Virtual Environments M076 / gv07 Course Administration

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Virtual Environments M076 / GV07 Course Administration

  • Anthony Steed
  • Simon Julier
  • Department of Computer Science
  • University College London


  • How the course is conducted
  • The web pages and the mailing list
  • What’s happening next week
  • Coursework
    • Seminars
    • Programming for the CAVE

Conduct of the Course

  • Main lecturers
    • Lecturers: Anthony Steed, Simon Julier
    • Lab demonstrator: Will Steptoe
  • Supporting cast:
    • David Swapp, others ...
  • Research Fellows will usually do one or two lectures per week
  • You will do another hour in the form of a group seminar each week.

Web Pages & Mailing List

  • Main web page for the course is
    • This has vital information – schedules, course notes, coursework, reading.
  • Module mailing list
    • You must register for the mailing list
      • It is the definitive record of all module instructions
    • Send email to:
      • MSc VIVE:
      • 4th years:
    • Use subject ‘join’

What’s Happening Next Week

  • You will experience several demonstrations in UCL’s virtual reality facility
  • For each demonstration note the reasons why feeling happened worked or didn’t.
    • How much did I feel as if I had been in that place depicted by the virtual environment?
    • How much did I act there as if I was visiting such a place for real?
  • Write an overall report
  • Email it to Anthony by the start of Week 7
  • Groups will be allocated based on those subscribed to email lists
    • Should motivate you to sign up!

Course Assessment

  • Written Exam 70%
    • Answer 3 of 5 essay-type questions
    • Past papers up on the website for reference
  • Coursework 30 %

Group Seminars

  • The seminars will be given in MPEB 1.04 on Wednesdays from 12:00 to 13:00
  • They will last for 35 minutes; 15 minutes for questions
  • Everybody is expected to attend
  • We will be giving you material to build upon and improve from previous years
  • Marking:
    • 40% presentation
    • 40% slides
    • 20% new material above what was presented last year

Group Seminar Schedule

  • Weeks 7-9 and 11-15
      • Week 7 – Physics systems
      • Week 8 – Stereo systems
      • Week 9 – Tracking Technologies
      • Week 11 – Network Scalability
      • Week 12 – Human Factors
      • Week 13 – Representing People
      • Week 14 – Auditory and Haptic Systems
      • Week 15 – Mixed and Augmented Reality
  • Form your groups TODAY
  • Topics in first-come, first-served order
  • Order may change but only after week 9.

Programming Coursework

  • In groups of 2-3 people, you will develop an immersive virtual environment that will run in the CAVE
  • Will be assessed by demonstration and a write-up
  • Full details on the web page later this week

Programming Coursework

  • The project will be implemented in Anon Platform
  • Code written on a laptop should “just work” in the CAVE
    • Check that it does!


  • Labs will be run on Weds from 1-2pm
    • Additional session on Wednesdays
  • Two venues:
    • 4.17 (PC lab; tutorials)
    • Ground floor (test with CAVE and trackers)
  • There will be tutorials in at least some weeks:


  • Recommended text:
    • Understanding Virtual Reality: Interface, Application, and Design, William R. Sherman, Alan B. Craig
  • Other materials:

Office Hours

  • Anthony & Simon will be available to discuss aspects of the course via office hours
    • Current tentative time is Tuesdays after the lectures in 6.21 (Anthony) and 6.04 (Simon)
  • We will see people in the following order:
    • Emailed to schedule an appointment
    • First come; first served


  • Sign up for the mailing list!!!

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