Transcendental School Essay and Portfolio Project Due March 20, 2017

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Transcendental School Essay and Portfolio Project

Due March 20, 2017

Portfolio with Essay Printed in class

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100 points    Transcendental School Essay
15 points    Visual Representation of your school including...

      1. A visual of the map/floor plan of the school building

      2. A visual representation of the exterior of the school itself

      3. A written description of the materials used in the school building and any unique features that the school has

5 points    Mission Statement that reveals the purpose and focus for the school
5 points    Pick one school spirit elements of the following to complete (must be

drawn by you!):

  1. School mascot (including a name)

  2. School logo

  3. School crest (includes a motto)

10 points    Daily Schedule Description including...

  1. A schedule map for the school day and one for the week if days are different (however that looks, use ours as an example. It can be a table with times, a list, etc.)

  2. Number and lengths of periods offered (if any)

  3. Time of day for school to take place

  4. Options for students within the schedule (can they go at a different time of day? For 1 period? Or 4 out of 8? etc.)

  5. Required classes to meet the mission statement and school’s requirements

  6. An explanation of how the schedule works and anything else that’s important to know about how you want it to work

10 points    Pick one profile from the following to complete (your profile must be at

least 250 words):

  1. Student Profile that showcases the ideal student for your school (things to consider: qualities/characteristics of this student, academic preferences, extracurricular activities that the student is involved in, style, background, etc.)

  2. Teacher Profile that showcases the ideal teacher for your school (things to consider: qualities/characteristics of this teacher, classes taught, teaching philosophy, classroom style, etc.)

  3. Principal Profile that showcases the ideal administration for your school (things to consider: qualities/characteristics of this administrator, communication style, management style, approach to discipline, etc.)

5 points    Proposal to classmates on Wed., March 8. You are required to bring

your outline and a draft of 2 of the 5 above elements to your proposal meeting on Wednesday. Your job will be to show what you plan to write about to your group, reveal your elements that you have drafted, discuss ideas for the remaining portions of the portfolio, and share/solicit ideas to help improve your school plan (essay) and your portfolio products.

Project Total: 150 points in the Writing Category
Presentation of Materials: You have two options to present your final portfolio: binder/plastic sheets/folder OR a trifold/poster board. You will be required to have your materials ready to place in a gallery on March 20th.

Download 12.69 Kb.

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