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Supplementary Information (2)

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Supplementary Information (2)

  •  Two-uniqueness in Danxia—Male stone and female stone
  • Male stone is the natural pillar which looks like male genitals. It is 28m in height and 7m in diameter. Titled as “the first grotesque stone in the world” and “the first unique scenery in the world”, the stone pillar has experienced a history of 300,000 years. Female stone is the natural cavern which looks like female genitalia. It is 10.3m in height, 4.8m in width and the cavern is approximately 4.3m in depth. These two stones integrate Yin and Yang, hardness and softness, largeness and smallness. These vivid and lifelike portrayals are coincidently located in the same scenic spot. The male and female stone are rarely available, so they are titled as “two-uniqueness in Danxia”.

Supplementary Information (3)

  •  Biechuan Temple.
  • It is said that Dan Gui was the first-generation abbot of this temple. After the Qing troops passed through the Shanhaiguan Pass in the late Ming Dynasty (1368-1644), he led a group of followers to Danxia Mountain where he shaved his head and became a monk. Shortly before his death, he left an iron box to his disciples, asking them to hand it down from generation to generation. During the reign of the Qing Emperor Qianlong, an official toured the temple and, on finding the box, ordered it opened. It was discovered to be full of documents plotting against the Qing Dynasty and reinstating the Ming Dynasty. The official thereupon ordered the temple to be burned to the ground, and all 500 monks perished in the flames.
  • Standing in the temple is a pair of ancient trees, and it is said that an incompatible couple can solve their problems and become devoted to the end of their lives after walking around them hand in hand.

Task Tips

  • Mount Danxia (1)
  • Located in the northeast of Shaoguan city in Guangdong Province, the Danxia Mountain is 45 kilometers away from downtown Shaoguan. The Danxia Mountain Area was originally a huge inland basin 25,000,000 years ago. There was severe uplifting of the area around the basin, which resulted in the development of the deep red bed on the basin after the accumulation of a mass of detrital matter. The red bed was gradually eroded because of the earth’s crust uplifting. Then, the running water undercuts the corrosion, then formed the present Danxia Mountain. Set off by the green trees, clear water and the blue sky, the red rocks and red cliffs are as if they were the rosy cloud in the sky, therefore, people name it. The Rosy Cloud Mountain, that is , the Danxia Mountain in Chinese. In the 1930s, Professor Chen Guoda (an academician of Chinese Academy of Science) of Sun Yat-sen University, having made deep researches to the Danxia Mountain and the red stone mountains in South China, he named the rosy rock landform as “Danxia Landform”, which was soon admitted and adopted by the academe. Since then all the landform consisting of rosy rock and with features of red cliff and stratum are acknowledged as Danxia landform. There are many Danxia landforms in every continent except Antarctica such as Great Canyon in USA and Saxons in Germany; of its type, the Shaoguan Danxia Mountain is the one with largest area, the most typical characteristics, the richest landform and the most beautiful scenery.

Task Tips

  • Mount Danxia (2)
  • With and area of nearly 319 square kilometers ,the Danxia Scenic Area contains more that 600 stone pillars big and small, making it as it were a ruby carving garden, so the mountain has earned the reputation of “Chinese Redstone Park”. And in the year of 1995, Danxia Mountain was approved to be the national geological nature protection zone by the State Council and which was, in the year of 2000, authorized by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization for the world geology park.
  • The Gate of the Danxia Mountain
  • Now we’ve come to the gate of the Danxia Mounain. It is built by red sandstones from the Danxia Mountain. Look at those Chinese character; they are the name of the park: China Red Stone Park. The two characters “Danxia” over the gate are inscribed by Guan Shanyue who is a highest peak in the Danxia Montain range-the Zhanglao Peak which is 408 meters above the sea level.
  • Elephants crossing a River and a Young Girl blocking a River
  • We are now getting into the central scenic spot of the Danxia Mountain. The Danxia Mountain lists the first among the four well-known mountains in Guangdong Province and its unique natural scene brings people endless imaginations. Well everybody, please look at the peaks on the other side of the Jinkjang River (the Brocade River): those peaks look like elephants crossing the river and are walking towards us. With

Task Tips

  • Mount Danxia (3)
  • the trunks, the ivories, ears and eyes, they are alike elephants not only in appearance but also in manners. So it is called” Elephants crossing a River”. (Standing on the Yangyuan Bridge) Please look to the right: the hill over there is like a young girl who is having a sound sleep. It shaped in a natural proportion with a clear adumbration form the right to the left: from her head extending to her neck, to her breasts and to her abdomen. Therefore, it is named “a Sleeping Beauty” or “a Young Girl Blocking a River”
  • The Yangyuan Mountain
  • This mountain is called the Yangyuan Mountain that is a “male mountain”. And this stone pillar is named the Yangyuan stone which is 28 meters high and 7 meters in diameters as it is just alike male genitals stone, hence its name. According to geologists’ studies showed that it craftsmanship of nature, it is separated from the cliff well before about 300 thousand year and created its unique shape today. In the old times, people wish to be prosperous in the male member in the family and the male descendent would ever last. So the Yangyuan stone is frequently worshiped by people.
  • The Yinyuan Stone
  • As we have just seen Yangyuan stone, now we’ve come to the stone called “Yinyuan stone”, it resembles the female genitalia. It has formed its shape for 10 thousand years. God created Adam and Eva in the Garden of Eden, while nature created this couple stones in the Danxia Mountain. How supernatural the universe is!

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