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Government of Andhra Pradesh

Revenue department


INFORMATION hand book (u/s 4 (1) (b))



Chapter – 1

    1. Back Ground and Key Objectives:

In order to insure much access to information and to promote transparency and accountability in the working of every public authority the information is given which relates to the District Collector’s Office, Visakhapatnam.

    1. Objective/ Purpose of this information:

The purpose of this information is to create awareness among the public for easy access in respect of different functions, duties, powers of the officers pertaining to the District Collector’s Office, Visakhapatnam.

    1. Who are the intended users of the Hand Book:

All citizens, Public representatives, Officers, Employees of Public authorities including Public Information Officers, Assistant Public Information Officers, Appellate officers and Public / private Organizations.

    1. Definitions of Key terms:


Joint Collector


District Revenue Officer


Special Deputy Collector


Administrative Officer




Senior Assistant


Junior Assistant



    1. Chapter 2 to 18

    1. Getting Additional Information:

For getting Additional Information pertaining to this office, E – mail address: Collector_ vsk @

    1. Name and Address of Key Contacts:

  • Sri N. Yuvaraj, IAS, District Collector, Visakhapatnam,

  • Sri J. Nivas, IAS, Joint Collector, Visakhapatnam. Appellate Authority

  • Sri K. NageswaraRao, District Revenue Officer, Visakhapatnam, Public Information Officer.

  • Sri B.S. PrakasaRao, Administrative Officer, Collector’s Office, Visakhapatnam, Assistant Public Information Officer.


( Section 4(1)(b) (i)


Name of the Organisation





Collector's Office, Visakhapatnam


Krishna Nagar, Visakhapatnam

Pin: 530 002

The business transaction by the Dept is as specified in the BSOs Volumes I to IV and A.P. District Collectors powers (Delegation Act) 1961 (Act No.32 of 1961) and also instructions issued by the Govt., of AP from time to time.

Duties as specified in G.O.Ms.No.77, Revenue dt.22.1.1968 and GO.Ms.No. 611, Rev (DA_ Dept. dt.18.8.98 respectively.



(Section 4(1)(b)(ii))

He is the head of the District in the District Administration. He ensures implementation of all the policies and programmes and decisions of the State Government in the District. He has over all supervision and control over the District Officers/Divisional Officers/Tahsildar cadre in the District. Maintenance of Law and order and relationship with the Superintendent of Police (Powers under Criminal Procedure code) , Important fairs and Festivals involving Law and Order, and agrarian and Labour and other situations. Internal security, VIP, Personal files of all Gazetted Officers in other Departments and also Revenue Department including Tahsildars in the District.


In G.O.Ms.No.141 General Administration (Special)Department dt.3.11.1967, the Government have sanctioned one post of Joint Collector in the Senior time scale of IAS of each District so as to relieve the District Collector of the Revenue and Civil Supplies work and enable him to devote himself entirely to Development work. He exercises general supervision of Disciplinary proceedings against Gazetted Officers in the District and Appeals of Dy.Tahsildars against the Punishment awarded by the Revenue Divisional Officers and Special Dy.Collectors and also exercise other functions as prescribed by the Govt.orders in G.O.Ms.No.77 Revenue Dt.22.1.1968

He exercises general supervision and control over the staff and also supervision of day to day functioning of the Collector's Office. Discriplinary proceedings against Sr.Assts/Jr.Assts/Typists/Stenos working in the subordinate offices when the punishment proposed is beyond the competency of RDOs and Spl.Dy.Collectors and he exercise other functions as prescribed by the Govt.orders in G.O.Ms.No.77 Revenue Dt.22.1.1968.
The Administrative Officer is incharge of A.Sectioni.e, General supervision of Office Administration, Disciplinary cases of Employees, Revenue Officers conference, Induction Training course to the Revenue Employees, Establishment of Employees, Ex.Village Officers/Village Servants, Visits, Maintainence of Government Vehicles in Collectorate and requisition of Vehicles from other Departments, Maintenance of Govt.Circuit House, Providing Guest Houses to VVIPs, VIPs, Maintenance of Collectorate Library, Publication of Notification in the District Gazettes. He is responsible all files related to the subjects allotted to A and B.Sections. He is directly responsible to the District Collector/Joint Collector/DRO under whom he works for the efficient and expeditious dispatch of business in all stages in his section. He should maintain discipline in his sections.
He is incharge of C.Section and general supervision of Law and Order including Co-ordination with Judiciary and Police, Strikes and Lockouts, Trade Union Act, Surrendered Extremists, Preventive Detentions Laws, Extremists Violance, Arms Act, Petoleum Act, Cinema Autograph Act, Legal Aid to Law Officers, Foreigners Indian Pass Port, Emigration, Attrocities against SCs and STSs, Pensions and Assignment of Land to Political sufferers, Minimum wages Act, Verification of Character and anticidents, Fixation of Minimum wages Act. Burma Repatriates, Pawnbrokers and Money Lending Act, Workmen’s Compensation Act, Indian Christian Marriage licence Act. He is directly responsible to the District Collector/Joint Collector/DRO under whom he works for the efficient and expeditious dispatch of business in all stages in his section. He should maintain discipline in his section.
He is incharge of E.Section and he is responsible and general supervision of subject relating to Assignment, POB Maintenance, Transfer of Land, Alienation of Government Land to APIIC, VUDA, Eviction of Encroachments, House sites, Forest and Tree Pattas,Education, Examinations, Computerisation of Village records, All Land matters, Evacue property . Escheats and Land Protection and other subjects allotted to the E.Section under him. He is directly responsible to the District Collector/Joint Collector/DRO under whom he works for the efficient and expeditious dispatch of business in all stages in his section. He should maintain discipline in his sections.
He is inchargeof F.Section andhe is responsible and general supervision of Land Reforms, E.A.Act, Tenure of Lands, Agency Settlement, Inam Abolition Act, Suit call books, Agrl. And Urban Land Ceiling Act, Forest Act, A.P.ScheduledareaLand Transfer Regulation (LTR) Act, 1959 and A.P.Agency rules and other subjects allotted to the F.Section under him. He is directly responsible to the District Collector/Joint Collector/DRO under whom he works for the efficient and expeditious dispatch of business in all stages in his section. He should maintain discipline in his section.
He is incharge of G.Section and he is responsible and supervision of Land Acquisition, LAQs, Slum Improvement Act, YLMC, Thandava, Steel Plant, NTPC, HNPCL and SEZ Land Acquisition cases, Section-18 reference under LA Act and Social Welfare Land Acquisition and also other subjects allotted to the G.Section under him. He is directly responsible to the District Collector/Joint Collector/DRO under whom he works for the efficient and expeditious dispatch of business in all stages in his section. He should maintain discipline in his section.
Due to heavy work load to Administrative Officer, one Deputy Tahsildar post have been taken from RDO's Office, Visakhapatnam on deputation basis to supervise Salaries of Collectorate, Pensions, Audit paras, Advances, Stationery, Service Postage, Medical Reimbursement to Employees and and he is responsible for all files relating to the subjects allotted to the B.Section under him. He is directly responsible to the District Collector/Joint Collector/DRO/AO under whom he works for the efficient and expeditious dispatch of business in all stages in his section. He should maintain discipline in his sections.
Due to heavy work load to Collectorate to attend Natural calamities and other Developmental Programmes, , one Deputy Tahsildar post have been taken from the Office of the Spl.Gr.Dy.Collector Land Protection , Visakhapatnam on deputation basis to supervise Land Revenue, NALA, Water Tax, Revenue Recovery Act, Jamabandhi, Prohibition and Exicse, Commercial Taxes, Irrigation, Water Cesses Act, IDB Meetings, Fire Accidents, Record of Rights, Natual calamities, rescue operations, Seasonal Conditions , Pollution, Public Health, Epidemics and relief measures like Apathbandhu, NFBS and CM’s Relief Fund etc. and other DevelpmentalProgrammes/Schemes in the Section i.e., D.Section. He is incharge of D.Section and he is responsible for all files relating to the subjects allotted to the D.Section under him. He is directly responsible to the District Collector/Joint Collector/DRO under whom he works for the efficient and expeditious dispatch of business in all stages in his section. He should maintain discipline in his section.
Due to heavy work load to Collectorate to attend General Elections to APLA, HOP, Revision of Electoral Rolls, File Disposal, Refund of court fees etc., one Deputy Tahsildar post have been taken from the Office of the Spl.Tahsildar, Land Reforms , Visakhapatnam on permanent deputation basis to supervise the Elections, Photo Identify Cards, Arrangement of District Sports, Census, Computerisation of MRO’s Office, Revenue Saddassulu, File Disposal, Stamp Act, Grants, Public Grievances, Janmabhoomi, Official Language, NIC etc. in the Section i.e., H .Section. He is incharge of H.Section and he is responsible all files relating to the subjects allotted to the H.Section under him. He is directly responsible to the District Collector/Joint Collector/DRO under whom he works for the efficient and expeditious dispatch of business in all stages in his section. He should maintain discipline in his section.
No original posts were sanctioned by the Government. But they have been taken on deputation basis from among Revenue Offices who are having short hand knowledge. The PS/CCs work for Collector/Joint Collector/DRO to do shorthand work to them and such other items of work as entrusted to them.


AS PER G.O.Ms.No.611, REV[D.A] DEPT., DT. 18.08.1998.



Huzur Second Clerk Senior Asst.(A1)

1. Office Procedure 2. Inspection of Subordinate Offices 3. Establishment matters of Dy. Collectors &Spl.Gr. Dy. Collectors. 4. Disciplinary cases of other Dept./Dist. Officers 5. R.O's Conference 6. Collector's/Joint Collector's Conference 7. Joint Staff Council Meetings 8. Preparation and consolidation of Notes for presentation to VIPs/VVIPs 9. Regional Conferences 10. Training of Gazetted Officers including Training Programmes of Pro.Dy.Collectors. 11. Maintenance of C.L. Account of Dy.Collectors/Spl.Gr.Dy.Collectors and other Dist. Officers. 12. Panel of Deputy Collectors 13. Attestation of Fair copies of 'A' Section. 14. Jurisdiction.

Senior Asst.(A2)

1. Establishment matters of Tahrs./Dy.Tahrs/Senior Assts. cadre 2. Panel of Senior Assts./ Dy.Tah. &Tahsildars 3. Appeals against Disciplinary Proceedings of Subordinate Officers 4. Appeals/Revisions/O.As and Writs of Sr.Assts/Dy.Tahs. and Tahsildars 5. Estt. matters of I.A.S./ I.F.S including of Training of IAS/IFS/IPS Probationers 6. Training programme of F.R.Is/ Pro.Dy.Tahrs. 7. Vigilance Commission

Senior Asst.(A3)

1. All Establishment matters (both temporary & permanent) Jr.Assts/Typists/ Steno Typists/Supernumerary Junior Assistants/ Record Assts/Shoroff/ Drivers/Attenders/Other Class-IV Employees/ Contingent employees/ Surplus staff including Govt. Circuit House Estt. 2. Preparation and submission of Annual Estt. list of Rev. Unit of Vsp. Dist. 3. Deployment of eligible J.As/ Typists/ Stenos for Survey Training. 4. Deployment of Sr.Assts/ Sr.Spl.RIs. for Maintenance Test. 5. Appeals against Disciplinary Progs. of Subordinate Officers 6. Maintenancce of Temp.Estt Register 7. Conduct of Group IV Services Examns. or D.S.C. including limited recruitment. 8. Training of Revenue Personnel.

Senior Asst.(A4)

1. Village Officers Estt. including Suits & Appeals thereon. 2. Disciplinary cases against V.A.Os. including Embezzle-ment of Govt. money. 3. Visits of President/Prime Minister/Governor 4. Treasure Trove 5. Appeals against appointment of Village Assistants/ Village Servants. 6. Appeals against disciplinary cases of Village Servants/ V.A.Os. 7. Recruitment of V.A.Os, conduct of V.A.Os. Tests and Trainings

Junior Asst.(A5)

1. Visits of VIPs & Protocol Duties including APLA Committees/ Commissions/ Special Commissions etc. 2. Visits of the Chief Minister/ Revenue Minister 3. State Functions 4. Government Buildings 5. Allotment of Government Quarters.

Junior Asst.(A6)

1. Maintenance of Motor Vehicles of Cololectorate and Govt. Circuit House 2. Requisition of Motor Vehicles 3. Call Book 4. Maintenance of consolidated Pdl. Register including the chart showing programme for check of P.Rs/ Pdls./ Stock 5. Maintenance of Special Register of important references 6. Fax/Nicnet Message Register 7. Maintenance of Register showing the receipt of LokAyukta Petitions/LAQs/ LSQs etc. 8. Maintenance of Register showing the receipt of O.As/W.Ps/W.As/SLPs and Contempt cases.

Junior Asst(A7)

1. Distribution of Tappa 2. Maintenance of Security Register 3. Inward Registered Tappals Register 4. Maintenance of Attendance Register 5. Maintenance of C.L. Account of the members of staff 6. Inward Telegrams Register 7. Turn Duty Register.

Junior Asst(A8)

1. Maintenance of Record and Record Room with the assistance of Record Asst. 2. Record Issue Register 3. Forms(including Forms required by V.A.Os) 4. Distribution of P.Rs/PDL Registers etc. to the members of the staff 5. Gazettes filing 6. Fire Drill 7. Fire Service Appliances 8. Copy Applications 9. Library 10. Acknowledgement of disposals in N.C.Register. The files on the above subjects shall be routed through A1 Asst. to the Admn. Officer.

Junior Asst(A9)

1. Printing of Dist.Gazettes 2. Maintenance of New Case Registers 3. Half Yearly Business Return and Abstract arrear list 4. Typewriters 5. Despatch Work: 6. Acknowledgement of Disposals in PRS. 7. Handing over of disposals to Record Room 8. Maintenance of Stamp

Junior Asst(A10)

DespatchAsst - I

Junior Asst(A11)

DespatchAsst - II

Junior Asst(A12)

DespatchAsst - III

Junior Asst(A13)

Telephone Operator

Junior Asst(A14) Roneo Operator

Telephone Operator

Senior Assistant - B1

1. All expenditure and budgeting purchases etc. 2. Budget estimates/Revised Estimates. 3. Distribution of budget to subordinate offices. 4. Pensions. 5. FBF/GIS/APGLI Claims. 6. Fixation of pay of permanent temporary establishment. 7. Sanction/recommendation of EL (Leave enclashment) of employees of being retired from Collectorate. 8. Office contingencies. 9. Supply/Maintenance of Typewriters. 10. Operation of Permanent advance. 11. Office Audit.

Senior Assistant - B2

1. Audit Paras under Expenditure and Receipts. 2. Gurajada centenary Fund (Utilisation of the Fund) 3. Union Home Minister's grants. 4. Military pensions. 5. Pension &gratuties of the Estate retained employees. 6. Petitions and appeals of Estate retained employees.

Junior Assistant -B3

1. Permanent Establishment of Collector's Office. 2. Pay Bills. 3. Maintainance of Service Registers. 4. Sanction of increments. 5. Arrear claims. 6. Advance Pay / T.T.A./Festival Advance. 7. Number Statement.

Junior Assistant - B4

1. Temp. Establishment of Collector's Office. 2. Pay Bills. 3. Maintainance of Service Regrs. 4. Arrear Claims. 5. Sanction of increments. 6. Advance Pay / T.T.A./ Festival Advance. 7. G.P.F.

Junior Assistant - B5

1. Preparation of Pay bills of Gazetted Officers. 2. Preparation of T.A.Bills of both Gazetted and Non-Gazetted staff. 3. Counter Signature of T.A.Bills of Gazetted Officers of Other Departments. 4. Education Advance. 5. Reimbursement of School fee including administrative orders. 6. Processing of loan applications of Welfare Fund. 7. Marriage loans. 8. Vehicle loans. 9. Loans & Advances for House Building purpose. 10. Medical reimbursement Bills including Administrative sanction orders.

Junior Assistant - B6

1. Stationary. 2. Organisation of Annual Dist. Revenue Sports. 3. Reconcialation of Accounts under expenditure and receipts. 4. Furniture 5. Telephones/ Telegrams /Water charges/ Electricity Bills etc. 6. Rents, Rates and Taxes. 7. Service Postage.


Contingent Bills. 2. Maintainance of Treasury Bill Book / U.D.Pay Register / Cash Book etc. 3. Presentation and encashment of Bills.

Senior Assistant - C1

1. Cinematography Act. 2. Dramatic performance. 3. Places of Public Resort Act. 4. Bench Courts. 5. Probation of Offenders Act. 6. Legal Aid to poor. 7. Habitual offenders Act. 8. Official Secrets Act. 9. Law Officers and Allied subjects

Senior Assistant - C2

1. Foreigners. 2. Indian Pass Ports 3. Emigration 4. Attrocities against SCs & STs 5. Piligrimage to Haj. 6. Law & Order including co-ordination with Judiciary and Police. 7. Strikes and Lockouts 8. Trade Union Act. 9. Citizenship Act. 10. P.D.Act. 11. P.C.R.Act. 12. SCs, STs (POA) Act, 1989. 13. Magisterial Enquiries. 14. All Preventive Detention Laws. 15. Surrendered Extremists. 16. Extremists violance. 17. Solatium Fund Scheme.

Junior Assistant – C3

1. Jails. 2. Mental Hospital 3. Children Act 4. Borstal School 5. Extradiction 6. Lunancy Act 7. Toombs and Archeology 8. Conferment of Magisterial Powers 9. Explosives Act. 10. Sulpher storage and related matters. 11. Lotteries Act etc. 12. Potassium Chlorate Storage 13. Issue of certificates to transport chemical fertilizers and verification of transport bills. 14. Juvenile Home 15. Premature release of convicts

Junior Assistant - C4

1. Arms Act and Rules. 2. Prosecutions under Arms Act Explosives Act, Petrolium Act. 3. Gambling Act. 4. Poisons Act. 5. Reward for Distruption of Wild Animals. 6. Exgratia relief to the victims of Wild Animals. 7. National Intigration pledge campaign. 8. Bonded Labour.

Junior Assistant - C5

1. Verification of S.C./S.T./B.C. Social Status claims. 2. Appeals on Social Status Certificates 3. Permanent and integrated community, nativity and D.O.B. certificates of S.Cs/S.Ts and B.Cs. 4. Reference of false/Bogus/fradulent cases/complaints of community certificates etc. to the Dist. level scrutiny committee.

Junior Assistant - C6

1. Petrolium Act. 2. Political Sufferers including Assignment of Land. 3. Pensions to Freedom Fighters including I.N.A.Personnel. 4. Pecuniary conditions of the families of deceased Govt. Employees. 5. Disbursement of pensions and gratuity to legal heirs of the deceased seamen. 6. Military Solvancy.

Junior Assistant - C7

1. Minimum Wages Act. 2. Verification of Charactor and anticidents. 3. Fixation of Minimum Wages to N.M.R.workers in the Dist. 4. Industrial Disputes.

Junior Assistant - C8

1. Burma Repatriates. 2. Panbrokers& Money Lending Act 3. Workmen's compensation Act. 4. Military Welfare 5. P.R.B.Act 6. Rent Control Act. 7. Seaward Artilliary Firing. 8. Indian Christian Marriages Act

Senior Assistant – D1

1. Land Revenue/N.A.L.A. 2. Water Rate/Remission including appeals and other related matters. 3. Village/Taluk Manual of Accounts 4. Jamabandi 5. R.R. Act. 6. Collection of Sugar purchase tax 7. Collection of Training charges relating to I.T.I. 8. Recovery of E.S.I. arrears 9. Income Tax 10. Commercial Tax 11. Central Excise 12. Prohibition & Excise Dept. 13. Public premises(Eviction of unauthorised occupations) Central Act,1958 and A.P.Act 1961 and Collection of Govt. dues under the Act. 14. All recoveries 15. Beriz Deduction

Senior Assistant – D2

1. Irrigation 2. Maintenance of M.I/Medium/ Major Irrigation Sources 3. Betterment Contribution Act 4. Water Users' Associationsincluding Appeals/W.Ps and other related matters. 5. Conduct of I.D.B. Meetings 6. R.O.R. 7. F & A Reports

Senior Assistant – D3

1. Drought Relief Expenditure statement/Distribution of allotment and all other correspondence 2. Approval of drought relief estimates and allothercorrespondance with Deptl. Officers. 3. Natural Calamities including Fire Accidents. 4. Seasonal Conditions 5. Agriculture Statistics and correspondence 6. Rainfall statements 7. Kharif/Rabi campaign crops samplings 8. A.P.Agriculturist Relief Act 1938 9. Weekly seasonal conditions report. 10. Pollution 11. Houses gutted in Fire Accident and proposals as Pucca Houses under I.A.Y. Programme. 12. C.M's Relief Fund

Junior Assistant - D4

1. Fire Accidents and other accidents 2. Public Health 3. Vital Statistics 4. Alteration of Date of Birth 5. Hospital Advisory Committees 6. Medical Concessions 7. Loans and Advances and N.W.S. 8. Pauper Stamp Duty incl. Pauper Suits/Family Court 9. Relief to HPCL Accident Victims 10. Epedemics.

Senior Assistant – E1

1. Assignments including assignment appeals 2) Eviction of encroachments including road widening scheme and budget

3) Prohibition Order Book 4) Leases of Railway lands and leases under B.S.O. 15 (a) and 24(a) 5) Assignments/ House Sites/ leases in Visakhapatnam Urban Agglomeration area 6) Transfer of classification of lands dry to wet and vice verse (Ayan)

Senior Assistant - E2

1. Alienation of lands in Vsp. Urban Agglomeration MandalsVsp.(U)&(R), Pendurthi, Gajuwaka, Pedagantyada, Anandapuram, Bheemili, Sabbavaram, Parawada and Anakapalli 2. Transfer of Govt. Land 3. Alienation of lands to APIIC/VUDA and other local bodies.

Junior Assistant – E3

1. House sites 2. Assignment of lands/leases n the Dist. except Vsp.(U) (R), Pendurthi, Gajuwaka, Pedagantyada, Anandapuram, Bheemili, Sabbavaram, Parawada and Anakapalli. 3. Cattle, Ponds and Village Chavidies.

Junior Assistant – E4

1. Alienation of lands in the Dist. except in Vsp.(U) & (R) Pendurthi, Gajuwaka, Pedagantyada, Anandapuram, Bheemili, Sabbavaram, Parawada and Anakapalli. 2. Bakish Water lands 3. Forests and Tree Pattas

Junior Assistant – E5

1. Alienation of lands to Industries including Industrial Projects. 2. Education 3. A.U. Election Committees/Syndicate 4. Mrs.A.V.N.College Committee 5. Hindu Reading Room Committee 6. Industries and Commercial Exhibition Committee 7. Market Committee and other related subjects of Marketing Department. 8. Subrahmanyam Naidu Memorial Committee 9. Committee for Industrial Estate. 10. Visakhapatnam Port Trust 11. Meetings of Port Trust 12. Examinations of APPSC/UPSC and Competitive Examinations, SSC and Intermediate Exams. 13. Lease of Railway land and lease under B.S.O. 15(a) and 24(a) 14. A.P. Home Stead Act. 15. Ware Housing Act.

Junior Assistant – E6

1. Regulation of encroachments under G.O.Ms.No.508. 2. Computerisation of land Records 3. Land protection 4. Prohibition of alienation of assigned lands and other relevant laws relating to the above subjects. 5. Evocue property 6. Railway lands protection 7. Relinquishments 8. Escheats 9. Lankas 10. Private lands 11. All other land related subjects

Senior Assistant – F1

1. Estate Abolition Act,1948 2. Tenure of lands 3. Correspondence relating to payment of compensation U/s.5(1) of R.R.Act, 1947 4. Rent Reduction Act, 1947 5. Sec. 55(1) of the R.R. Act, 1947 6. Survey and Settlement errors 7. Shandies 8. Enquiries U/s.19 of E.A. Act 1948 9. Trade in allowance U/s.38 of E.A. Act. 1948 10. Wakf Board and other related subjects

Senior Assistant – F2

1. Enquiries U/s.11(a) of E.A. Act, 1948 2. Sec. 11(Pro.) cases of the E.A. Act 3. Enquiries under Sec.15(1) of E.A. Act 1948 4. Enquiries U/s.3(d) of E.A. Act 1948 5. Muttadari System 6. Agency Settlement 7. Claims U/s.18(4) of E.A. Act, 1948 8. Enquiries U/s.20 of E.A. Act 1948 9. Correspondence U/s.2(4) of Rent Reduction Act, 1947

Senior Assistant – F3

1. Andhra Inams(Assessment) Act, 1948 2. Andhra (A & C into R)Act 1948 3. Suits Call Book 4. Agriculture land ceiling Act and Urban Land Ceiling 5. Any other land reforms laws.

Senior Assistant – F4

1. Suits and legal matters 2. All suits and W.Ps/other than L.A. and Land matters 3. All suits/W.Ps./O.A.Ps etc. of other departments 4. A.P. Tenancy Act 5. Estate Duty Act 6. Forest and Tree Pattas 7. Forest Offences 8. VanaMahostavam 9. V.S.S.

Senior Assistant – F5

1. A.P.Scheduled Areas Land Transffer Regulations, 1959 and Allied subjects 2. A.P. Agency Rules 1924 and Allied subjects 3. Agency Court work 4. Other Agency Laws/Suits & Legal Matters.

Senior Assistant – G1

1. Land Acquisition cases of VUDA 2. Quinquennial valuation of Port Lands. 3. General Issues on L.A. 4. Periodicals on L.A. 5. L.A.Qs. 6. Slum Improvement Act. 7. L.A. Conferences.

Senior Assistant – G2

1. L.A.Cases of NarsipatnamDivn. 2. General of Narsipatnam and Paderu Divisions. 3. Acquisition of lands for APIIC and Market Yards. 4. YLMC and Thandava projects in respect of NarsipatnamDivn.

Senior Assistant – G3

1. L.A.Cases of Spl.Tahr.(LA) Rev.Divn., Vsp. including road Widening. 2. L.A.Cases of Visakhapatnam Seweage scheme. 3. R.L.C. and Konam Projects. 4. L.A.Cases YLMC in respect of Visakhapatnam Divn.

Senior Assistant – G4

1. Land Acquisition Suits Register 2. L.A.Cases of Defence Dept. 3. L.A.Cases for Road widening in respect of MuncipalCorpn. 4. Cases of Steel Plant.

Senior Assistant – G5

1. L.A.Cases of NTPC & HNPCL and common corrider.

Junior Assistant – G6

1. Original Petitions, Cases U/s 18 of the L.A.Act. 2. Social Welfare Land Acquisition.

Senior Assistant – H1

1. Electoral Rolls (Annual Revision) 2. Conduct of Elections to the Legislative Assembly and Parliament. 3. Elelctions relating to Panchayat Raj and other local bodies. 4. MPHS/PICs 5. Censes/House numbering. 6. Organisation of Annual District Sports.

Senior Assistant – H2

1. Computerisation of MRO's Offices. 2. Revenue Sadassulu. 3. Fisheries. 4. Miscellaneous and any other residuary matters. 5. Pollution.

Senior Assistant – H3

1. Files disposal 2. Social Security Pensions 3. Collector's Discretionary grants. 4. Distribution of gift articles. 5. A.P.Welfare Fund Relief other Social Services. 6. Review Committee of Stamp Duty. 7. Refund of spoiled stamps cost and allied subjects. 8. Miscellaneous subjects other miscellaneous matters. 9. Stamp Act.

Senior Assistant – H4

1. Collector's Special Refs. 2. P.A.G.B. References 3. N.I.C. 4. C.M.Ps./Other References from Ministers/M.L.As/M.Ps. 5. Redressal of Janmabhoomi 6. Official Language


Procedure followed in Decision-making process

{Section 4(1)(b)(iii)}

4.1Describe the procedure followed in decision-making by the Public Authority:



Decision-making process

Designation of final decision-making authority

Goal-setting & planning




Formulation of Programmes, schemes and projects




Recruitment/ hiring of personnel

Recruitment of Junior Assistants/Typists/ Jr. Stenos/Record Assistants/Drivers/ Attenders

The District Collector is Chairman for DSC and also Nodal Authority for filling up the vacancies under Compassionate grounds. After notifying the vacancies by the Unit Officers/ Appointing authorities, action is being taken to fill up the vacancies on Compassionate grounds and under Limited recruitment of SC/ST Backlog vacancies, as there is ban on general recruitment in Public service.

District Collector, Chairman for DSC and Nodal Authority for Compassionate appointments.

Release of funds

Rs.35,000/- was released per each quarter towards Maintenance of vehicles Rs. 75,000/- was released per each quarter towards POL charges. Rs. 1,55,000/ was released for two quarters towards maintenance of Builings.

After obtaining necessary inspection reports from the Transport/R&B Departments, processing the files to the DRO for necessary approval and clearing the bills.

District Collector, Visakhapatnam.

Implementa-tion/ delivery of service/utilization of funds

Issue of Caste, Nativity, Residence, Income, legal heir, NOC for grant of permission for construction of Cinema halls/B.Formlicence/Enhancement of Admission rates/permission for benefit shows/Gun licences/renewal of gun licences/licences for storage of explosive material/certified copies of settlement cases/Registration of tribal lands/tree cutting permissions/Refund of court fees/Christian Marriage licence/caste verification/Foreign contribution for NGOs/Ex-gratia for extremists violence victims/grant of additional relief to fire victims/grant of agriculture land on lease/alienation

Counter Based services such as Caste, Income, and Nativity have been issued to the Public to E-SevaCentres. Apart from this land owners certificates, Adangal copies also been issued on pilot basis. To achieve better administration an emergency cell was opened in Collector's Office, Visakhapatnam to attend 24 hours G2G services.

District Collector

Monitoring & evaluation

Supervision of Public needs

A Gnandoot Call center was established for effective monitoring and supervision of public needs

District Collector Visakhapatnam

Gathering feedback from Public




Norms set for the discharge of functions

(Section 4 (1) (b) (iv)
5.1. Please provide the details of the norms standards set by the public authority for the discharge of its functions delivery of services.



Norms/standards of performance set


Reference document prescribing the norms (citizen's charter, services charter etc


Sanction of pensions to employee

As per rules

One month

APRP Rules 1980


Sanction G.P.F advances/final settlements

As per rules

One month with in office

A.P. G.P.F Rules


Medical claims

As per rules

One month with in office

ApIMS Rules 1972


@House Building Advance

As per rules

One month with in office

Housing Building Advance Rules


@ T.A.Bills

As per Rules



NOC for grant of permission for construction of cinema hall

45 days



Noc for grant of B licence for using ofcinema hall

45 days



Orders forenhancement of admission rates of cinema hall



Permission for running of benefit shows

2 days


Grant of gun licence

45 days


Renewal of gun licence

7 days


For grant oflicence for storage of explosive material

45 days


Grant licnse for manufacture and sale of explosive material

45 days


Grant of noc for construction of underground storage tank forpetrolem products

45 days


Christian Marriage licence

30 days


Foreign contribution for ngo



Exgratia for extremist violence victims

30 days


Public copies of settlement orders

Court fee Rs. 5/-search fee one rupee per year

7 days


LTR cases (Registrations

No fee proposals through the sub Collector/MRO



Trees cutting permission

Proposals through the Sub Collector/RDO/MRO


Assignment of Govt. lands to Landless poor and Ex-Service man

Forwarding of application to the MRO

3 days


Assignment R.Ps

Joint Collector against RDO"s Order

No time frame It is quasi Judicial court

Quasi Judicial court


Alienation of Government lands

1) Availability report from MRO 2) Regular alienation proposals

One month Two months

Pre requisition for alienation of Govt. lands 1.Appendix in form XXIX of BSO-24 2. land availability report 3. Gram Panchayat /municipality/ Municipal corporation resolution 4.prepartion of survey and sub division records 5.classification of the lands value prepared 6. Basic value particular to calculate the market value of the lands 7.consent of the requisitioning department to pay market value as fixed by the Government 8 Inspection report of the Divisional Officer/ Mandal Officer concerned 9. Remarks and recommendation of the Revenue Divisional Officer/


NOC for grant of Mining lease

1.submission of report by MRO 2.Submission of recommend proposals by RDO 3.Issue of NOC to the MRO by the Collector

15 days 15 days 15 days


Refund of Court fee

A.P.C.F. &S.V.Act

15 days

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