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“About a year ago I hired a developer in India to do my job. I pay him $12,000 to do the job I get paid $67,300 for. He is happy to have the work. I am happy that I only have to work about 90 minutes per day (I still have to attend meetings myself, and I spend a few minutes every day talking code with my Indian counterpart.) The rest of my time my employer thinks I’m telecommuting. They are happy to let me telecommute because my output is higher than most of my coworkers. Now I’m considering getting a second job and doing the same thing with it. That may be pushing my luck though. The extra money would be nice, but that could push my workday over five hours.” —from posting at Slashdot (02.04.04), reported by Dan Pink

No Limits? “Short on Priests, U.S. Catholics Outsource Prayer to Indian Clergy” —Headline, New York Times/06.13.04 (“Special intentions,” $.90 for Indians, $5.00 for Americans)

tom’s presentation

The Incredible, Wild, Whacky, Scary, SuperCool Future … and Why We’re Not Even Remotely Prepared, and What We Can Do About It, for the Sake of of Our Careers, Work and Organizations: A Musing on Strategies, Tactics, Attitudes, Tips, and General Observations, Such as Why a CFO Should Never Be Promoted to CEO, Why All MBA Programs Should Be Closed and Shuttered, How the “2Bs” (Bentonville and Beijing) Became the Co-capitols of the Universe, Why Only Freaks Get Things Done (in Freaky Times), Why Outrageously Audacious Devotion to Game-changing Innovation Is a Simple Survival Requisite (Duh), Why Women Are So Much Better Leaders Than Men (Duh II) (and They Also Buy Everything, Though Just Try Telling That to the “geniuses” in advertising), and How UPS & GE & IBM Are Actually All About Love! (We Will Totally Cover All This and More in 3F, or 90 Minutes in “Old Language.”)

V.A. Moment … 1Y/2N: Commerce Bank 2 Pizzas: JB Plastic Bulldozer: MD

XYZ Corp: Complete Vision & Values Any Service or Product of ours is yours for absolutely NO CHARGE if any employee says—or implies—to you at any point … “It’s Not My Fault.” V. Big Cheese, Founder, CEO & Dictator


Tom Peters’ Re-Imagine! Business Excellence in a Disruptive Age REI500/World Business Forum Chicago/17November2004

Slides at … tompeters.com

Re-imagine! Not Your Father’s World I.


60,000* *New factories in China opened by foreigners/2000-2003/ Edward Gresser, Progressive Policy Institute/Wall Street Journal 09.27.04

“China’s size does not merely enable low-cost manufacturing; it forces it. Increasingly, it is what Chinese businesses and consumers choose for themselves that determines how the American economy operates.” —Ted Fishman/“The Chinese Century”/ The New York Times Magazine /07.04.04

“The Ultimate Luxury Item Is Now Made in China” —Headline/p1/The New York Times/ 07.13.2004/Topic: Luxury Yachts made in Zhongshan

“Vaunted German Engineers Face Competition From China” —Headline, p1/WSJ/07.15.2004

“When the Silk Road Gets Paved”/Forbes Global/09.04 Express highways: 168 miles in ’89 … 18,500 in ’03 … 51,000 in ’08 (v. U.S. Interstate: 46,500) Implications: $200M Intel plant in Chengdu (pop. 9.9M); 1/3rd Shanghai wage rate



International Herald Tribune /09.13.2004: P1/600 foreign R&D labs in China, 200 new per year

“You get an educated workforce, remarkable infrastructure, a lot of government support. These [Southeast Asian] governments have made life sciences a top priority—and they have a great venture capital community there.” —Glenn Rice, VP Pharmaceutical Discovery and Development, SRI International (On the rapid migration of drug discovery from the U.S. at a 20% to 40% cost saving Rice adds that 40% to 60% of U.S. postdocs are from China and Taiwan) From: Stanford Business /August 2004

“Let China sleep, for when she awakes she will shake the world.”

“Let China sleep, for when she awakes she will shake the world.” —Napoleon


“Reuters Plans To Triple Jobs at Site In India” —Headline/ New York Times/ World Business/10.08.04/ 10% of total workforce in Bangalore by 2006

Level 5 (top) certification/ Carnegie Mellon Software Engineering Institute: 35 of 70 companies in world are from India Source: Wired/02.04


HealthGrades/Denver: 195,000 hospital deaths per year in the U.S., 2000-2002 = 390 full jumbos/747s in the drink per year. Comments: “This should give you pause when you go to the hospital.” —Dr. Kenneth Kizer, National Quality Forum. There is little evidence that patient safety has improved in the last five years.” —Dr. Samantha Collier Source: Boston Globe/07.27.04

W (460 terabytes) = 2XI

Re-imagine! Not Your Father’s World II.

“A focus on cost-cutting and efficiency has helped many organizations weather the downturn, but this approach will ultimately render them obsolete. Only the constant pursuit of innovation can ensure long-term success.” —Daniel Muzyka, Dean, Sauder School of Business, Univ of British Columbia (FT/09.17.04)

Re-imagine General Electric “Welch was to a large degree a growth by acquisition man. ‘In the late ’90s,’ Immelt says, ‘we became business traders, not business growers. Today organic growth is absolutely the biggest task of everyone of our companies. If we don’t hit our organic growth targets, people are not going to get paid.’ … Immelt has staked GE’s future growth on the force that guided the company at it’s birth and for much of its history: breathtaking, mind-blowing, world-rattling technological innovation.” —“GE Sees the Light”/Business 2.0/July 2004

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slides -> 26m 43h “China’s Next Export: Innovation” —McKinsey Quarterly (Cover Story)
2004 -> Tom Peters’ Re-Imagine! Business Excellence in a Disruptive Age fbr/Boca Raton/13November2004

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