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GR1015, German Business and Area Studies (10 ECTS credits) Mandatory

Module Content/Outline

Stream I

This module is taught in two parallel streams (Area Studies and German Business Studies) over two semesters.

Area Studies Aims

This stream aims to introduce students to the study of contemporary German-speaking society through the medium of German.


Area Studies provides an introduction to the history, politics, society and economy of the German-speaking countries in the period 1945 to the present. Taught in German, with English summaries, it also trains listening comprehension, and as such helps prepare for studying in a German-speaking country and for future study in TCD. Listening skills developed in this module contribute to the performance level in the JF Aural examination (See GR 1000).

Methods of Teaching and Student Learning

Lectures with accompanying tutorials.

Learning Outcomes

Students who successfully complete this module stream should be able to

  • describe the recent history and the political, economic, social and cultural features of the three German-speaking countries.

  • discuss in detail major events and trends in these countries since the Second World War.

  • deploy this knowledge and understanding in clear written English.

  • follow lectures, presentations and commentaries in German on contemporary themes.

  • read introductory and intermediate level written material in German on contemporary themes.


Professor Moray McGowan and others

Lectures &Tutorials/ Contact hours

1 hour per week plus 1 hour optional tutorial

Students should put aside at least 2-3 hours per week for private study

Recommended Texts/Key Reading

Outline, handouts and bibliography supplied during the lectures.


2-hour end of year written examination in German Area Studies (100 marks)

The paper has three questions, weighted equally, consisting of 2 essay questions and one question requiring short explanations of terms.

Stream II

German Business Stream Aims

This stream aims to introduce students to the German business environment and to Business German. It takes a thematic and task-based approach and focuses both on written and oral language development and on business content. It introduces students to the business register in German by exposing them to a variety of business text types. One of the main aims of the module is to develop confidence in using specialist vocabulary.


Topics covered in the first year include an analysis of the different sectors of the German economy, German-Irish trade relations, Germany as an industrial location, advertising and marketing. Students are also introduced to the analysis of statistical material in the foreign language. These topics are supplemented by authentic textual, audio and video material.

Methods of Teaching & Student Learning

  • Contact teaching: Short lectures followed by discussion

  • Directed Learning, e.g., group work

  • Experiential learning through participation in role plays & simulations

All teaching is conducted through German.

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this module stream, students should be able to

  • understand and use in the appropriate contexts the specialist vocabulary relating to the themes covered in the course;

  • explain the main concepts and ideas relating to the thematic areas covered in the course;

  • describe and analyse simple charts, diagrams and statistical material relating to the themes covered in the course;

  • understand simple aural and written specialist texts dealing with the themes covered in the course;

  • carry out specific oral tasks relating to the thematic areas covered in the course;

  • write simple texts using appropriate specialist vocabulary and register.


Ms Brigitte Morrogh

Lectures &Tutorials/ Contact hours

2 contact hours per week all year

Students should put aside at least 2-3 hours per week for private study.

Recommended Texts/Key Reading

All materials are supplied by the Department.


This module stream is examined by continuous assessment and end-of-year examination:

  • 90-minute in-class test at the end of MT comprising specialist vocabulary, analysis of statistical material and/or essay (30 marks)

  • 2-hour end-of-year written examination comprising specialist vocabulary, analysis of statistical material and essay (70 marks)

Students are also required to submit regular homework.

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