Virginia society of medical assistants executive board meeting

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Richmond, VA

April 17, 2015
Call to Order at 6:51 by Vice President Virginia Thomas, CMA (AAMA)
Roll Call by Karen Nichols-Skoff, CMA (AAMA)

Number present: 9 and one guest-10 Quorum: yes
Online Executive Board Meeting minutes from February 15, 2015 were available for review on the web site according to bylaws requirements. Motion to accept the Executive Board Meeting Minutes by Nina and Karen

Contribution of $50.00 to Maxine made in memory of Dot Sellars, past AAMA President and VSMA President.

  1. Charlene Couch, CMA (AAMA) - HOD regarding the decision to give Sue Hawes 2 year term to the BOT per legal recommendations

  2. David Knight- AAMA Director of Membership -

  3. Jean Lynch – Excel awards notification and guidelines

  4. Jean Lynch- Student essay competition – Notification and guidelines

  5. Charlene Couch, CMA (AAAMA) BOT highlights- delegate forms for completion and return to AAMA by deadline

  6. AAMA HOD- VSMA count of 330 members as of 08/31/14- eligible for 3 delegates for 2015 HOD, Portland OR

  7. MEMO- Charlene – February BOT highlights- state and AAMA dates of events and deadlines

  8. BOT agenda for their meeting

  9. MEMO: Nina Watson, Immediate Past AAMA President, CMA (AAMA) sent nomination form 2015-2016 officers and trustees

  10. Kathy Langley sent an email about the deadline has passed for BOT volunteers- there are still three open trustee positions so AAMA is still accepting nominations for trustees for the AAMA prior to open session of the HOD.

Officers Reports:

President Jodi Wyrick, CMA (AAMA) in packet

Vice President Virginia Thomas, CMA (AAMA)- in packet

Secretary Deb Benson substituting for Dee Zachau, CMA (AAMA)

minutes approved as posted.

Treasurer Debby Houston, CMA (AAMA), CPC

Check Book Balance: $

Money Market Balance: $

Immediate Past President Diane Vandevander, CMA (AAMA) -verbal report- resigning from this office.

Parliamentarian Joyce Hardee, CMA-A (AAMA)- in packet

Delegates Reports Jodi Wyrick, CMA (AAMA) – in packet

Virginia Thomas, CMA (AAMA) – in packet

Diane Vandevander, CMA (AAMA)- has copies for annual meeting

Review of expected attendance and participation of delegates and the rules for reimbursement of expenses will be presented at the annual meeting.

Committee Reports

Budget and Finance Karen Nichols-Skoff, CMA (AAMA) – flights from $490 to $500- - recommend leaving allotment for delegates stay at $1400.00. Motion by Deb Benson, CMA (AAMA), CPC, CPMA to accept this rate for delegates and alternate. Seconded by Debby Houston, CMA (AAMA), CPC. Motion carried.

Added to the annual budget for the Ivy Reade Relkins Scholarship for $100.00.

Budget and Finance Present at annual meeting for vote.

Bylaws Debby Houston, CMA (AAMA), CPC- in compliance with AAMA Bylaw per review.

Certification/Membership Dee Zachau, CMA (AAMA)- in packet

Credentials Joyce Hardee, CMA (AAMA)- in packet

Insurance Liaison Kathy Nixon, CMA (AAMA), CPC – review

Public Policy/Health Careers Nina Beaman, EdD, CMA(AAMA), RN- in packet

Web Site Carolyn Johnson, CMA (AAMA), CPC- PACKET

Nominating Diane Vandevander, CMA (AAMA)

President Virginia Thomas, CMA (AAMA)

Vice President Deb Benson, CMA (AAMA), CPC, CPMA

Delegates: Karen and Nina- Vicki and Barbara pulled out

Immediate Past President: resigned -This position serves as the Chair of the Nominating Committee so a new Nominating Chair so needs to be filled. Need nominations.

Special Committee Reports

Strategic Plan Deb Benson, CMA (AAMA)- written report tomorrow for vote at annual meeting. Only three goals to achieve but more focused.

2015 Annual Conference Nina Beaman, Ed.D, CMA (AAMA),RN

40 registered- as of today- spring social island theme for mingling with new members and students. Door prizes are given out after AAMA reps presentation- 8 CEUs approved for total sessions. The last speaker is from the Marshall clinic- which meets the needs of physically and mentally needy citizens. A free will offering will be taken. A motion was made by Marchelle Ayers that VSMA will match up to $250.00 of donations made by members for the Marshall clinic. Debby Houston, CMA (AAMA) seconded the motion. Motion passed.

2015 Fall Seminar Debby Houston, CMA (AAMA)

November 7, 2015 at the Best Western in Waynesboro. Room rates are $84.99.

2016 AAMA National Conference Virginia- almost all speakers confirmed-VA video for 2016 for promo at OR conference.

VSMA Restructuring Committee Deb Benson, CMA (AAMA), CPC, CPMA

Chapter Reports

Old Dominion Marchelle – met at Fortis. Elections and meetings. Gilbert Vice- involve more schools and students. Educate about chapter and AAMA.

Peninsula absent

Southwest Karen Nichols-Skoff, CMA (AAMA)- no report

Virginia Beach Virginia Thomas, CMA (AAMA)

Members at Large Debby Houston, CMA (AAMA), CPC; Deb Benson, CMA (AAMA),

Articles by Nina for Emergency Disaster Month-September deadline- Marchelle, educator topic- June 30 deadline
Old Business:

Nominating Committee forms

Put in Standing Rules and bylaws change- alternate at least once before becoming a delegate.

Link on the VSMA web site for download for completion by candidates.

2016 National Conference in Reston, VA

Nina Beaman, Ed.D, CMA (AAMA), RN

Virginia Thomas, CMA (AAMA)

Speaker almost totally confirmed and completed. Working on back up speakers and getting schedule in order.
New Business:

Appointments by Vice President Thomas for annual meeting

Timekeeper- Marchelle Ayers

Tellers: Pat Hightower, Tanisha Farissier, CMA (AAMA), Georgia Woodson, student

Audit: Deb Benson, Karen Nichols-Skoffs, CMA (AAMA)- to be done
Nominating Committee Appointments

Substitute for Immediate Past President to serve as Chair of the Nominating committee. Executive Board Marchelle Ayers. Motion made by Diane Vandevander, CMA (AAMA) and seconded by Nina Beaman, EdD, RN, CMA (AAMA). Motion passed.

Old Business:

Ad Hoc Committee- The Broad of Trustees agreed that it was necessary to make changes to the VSMA way of meeting and endorsed the use of Survey monkey as a way to get feedback from the VSMA membership on what they would like the reconstructing to encompass..

Meeting adjourned at 8:13 p.m. by Vice President Virginia Thomas, CMA (AAMA).
Deb Benson, CMA (AAMA), CPC, CPMA filling in Dee Zachau’s absence.

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