University of Oxford Undergraduate Prospectus 2015 entry

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University of Oxford Undergraduate Prospectus 2015 entry

Oxford anything is possible

This version was produced by the Oxford University Accessible Resources Acquisition and Creation Unit in 2014.

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To use navigation, heading level 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 are used throughout the document. There are 6 main sections at heading level 1 – Introduction, Courses, Applying to Oxford, finance and careers, Colleges, Supporting your studies and Events and ways to find out more. Individual courses and colleges are marked as heading level 2.

The Table of Contents with hyperlinks to the heading levels 1 and 2

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Contents list

University of Oxford Undergraduate Prospectus 2015 entry 1

Oxford anything is possible 1

[Copyright notice] 1

[Transcriber's Note] 1

Contents list 1

Hear more from students and tutors 6

Applying to OXFORD – Your 5 step guide 7

Introduction 8

I Love OXFORD - At the heart of learning 8

An Oxford degree 10

Oxford opening doors 11

Is Oxford for me? 13

A day in the life 15

Courses 17

Oxford courses 17

Archaeology and Anthropology 22

Biochemistry (Molecular and Cellular) 25

Biological Sciences 29

Biomedical Sciences 34

Chemistry 38

Classical Archaeology and Ancient History 42

Classics, Philosophy, Ancient History and Classical Archaeology 46

Classics and English 53

Classics and Modern Languages 56

Classics and Oriental Studies 60

Computer Science 63

Computer Science and Philosophy 68

Earth Sciences (Geology) 73

Economics and Management 78

Engineering Science 82

English Language and Literature 86

English and Modern Languages 90

European and Middle Eastern Languages 94

Fine Art 98

Geography 102

History 105

History (Ancient and Modern) 109

History and Economics 112

History and English 116

History and Modern Languages 120

More Information 120

Oxford Open days 121

History and Politics 124

More Information 124

Oxford Open days 125

History of Art 127

Human Sciences 130

Law (Jurisprudence) 134

Materials Science 139

Mathematics 144

Mathematics and Computer Science 148

Mathematics and Philosophy 152

Mathematics and Statistics 156

Medicine 161

Modern Languages 167

Modern Languages and Linguistics 175

Music 179

Oriental Studies 183

Philosophy and Modern Languages 190

Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE) 195

Philosophy and Theology 199

Physics 203

Physics and Philosophy 208

Psychology (Experimental) 212

Psychology, Philosophy and Linguistics 216

Theology and Religion 220

Theology and Oriental Studies 224

Applying to Oxford 227

Applying to Oxford 227

Student finance 229

Your career after Oxford 231

Oxford colleges 234

Which colleges offer my course? 236

Balliol 242

Blackfriars Permanent Private Hall 244

Brasenose 246

Christ Church 248

Corpus Christi 250

Exeter 251

Harris Manchester 253

Hertford 254

Jesus College 256

Keble 258

Lady Margaret Hall 259

Lincoln 261

Magdalen 263

Mansfield 264

Merton 266

New College 267

Oriel 269

Pembroke 271

The Queen’s College 272

Regent’s Park Permanent Private Hall 274

St Anne’s 276

St Benet’s Hall Permanent Private Hall 278

St Catherine’s 279

St Edmund Hall 281

St Hilda’s 283

St Hugh’s 285

St John’s 286

St Peter’s 288

St Stephen’s House Permanent Private Hall 289

Somerville 291

Trinity 293

University College 294

Wadham 296

Worcester 297

Wycliffe Hall Permanent Private Hall 299

Choosing a college 301

Supporting your studies 302

Where will I live? 302

Exploring OXFORD 303

Clubs and societies 305


Sport 306

Music 307

Choral and organ awards 307

Drama 308

Libraries 309

Museums and collections 310

IT Services 312

Language Centre 312

Support and well-being 313

International students 315

Mature students 316

Disabled students 318

Equality for all 319

Events and ways to find out more 320

Oxford Open Days 321

Events in Oxford 322

Events near you 324

Admissions Information Centre 325

Publications 325

Oxford online 326

Small Print 327


How to get to OXFORD 328

5 Ways to visit OXFORD 329

Can’t come to Oxford? 329

Academic excellence

Oxford’s intensive teaching style is intellectually challenging, and leads to a world-class education. See pp 4–5 [Transcriber's Note: page number of the printed edition. End of note]

Generous financial support

Oxford is committed to providing generous support to Home/EU students from the lowest-income backgrounds. See pp 120–121 [Transcriber's Note: page number of the printed edition. End of note]

Top career outcomes

When our undergraduates go on to full-time work, they have a median income 20% higher than the UK average within 6 months of graduating. See pp 122–123 [Transcriber's Note: page number of the printed edition. End of note]

Hundreds of course options

Oxford offers traditional courses and more unusual ones, some of which are unique to us. See pp 16–117 [Transcriber's Note: page number of the printed edition. End of note]

Individual attention

Oxford is made up of small academic communities called colleges, where you will be taught in small groups or even one-to-one. See pp 124–163 [Transcriber's Note: page number of the printed edition. End of note]

World-class resources

Oxford’s libraries and museums are second to none in their historical buildings and collections. Whether your interest is fossils or first editions, you can find something to interest you here. See pp 172–175 [Transcriber's Note: page number of the printed edition. End of note]

At the cutting edge

Yes, we are an innovative research institution, but that’s not all that’s modern about Oxford. We have many brand-new buildings and a wifi network covering most of the city centre. See p 176 [Transcriber's Note: page number of the printed edition. End of note]

A diverse student body

Whoever you are and wherever you’re from, Oxford wants to welcome you. We have students from 142 different countries and aged 16–77. See pp 177–181 [Transcriber's Note: page number of the printed edition. End of note]

The Oxford experience

Oxford students like to play as hard as they work. The city has vibrant nightlife and a thriving live music scene, while hundreds of student societies cover every conceivable interest. See pp 166–171 [Transcriber's Note: page number of the printed edition. End of note]

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