Trump and Brexit

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Donald J Trump

DiPs at The Blue Mugge

Monday 23rd January 2017

These notes are based on main stream media, internet, Youtube and social media comments and

references on Trump and Brexit... where there is already a veritable library available…

1. “Is there a better, more apt description of the incoming Trump administration than 'kakistocracy',

which translates from the Greek literally as government by the worst people? The new US

president, as Barack Obama remarked on the campaign trail, is 'uniquely unqualified' to be

commander-in-chief. There is no historical analogy for a President Trump. He combines in a

single person some of the worst qualities of some of the worst US presidents: the Donald makes Nixon look honest, Clinton look chaste, Bush look smart.”

(Mehdi Hasan, British Indian background, 2015 moved to Washington DC to work for Al Jazeera

on UpFront. Quote from, The New Statesman 20-26th January 2017.)

Going round, comment briefly (no more than a sentence or so) on this - especially the 'no historical analogy' point.

  1. “It's a bit like Brexit. The victory was made possible by wealthier, older people... but it's seen as a

working class revolt”.

(Gary Younge, Feature writer for The Guardian and monthly columnist for US The Nation & based in

Muncie, Indiana, for the US election. Quote from Red Pepper, Jan 2017.)

3. Quotes by participants (again brief, one-liners or short sentences) from Chomsky on YouTube (The

New Trump Era; How to Deal with the Trump Presidency...); from Trump himself; Bernie Saunders;

from Paul Mason; : Lionel Shriver, Naomi Klein and other major commentators like this from The Sunday Telegraph 22nd January editorial .” … If anything he is the first independent nationalist president since the C19th. He does not fit easily into any political category” .

4. The response to Trump’s election and especially the Washington Women’s March and ‘sister

marches’ not just across the American continent but globally, also including men, women, children and

many dogs! Will this extraordinary opposition to Trump have enduring impact, changing politics and policies? Will it actually remove him?!

5.Standing back, reviewing the above in the context of history and what historians, philosophers, cultural commentators have written about pivotal periods of change.

Consider this recent essay by Jeff Sparrow (Australian writer & Research Fellow, Victoria University) quoting Raymond Williams:

The technical means (of facilitating participative democracy) are difficult enough but the

biggest difficulty is in accepting, deep in our minds, the values on which they depend: that the ordinary people should govern…”.

(from The Guardian/Observer Williams wrote the above in the 1980s – it illustrates his prescience).
Given the Mugge’s network of links to pub, café, faith group discussion circles not just in North Staffs and

South Cheshire through sister groups in nearby Meerbrook (‘The Trout’) and Macclesfield, (‘The Park

Tavern’) but through the Raymond Williams Foundation (RWF) website, as below, with other groups

and individuals nationally and even internationally, we will start the process, through this Monday evening’s discussion, of sifting what we judge to be the most relevant quotes and references to help

make these Notes a resource which can be used anywhere for small group/seminar debates and


This communication will be seen by 100 people almost immediately, then through further e-mail web/facebook/social media postings by at least 2000, potentially. Everyone reading this is invited to respond through these media, adding brief comments and references. The notes will be posted on the RWF web for continued up-date and will be used, for example, in session/s at the RWF residential

weekend on The Long Revolution – towards participative democracy at Wortley Hall in May 2017.

This process will be part of the RWF’s new ambitious partnership initiative with Compass , researching

and extending, Everyday Democratisation (again see RWF web for detail on this).

Whether, in these dark and dangerous times, this can itself be a significant ‘ Resource for a Journey of

Hope’ remains to be seen.


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