Tossups – round 1 dennis haskins open 2004 – ut-chattanooga

Questions mostly by Georgia Tech’s Saurabh Vishnubhakat with Florida’s Michael Napier and Michael Swick, UTC’s John Kilby, Macon State’s Travis Lightsey, and your genial quizmaster

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Questions mostly by Georgia Tech’s Saurabh Vishnubhakat with Florida’s Michael Napier and Michael Swick, UTC’s John Kilby, Macon State’s Travis Lightsey, and your genial quizmaster

1. It was not this book’s pronounced use of caged or wounded birds to portray bourgeoisie that generated such controversy. The love affair between the protagonist and her husband’s business associate raised a few eyebrows but was mostly harmless, especially considering the pragmatic morals of Louisiana society. However, the protagonist’s decision to reject the control of both her husband and her lover was incendiary at this novel’s publication. FTP identify this 1899 work in which the title act consists of suicide on the part of Edna Pontellier.

Answer: The Awakening
2. Frederick II once referred to her as “my most inveterate and determined enemy.” Born in 1717, she married Duke Francis Stephen in 1736 and tried to set him up as ruler even during the War of the Austrian Succession. FTP identify this woman who would ascend to that post herself by the terms of the Pragmatic Sanction and so would become the only female ruler of the Hapsburg line.

Answer: Maria Theresa

3. Though it has been applied variously since long before, it is said to have formed as a formal field some 176 years ago in Berlin. Thereafter, the first major advance came with the 1874 proposal by Jacobus Van’t Hoff that optical isomerism was a result of three-dimensional sp3 chirality. FTP identify this science which has since mushroomed into a limitless study of the synthesis, catenation, and decomposition of compounds containing carbon.

Answer: organic chemistry

4. Following her flight into Egypt, she gave birth to a son whose marriage to Memphis would consecrate the founding of a city of the same name and the birth of her grand-daughter, Libya. Though Hermes freed her by killing her captor, Argus, she was still not free until she escaped a gadfly sent by Hera to sting her. FTP identify this lover of Zeus and ancestress of Heracles.

Answer: Io

5. He worked for a lithographer in his youth and by age 21 was doing freelance work for Harper’s Weekly and Ballou’s Pictorial. His wartime commissions influenced works such as Sharpshooter on Picket Duty and Prisoners from the Front, earning him sufficient notice to exhibit his 1872 Snap the Whip at the Centennial Exposition in Philadelphia. FTP identify this Boston-born painter of Mending the Nets and Banks Fisherman, both painted at Prout’s Neck, Maine.

Answer: Winslow Homer

6. He’s broken every human law, he breaks the law of gravity. He’s the bafflement of Scotland Yard, the Flying Squad’s despair, because he’s never at the scene of the crime. And he cheats at cards. The subject of a T. S. Eliot poem, he was also in a long-running Broadway hit. FTP identify this “wonder” animal, widely recognized by fans of the musical Cats.

Answer: Macavity

7. Born on a farm near Albany in 1824, he joined a group of several brothers in a migration west following the destruction by fire of his merchant shop. Having made little money as a merchant anyway, he turned to stock speculation in several high-risk enterprises and, after several turns of fortune, he made his fortune on the transcontinental railroad plan. FTP identify this tycoon whose best-known land donation endowed a famous California university.

Answer: Leland Stanford

8. At least 6 forms of this most simple animal are parasitic in humans, and diseases from it occur when food or water are contaminated by human wastes. These protists range from 0.25 to 2.5 mm in size, and their digestion and motion are created via their pseudopodia. For 10 points name these unicellular organisms that can cause dysentery.

Answer: Amoebas

9. The Romans called this city Serdica and made it an important stop on the road between Constantinople and current-day Belgrade. In 1018 it was conquered by the Byzantine Empire, which named it Triyaditza. Its current name is Greek and most likely taken from the Church of Holy Wisdom in the city’s center, next to the Alexander Nevski Memorial Cathedral. Other famous landmarks include extensive public baths, the Ottoman-era Bayna Bashi mosque, and the Black Mosque. FTP, what is this present-day capital of Bulgaria?
Answer: Sofia
10. Born in 1927, he made hi mark as half of a comedy duo with his wife, Anne Meara. While he’s been in television and movies since 1970, he is most famous for his more recent roles. He played Vince Lombardi on a series of Mike commercials, Maury Ballstein in "Zoolander, and George’s dad, Frank Costanza, on "Seinfeld" and He currently plays Arthur Spooner on "King of Queens." FTP, name this actor who is also the father of Zoolander star Ben.

Answer: Jerry Stiller

11. Only reapers reaping early so much as hear her song, and mutter about her as though she were a fairy. Her name is never mentioned, just that this weaver is “half sick of shadows.” FTP identify this woman who is cursed to see the world only through the outside world through a mirror, forever weaving what she sees, and is the title heroine in a late-period poem by Alfred, Lord Tennyson.

Answer: “The Lady of Shalott

12. When he graduated from West Point in 1909 he ranked 46th out of a class of 103. With the outbreak of WWI he was asked to head General Pershing's staff troop. During WWII he fell temporarily from grace after hitting a man in the face for cowardice. He attributed a victory in North Africa to having read Rommel's book.  He is perhaps better known for leading the third army and relieving the beleaguered town of Bastogne in the Battle of the Bulge. Name this man who was played by George C. Scott in the 1970 Best Picture.   
Answer: George S. Patton Jr.
13. Raised in southern Manhattan, he was steered to science at an early age by his father, Melville, and, although he was a gifted self-taught mathematician, he attended MIT with different plans. While working for the government in his youth, he developed a knack for safecracking and, following the completion of his assignment, managed to steal away all the pertinent classified documents to his work in late 1945. FTP name this man whose romance and marriage to Arline Greenbaum were depicted by Matthew Broderick in the 1996 film Infinity.

Answer: Richard Feynman

14. The Trecento form consisted of two, or rarely three, voices and, due to its primitive construction, was derided as “a raw and chaotic singalong” in 1300 by Barberino. A few centuries later, however, an unrelated form of the same name would take on as many as four to six voices of secular text and, having drawn from the frottola and motet, gave rise to opera. FTP identify this musical setting whose exponents include Philippe Verdelot, Carlo Gesualdo, and Claudio Monteverdi.

Answer: madrigal

15. Pencil and paper ready for a math question. Let f(x) = sqrt(x+5) (Read: Let F of X equal the square root of the quantity X plus five). FTP, and within 15 seconds, what is the domain of this function?

Answer: x >= -5 (X is greater than or equal to negative five)

16. The ethics leading to this condition are the four virtuous attitudes known as the Palaces of Brahma and include loving-kindness, compassion, sympathetic joy, and equanimity. This is the ultimate goal in Buddhism, when one is devoid of greed, hatred, and ignorance. FTP, name this enlightened state that shares its name with an alternative band of the early 1990s.

Answer: Nirvana

17. One of the infamous “political generals” of the Civil War, he made his ineptitude known at Shiloh in misdirecting his division so drastically that he almost cost the Union a victory. Fueled by intense guilt, however, he sough to regain his stature through political action in Mexico and even a term as governor of New Mexico. His acclaim, however, came when he drew upon childhood lessons from his mother (whose middle name, on a side note, was French Test) to explore his writing talents, dabbling in poetry and fiction. FTP identify this Indiana-born author of Ben-Hur.

Answer: Lew Wallace

18. A delta Scuti type variable, fluctuating from -0.02 to 0.07 magnitude every four hours and 33.6 minutes, this star was the Pole Star 12,000 years ago and its average brightness is the designated standard for measuring zero magnitude in any wavelength. The fifth brightest star in the night sky, it comprises the Summer Triangle along with Deneb and Altair. FTP, what is this alpha star of the constellation Lyra?

Answer: Vega

19. Before entering public service, he was a bank executive, and it was once joked that both his jobs were among the oldest professions and yet bore a striking resemblance to the very oldest. The son of a trapeze artist and a failed manufacturer of garden gnomes, he became the youngest Prime Minister during the 20th century, but his much-touted dullness led many to disbelieve this. FTP identify this Conservative who was ejected from office by Tony Blair in 1997.

Answer: John Major

20. A judgment call must be made, but it presupposes only “ordinary effort.” Following intense political pressure, it was included as required knowledge by Jimmy Kimmel on The Man Show, but recent polling shows that less than half the show’s polling audience could satisfactorily explain it. FTP identify this baseball regulation which assumes that the defense could, under normal circumstances, catch a batter out and precludes double or triple plays that could result if they let a popup hit the ground.

Answer: infield fly rule

21. On November 9, 2003, the remains of his brother Charlie were found in Vietnam by US military personnel. He took a lot of criticism for his statement that he wants to be the candidate for guys with Confederate Flags on their pickup trucks, and more for the speech dubbed “I Have a Scream” that followed his disappointing third-place finish in the Iowa Caucus. FTP, name this former Vermont governor and unsuccessful candidate for the Democratic nomination for President of the United States.

Answer: Howard Dean

22. Through his sponsoring of the poet Ennius, this man helped to bring Hellinism into Roman civilization. The main opponent of the Scipios in Rome, his political party also ordered the expulsion of Greek philosophers from Rome. His De Agricultura is the oldest surviving Roman prose work and was the main reference source for Roman agriculture. For 10 points, name this 2nd Century B.C. Roman censor known for his quote “Carthage must be destroyed!”

Answer: Marcus Porcius Cato (Elder)

23. QUOTE: “I have been many years training in the Way of Strategy, and now I think I will explain it in writing for the first time.” With these opening words, an homage to heaven, and a prayer to Kwannon, it is arguably as much an autobiography as it is a study of military theory. Its author entered his first duel at age 13 and steadily defeated the various strategists of his home in Kyushu. FTP identify this 1645 work, known in Japanese as Go Rin No Sho, by Miyamoto Musashi.

Answer: A Book of Five Rings (accept “Go Rin No Sho” on early interrupt)


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