Two texts we’ve read in class two suggested texts

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This is your “major” summative for these nine weeks. Due to time constraints, you will not be able to redo it. If you’re absent, email it to me.

You don’t have a 5 day grace period for this essay.
You are writing an informative essay on gender roles.

Due date: 12/12/14

Deadline: 12/16/14

All papers must have a paper (printed) copy as well as an emailed copy. Email it to

Your paper must have a bibliography, be in proper MLA format, and use in-text citations. By now, you should be very aware of my expectations for MLA format, so the rubric for this assignment will reflect the amount of practice we’ve had as a class. I will have the rubric for you next week.

Your paper must use two texts we’ve read in class two suggested texts, and one text that you’ve found yourself- it must be pre-approved by me. (i.e., something relating to gender roles. It can be an article, poem, song, story, etc. Just print it out and show it to me. )

Prompt: Consider the ways in which gender bias might affect how we perceive others. Does our inclination to make generalizations about the opposite sex prevent us from understanding each other? Create a thesis that explores these ideas and use varying texts from this unit as support. Pay attention to specific details, quotations, and examples from:

Then review two other chosen texts, citing any relevant information from those texts in the collection.

  • Mallam SIle by Mohammed Naseehu Ali pg 93

  • The Story of an Hour by Kate Chopin

  • The Essence of Chivalry/ A Parody of Knighthood

  • Phone Call by Berton Rouche

  • Boys and Girls by Alice Munro

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