Two centres

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  • Topic 1:
  • Introduction
  • Law and the legal system
  • ‘The Information Age’ (1.0)
  • Web 2.0, Internet 2.0, Gov 2.0…

Two centres

  • Two centres
  • See outline
  • 2 hours intro – classical info age law
  • 1 hour Web 2.0 law – your input?

See outline

  • See outline

Interactive: ask, discuss

  • Interactive: ask, discuss
  • Intensive: start now!

80% rule

  • 80% rule

6 UoC

  • 6 UoC
  • 80+ hrs (3 x 2 x 6 = 24 + prep/write)

Media Diary 40

  • Media Diary 40
  • Research essay 60 or
  • Online contribution 60


  • Required
  • Other


  • Times
  • Note taker

What is convergence?

  • What is convergence?
  • Fluidity
  • Opportunities and risks


  • Examples:
    • Spam: one Act, simple
    • Internet Content regulation: Acts, Regs, Codes, cases: complex


  • Cases
  • Laws (legislation) & regulations
  • ‘Code’ and Codes
  • (Lessig: business practice, norms)

Decisions of a court

  • Decisions of a court
  • Specifics of the case: people, actions
  • Specifics of jurisdiction: where, what
  • Specifics of time and date: when
  • Read ‘full text’? Primary legal document
  • Commentary, summaries, media reports
  • Principles, rules, interpretations, changes

Decisions of a legislature: Parliament, Congress

  • Decisions of a legislature: Parliament, Congress
  • Process: Review, Bill, Debate, C’tee, Amend, Act
  • Specifics of an Act: sections, definitions
  • Specifics of jurisdiction: where, what, who
  • Specifics of date: start, end? Amend? Repeal? Replace?
  • Read ‘full text’? Primary legal document
  • Commentary, summaries
  • Principles, specific requirements; Regulations

Laws are made by politicians

  • Laws are made by politicians
  • Politicians do politics, not science, common sense, or ‘fairness’
  • Media can drive politics
  • Spin can turn black into white
  • Laws can affect media owners and journos
  • New technology can change the rules
  • Politics can re-make the rules

Media Watch, Hollow Men,

  • Media Watch, Hollow Men,
  • Who is writing, what is their interest
  • Commercial, political, other?
  • Conflict of interest?
  • Sources? Spin? Manipulation?
  • Clues?
  • Assertions, factoids, original documents…

NBN: Telstra v govt?

  • NBN: Telstra v govt?
  • iiNet case: US movie industry v. ISPs ©
  • Internet filter proposal
  • Digital TV / ‘Freeview’: why need to sell it?
  • Computers for schoolies: issues, risks?
  • User-Generated content: issues, risks? Lack of info balance about costs and risks
  • ANPR – why no stories? cf. Streetview
  • Start thinking of media story sources for your diary!
  • Check outline for contact info

After the break

  • After the break

Tech changes

  • Tech changes
  • Legal changes

Offline world was nice and simple, for regulators

  • Offline world was nice and simple, for regulators
  • Web 1.0: global publication, old media/publish models
  • Web 2.0: social networking, user generated content
    • Convergence of producer and consumer, + distributor
  • Web 3.0?: mass personalisation, semantic web
    • It’s not just your friends who know you and what you mean
  • Attack of the killer toddlers – we are so old
    • Hackers retire at 15, kids turning filter tables on parents, slash
    • Facebook does not enforce own rule of at least 13 yrs old

Cyberlibertarian fantasies still delude and excite

  • Cyberlibertarian fantasies still delude and excite
  • Reality: Jurisdiction out of control, hyper liability (for you)
    • Intensification not escape from jurisdiction (revenge of the States)
  • Or: no care, and no responsibility? (for the cloud)
    • Your data and business go offshore, but not legal protection
  • The rise of the sub-human: minors at the frontier
    • Deficit in ‘consequences’ cognitive development: paternalism?
    • ‘Under the age of 18 or appears to be under 18’
  • The fall of the ‘common carrier’: ISPs’ change masters?
    • Agents of a foreign power, or a hostile litigant interest?
    • Enforced discipline of their customers, on pain of sharing liability.
  • ISPs: the new block point

Do the definitions or tests of 1.0/2.0/3.0 work?

  • Do the definitions or tests of 1.0/2.0/3.0 work?

‘Storm in a teacup’?

  • ‘Storm in a teacup’?
  • Or the ‘game changer’?

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