappropriate

h After the interview, the recruiter might ask the candidate if there is anything he/she would like to know. Appropriate

4 Are you familiar with the concepts of "hard skills" and "soft skills"? Read these definitions, make a chart similar to the one below in your notebook and add the skills from the box under the appropriate column.

What are ‘Hard Skills’

Specific, teachable abilities that can be defined and measured. By contrast, soft skills are less tangible and harder to quantify. Examples of hard skills include job skills like typing, writing, math, reading and the ability to use software programs; soft skills are personality-driven skills like etiquette, getting along with others, listening and engaging in small talk. […]”

Excerpt from the text available at . Accessed on February 15, 2016.

computer skills / flexibility / knowledge of foreign languages / leadership

motivation / participation in and/or organization of events

patience / professional qualifications / teamwork

Hard skills

Soft skills

computer skills knowledge of foreign languages participation in and/or organization of events professional qualifications

flexibility leadership motivation patience teamwork


Página 93

5 Which of the skills in activity 4 do you have?

Respostas pessoais.

6 These are some of the questions interviewers usually ask in a job interview. In your notebook, match them to their possible answers.

a What can you tell me about yourself? II

b What do you consider to be your greatest strengths and weaknesses? V

c Why do you want this job? I

d Do you work well with other people? IV

e Why do you think you are suitable for this position? III

I This is an opportunity for you to show the recruiter that you have previously looked for information about the organization and know about its work, commitment, culture etc. Apart from demonstrating knowledge about the institution and how it aligns with your interests, highlight in what ways you can contribue with your work.

II In this open-ended question, usually made to break the ice, you can start sharing personal interests, such as hobbies (swimming, running, singing, doing yoga, cooking etc.), and then make a transition to more professional skills and areas of interest (volunteer work included, if applicable).

III Without undervaluing other candidates, this is the moment for you to “advertise yourself” and give examples of your personality traits, skills and achievements that match what the institution is looking for.

IV Teamwork is something that tends to be necessary in a variety of positions. Even if it’s not, soft skills are usually well regarded to maintain a good environment in the workplace. You can mention situations you have experienced in which you listened actively to your coworkers, motivated them in their activities and/or helped mediate conflicts.

V Describe the experiences and both hard and soft skills that you consider most noticeable in you and that relate to the job position in question (work ethic, problem-solving abilities, writing skills etc.). Also, acknowledge that, as everybody else, you do have weaknesses, which can actually be good qualities that were just taken to extremes (e.g. perfectionism, enthusiasm). You can also mention how you have managed those aspects.


Information available at

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