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ENG4U1 Personal Persuasive Essay Analysis Unit:

Responding to Susan Cain’s VISUAL Personal Persuasive Essay,

The Power of Introverts

Essay Analysis Instructions:

  • Carefully watch and dissect the VISUAL personal persuasive essay entitled, “The Power of Introverts” written and delivered by Susan Cain. Please respond to the following SEVEN analysis questions provided below using complete sentences.

  • Follow a point/proof/analysis format for each of your responses (you must include relevant, paraphrased examples from this visual essay in your answers in order to support your assertions).

The Seven Essay Analysis Questions:

1) What is the thesis of Cain’s visual essay? Express this thesis in your own words.

2) Do you agree or disagree with Cain’s thesis? Explain your reasoning by connecting directly

to Aristotle’s rhetorical triangle (ethos, pathos, logos).

3) What is the tone of Cain’s visual essay? Does it enhance her persuasiveness?

4) Identify and analyze THREE pro arguments that Cain integrates in order to support her


5) Identify and analyze ONE concession argument that Cain presents in order to explore

the alternate side of her argument. If she does not present a concession argument, what is

the effect on her visual essay?

6) Identify and analyze TWO internal strategies that Cain uses in order to shape/develop her

thesis. Are these internal strategies used effectively (comment on their purpose and effect)?

7) Identify and analyze TWO rhetorical devices that Cain uses in order to enhance her

thesis. Are these rhetorical devices used effectively (comment on their purpose and effect)?


  • Ensure that your responses are written in proper sentence and paragraph structure, and that they contain correct spelling, grammar, style, and organization of ideas.

Download 40.45 Kb.

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