Unit 2 Test Review Plate Tectonics

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Mid-Unit Test Review
Mid-Unit Test Review

Unit 2 Test Review

  • Plate Tectonics

    • The 3 different types of ways that the plates can interact with one another (ex. Diverging plates)

    • Different types of impacts of plates colliding, diverging, and sliding by one another

    • Different types of crusts and what can happen / what is created when they collide

    • Pangea

    • Theory of continental drift and who created it

  • Layers of the Earth

    • Knowing what exists inside the Earth and their order (the 4 layers of the Earth)

    • What each layer is like (ex. Which layer is solid / liquid, which layer is the thickest)

  • Volcanoes

    • Different parts of a volcano

    • Different types of volcanoes (the 3 different types and what they look like)

    • Mt. Saint Helen’s

  • Eras

Download 4.56 Kb.

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