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UCD Global Excellence undergraduate scholarship - usa

The University College Dublin Global Excellence Undergraduate Scholarships is established to continue to attract the best and brightest of undergraduate students from the United States. The financial awards range from 30% – 50% annual tuition (approximately $5,700 - $9,650 USD annually). The Scholarships are renewed annually based on acceptable academic performance as described in the terms and conditions.
The scholarships are based on an applicant's academic performance in high school (public, private, or home schooled), ACT, SAT, or IB scores, and other relevant selection criterion (see below).

Recipients who maintain an acceptable cumulative grade point average will retain their scholarships each academic year. It is a renewable scholarship awarded to selected incoming freshmen from the United States. Over three year undergraduate degree programs, the UCD Global Excellence Undergraduate Scholarships range from approximately $17,100 - $28,600 USD. Over four year degrees, UCD Global Excellence Undergraduate Scholarships range from approximately $22,800 - $38,600 USD.

The application process is open to North American undergraduate students who have been accepted as students in UCD for Fall 2013. It is open to all students, with the exception of the professional programs listed in Appendix 2. The UCD Global Excellence Scholarships are awarded at the discretion of the independent UCD Scholarship Committee. Scholarships do not cover any personal expenses such as housing, travel, books, and other miscellaneous costs.

Please make sure your application is submitted by the closing date of January 15. LATE APPLICATIONS WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED.

Important Dates

November 15, 2012


Application opens

January 15, 2013


Application deadline

February 5, 2013


Semi-finalists announced

February 10, 2013


Semi-finalists invited to interview

March 1, 2013

UCD Global Excellence Scholarship recipients announced

April 1, 2013

Acceptance deadline

Selection Criteria

The application process will explore the following through the scholarship essay as well as the interview:

  • Your academic performance and overall UCD undergraduate application

  • Your drive to push yourself to earn a bachelor degree at University College Dublin

  • The different responsibilities you have in addition to school at both work and home

  • What skill set you possess which will enable you to excel in the unique setting of Dublin, Ireland

  • Your greatest challenges and adversities, how you overcame them, and why you have the determination to succeed

  • Information about your classes, your academic success, and future plans for college and beyond

UCD Global Excellence undergraduate scholarship - usa

Application Form

you must complete an online application at www.ucd.ie/apply for an eligible program and have received the offer of a place at UCD before submitting this scholarship application

Please type your application. Forms filled by hand will not be accepted

  1. Application Details / Program of Study

Application Number

Program Name:

(Preference 1)

Program Name:

(Preference 2) (If applicable)

  1. Personal Details

Title (e.g. Mr/Ms):


Male Female

Last name / Family name:

Forename/First name:

Full name (as it appears on your passport):

Date of birth (DDMMYYYY):

(__ / __/ ____)

Country of birth:


Country of permanent residence:

Email Address:

Phone number:

Mobile number:

Home address:



If different from above,

Correspondence address:



  1. Education – Your Academic Qualifications

Please list all relevant qualifications at your High School below:

Name of High School

Start date

Finish date


Grade/Expected Grade

4. Personal statement

Please tell us in less than 1000 why you deserve the UCD Global Excellence Undergraduate Scholarship? (Please utilize the selection criteria to guide your answer).


I confirm that the information provided in this application form and in the supporting attachments is true, complete and accurate. I agree to UCD processing personal information detailed in this form along with any other data which UCD may obtain from me or other sources for any purpose connected with my application.
I have read and understood the terms and conditions of UCD Global excellence undergraduate scholarship – USA



Before Submission of Application

Please make sure you have completed this application form fully in BLOCK CAPITAL LETTERS and please include a copy of the personal pages of your passport.

Please email your completed application to NorthAmerica@ucd.ie.
Appendix One

Terms and Conditions

  1. The Scholarship Program is funded by UCD International and aims to attract excellent candidates to UCD’s undergraduate programs and encourage early application;

  2. Scholarships are open to self-funding candidates with provisional offers to full time undergraduate degree programs who have completed their application process to UCD;

  3. This scholarship is not eligible to be combined with any other institutional scholarship from University College Dublin;

  4. Applicants must be current residents in USA, and classified as non-EU for tuition fee and application purposes;

  5. Successful candidates will be selected on merit paired with the mandatory interview component;

  6. Only applications received before January 15, 2013 will be considered;

  7. Interviews with semi-finalists will be conducted February 15-25, 2013 either in person where possible or via Skype, if technology is an issue please notify northamerica@ucd.ie ;

  8. Decisions will be made by the Scholarship Committee on or before March 1, 2013. All decisions are final;

  9. Once scholarship awards are issued students must accept scholarship by April 1, 2013. It is the student’s obligation to formally accept the scholarship offer, a non-response will be considered declining the offer.

  10. Applicants who are not successful after first round of offers, will be automatically considered for second round offers if scholarship money becomes available;

  11. Second round offers, should funding become available from other applicants declining, will be notified by April 5, 2013 and be expected to accept by May 1, 2013;

Appendix Two

Excluded Programmes



Veterinary Medicine



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