Unit assessment task

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Middle Secondary – A Democracy Destroyed – Unit assessment task

Unit assessment task


Create a Defending Democracy poster.

Find an example of at least three methods being used to defend democracy in other countries, and three being used in Australia today. Look in newspapers and magazines, at TV news and current affairs shows, and listen to radio. Include newspaper cuttings or a summary in your notes beside each method. For each example consider:

  • the nature of the threat to democracy - what is the key democratic principle under threat?

  • who is threatening a democratic principle and why

  • the methods being used to oppose the threat or defend democratic principles

  • who is defending democracy.



Write a two-page essay answering this question: What went wrong in Germany that could go wrong here? Your teacher will help you with planning for this task.

Assessment criteria

Your work will be assessed on:



  • clear structure and argument

  • accurate and complete consideration of the events leading to the destruction of democracy in Germany in 1933

  • identifying the key elements of democracy that were lost

  • explaining the effect of the loss of democracy on individuals and the nation as a whole

  • explaining how democracy can be protected.

Download 9.68 Kb.

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