Undergraduate Prospectus 2018 entry University of Oxford Section 1 Introduction

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Undergraduate Prospectus 2018 entry University of Oxford Section 1 Introduction

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Content’s List

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Content’s List 1

Contents [Transcriber's Note: Table of contents from printed edition.] 4

Introducing Oxford 7

Why Oxford? 7

How Oxford works 8

Is Oxford for me? 12

At Oxford, how do you... 14

Global Oxford 17

Applying To Oxford 19

How to apply 19

International students 23

Mature students 21 or over at the start of October in your first year 25

Disabled students 27

Equality for all 29

Fees and Funding 31

What it costs 31

Fees for 2018-19 32

What you get – Home and EU students 33

Moritz-Heyman Scholarship Programme 34

Previous study 34

Find out more 34

Support For You And Your Studies 35

Libraries 35

Museums and collections 37

Supporting your studies 40

Supporting you 42

Clubs and Societies 44

Sport 44

Music 45

Find out more 47

Drama 47

Oxford University Students' Union and more 49

Your Career After Oxford 51

Oxford University Careers Service - committed to helping all students find the next best step. 52

Developing skills outside your course 53

Find out more 54

In and around Oxford 54

Cowley Road 54

Iffley Road 54

River Thames 55

Green spaces 55

Living out 55

City centre 56

Arts and Theatre 56

Special events 56

Museums 57

Jericho 57

Open days are the best time to explore student life at Oxford – visit places not normally open to the public - and talk to current students and tutors. You can just turn up to most events but some require booking, so check first and plan your day at ox.ac.uk/opendays.

“After feeling the atmosphere and exploring the city on an open day I knew I wanted to spend the next few years of my life in Oxford.” Sam

“The tutors and students I spoke to on the open day were all incredibly encouraging and welcoming and I loved the thought of studying in such a unique community of passionate and friendly students.” Francesca

If you can't make one of these days, please see page 188 [print edition page number] or ox.ac.uk/ugvisit.

Have a look at our virtual college tours at ox.ac.uk/ugcolls.

Contents [Transcriber's Note: Table of contents from printed edition.]

2-10 Introducing Oxford

2 Why Oxford?

4 How Oxford works

6 Is Oxford for me?

8 At Oxford, how do you...?

10 Global Oxford

12-17 Applying to Oxford

12 How to apply

14 International students

15 Mature students

16 Disabled students

17 Equality for all

18-19 Fees and funding

20-25 Support for you and your studies

20 Libraries

22 Museums and collections

24 IT Services

24 Language Centre

25 Supporting you

26-33 Clubs and societies

26 Sport

28 Music

30 Drama

32 Oxford University Students' Union and more

34-35 Your career after Oxford

36-37 In and around Oxford

38-143 Courses

38 Introducing our courses

40 Subject requirements

42-143 The courses (alphabetically)

144-183 Colleges

144 Introducing the colleges

146 Which colleges offer my course?

148 Choosing a college

149-183 The colleges (alphabetically)

184-189 Finding out more

184 Events in Oxford

186 Events near you

188 Visiting Oxford

190-192 Index and maps

190 Index

191 Please read carefully

192 Maps

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Details are correct at the time of going to press in January 2017. Any updates or changes to information can be found on our webpages: ox.ac.uk/study.

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Introducing Oxford

Why Oxford?

The first UK university to be no. 1 in the world* [Transcribers’ note: asterisk note reads: Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2016-17. End of note]

“Oxford is a fantastic university, renowned for academic excellence — the teaching is world class, and being taught by experts in my subject area in this way really appealed to me. Also, Oxford is a really great city, so this factored into my decision too.” Megan

“Though the academic reputation was definitely a factor, I was really attracted by the collegiate structure. Everything works on a smaller scale with concentrated resources, a close-knit community and highly individual teaching with tutors who take a real interest in you.” Archie

“Funnily enough, Oxford was also actually the cheapest place for me to go to university. Even before I was aware of the Moritz-Heyman Scholarship, the Oxford Bursaries scheme is the most comprehensive one at the time of my application.” Bertrand


No. 1 in the world for research quality** [Transcribers’ note: double asterisk note reads: Most recent UK Research Excellence Framework (2014). End of note]

“There are constantly career-related events at Oxford. If you know what you want to do, this place provides amazing networking opportunities. If you don’t know quite what you're doing, the Careers Service is always putting on talks, workshops, 1:1 sessions and fairs. They are really helpful and a great source of ideas. There is also a lot of information on further study including exciting opportunities abroad.” Lilian

“I'd never thought about applying to somewhere so prestigious, but I was lucky enough to be encouraged by a fantastic maths teacher. Both the academic reputation and the beautiful city were enough to win me over, and since applying I have never looked back.” Ian

“Oxford is known all over the world for academic excellence and l think the unique collegiate system plays a huge part in that. I chose Oxford because l thought it would be an unbelievable opportunity for me if l was fortunate enough to be successful in my application.” Naveed


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