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Answer: Electrolytes

15. Five men have held this position since 1958, the beginning of the Fifth Republic; four of the five were members of center-right parties. The only one to be defeated for reelection was Valery Giscard d’Estaing, who lost to Francois Mitterand in 1981. Others to hold this post include Georges Pompidou and Charles de Gaulle. FTP, name this position, currently held by Jacques Chirac.

Answer: President of France
16. Their most famous member was supposedly found masturbating in public, and when reproached for it, answered that he wished he could assuage his hunger by rubbing his belly. They developed no theories in metaphysics, epistemology, or philosophy of language, and preferred to use diatribes and satires to win converts. FTP, name this philosophical system founded by Antisthenes, whose most famous member was Diogenes, who rejected social norms for the satisfactions of basic physical needs.

Answer: Cynics

17. Based upon a novella byProsper Merimee, it was first performed in Paris in 1875. A 1954 film adaptation of this work starred Dorothy Dandridge, while a 2001 hip hop version featured Beyonce Knowles in the title role. Set in 1820s Seville and focuses upon the relationship between a Basque soldier and a gypsy. Although Don José rejects Michaela for a gypsy cigarette girl, his jealousy causes him to murder his new love when she eventually abandons him for a bullfighter. FTP, this plot describes what famous opera by George Bizet?

Answer: Carmen

18. Before the Cassini orbiter was cancelled, part of its mission was to study this moon. Approximately 3200 miles in diameter, it was first discovered by Christiann Huygens in 1655. Its atmosphere – about 60% thicker than the Earth’s – is composed largely of nitrogen, methane, ethane, and acetylene, making it the only satellite with a substantial atmosphere. FTP, name this largest moon of Saturn.

Answer: Titan
19. His only non-fiction novel, News of a Kidnapping, chronicles the capture of journalists by the FARC, a revolutionary group in his native country. His most recent novel Living to Tell the Tale, is the first in a planned trilogy. His fictional town of Macondo first appeared in Leaf Storm, but is more famous for appearing along with the Buendia family in this man’s One Hundred Years of Solitude. FTP name this 1982 Nobel Laureate in Literature whose reputation was recently tarnished by being an author of an Oprah's Book Club book.

Answer: Gabriel Garcia Marquez [prompt on just Garcia or Marquez]

20. Formed in Oakland, CA, this group first attracted attention in 1967 by protesting a bill which outlawed carrying a loaded weapon in public. By the mid-1970s, under the leadership of Elaine Browne, they emphasized community service programs, but they began as a more revolutionary group under the leadership of Huey Newton and Bobby Seale. FTP, name this militant African-American organization.

Answer: Black Panthers or the Black Panther Party for Self-Defense

21. The first corporate example was created for Highland Spring bottled water. British Airways has one. So do the Suffolk County Police, the Devon Rural Skills Trust, Australia, and the state of Georgia. Balmoral is reserved for the British royal family’s use, but otherwise there are no regulations on the manufacture or wear of any particular pattern. Created by arranging the warp and weft threads at right angles in identical repeating color sequences, what are, FTP, these presumably Scottish textiles?

Answer: tartans or plaids

22. Henry Goddard, who worked at the Vineland Training School for Feebleminded Boys and Girls in New Jersey, coined this term to describe immigrants entering the United States whose intelligence scores were well below average. Coming from the Greek word for foolish, the term was then used as a psychological classification for a person with mild mental retardation having a mental age of 7 to 12 years old. FTP, name this five-letter word, no longer used as a classification for mental abilities, which is defined as “a stupid person” or a “dolt.”

Answer: Moron

23. They became so popular in Rome that they lost their original significance and turned into events designed to enhance the popularity of politicians by their size or lavishness. The tradition came from Etruria, where brave individuals included them in their funeral rites. FTP name this practice which often pitted the Myrmillo (Mur-MILL-oh) against the Retiarius (Ret-ee-ARE-ee-us) or the Samnis.

Answer: Gladiatorial Games (accept equivalents)

1. Many of the Kings and Queens of England have shared names with their predecessors, so that we end up with two Elizabeths or six Georges. Considering the line of succession to the British throne, give the appropriate number following the name if these people should ascend to the throne, 5-10-20-30.

a) Charles, oldest son of Queen Elizabeth II.

Answer: III or Third

b) Henry, Charles’ younger son

Answer: IX or Ninth

c) William, Charles’ oldest son

Answer: V or Fifth

d) Edward, youngest son of Queen Elizabeth II

Answer: IX or Ninth
2. Given a description name the character from a Dickens novel, FTPE.

a) The orphaned son of Agnes Fleming, he is born in a workhouse, apprenticed to an undertaker, and taken in by a gang of thieves before coming under the care of Mr. Brownlow and Mrs. Maylie.

Answer: Oliver Twist

b) A French aristocrat, he renounces his title, marries Lucy Manette, and settles in England before being imprisoned upon returning to France, though his life is spared from the guillotine by a lawyer who looks like him.

Answer: Charles Darnay from A Tale of Two Cities (prompt on St. Evrémonde)

c) Daughter of a murderess named Molly and a convict named Magwitch, she is adopted by a rich eccentric lady who encourages her to treat Pip with disdain before she marries another man.

Answer: Estella Havisham or Estella from Great Expectations
3. Answer the following about a particular composer FTPE:

10) Initially impressed with Napoleon, he originally dedicated his Third Symphony to him, but he soon became disenchanted and retitled it “Eroica.” He made his shift in sentiments almost as clear with his Opus 91, “Wellington’s Victory” or “The Battle of Victoria” Ludwig van Beethoven

10) His only opera, it was almost given the name of its heroine. Leonora.

Answer: Fidelio

10) Beethoven ended this symphony with a chorale movement with text from a Schiller poem often called “Ode to Joy”.

Answer: Symphony #9 or Ninth Symphony

4. FTPE, name the chemical element that appears on the periodic table between two other elements. You will receive only five points if you need the chemical’s symbol.

a-10) Between Boron and Nitrogen

5) C

Answer: Carbon

b-10) Between Nickel and Zinc

5) Cu

Answer: Copper

c-10) Between Sulfur and Argon

5) Cl

Answer: Chlorine

5. Given an example of an arithmetic rule, identify it FTP each

(10) a+b = b+a

Answer: Commutative

(10) a + (b + c) = (a + b) + c

Answer: Associative

(10) a + 0 = a

Answer: Identity

6. Name the food 30-20-10-5:

30) Invented by James Dewar, their name was adapted from a name on a shoe factory sign.

20) Lawyer Douglas Schmidt blamed them as part of his defense for Dan White who had killed San Francisco mayor George Moscone and supervisor Harvey Milk.

10) Tests conducted by students at Rice upon this product included a Rapid Oxidation Test, a Turing Test and a Gravitational Response test.

5) Dewar, then manager of Continental Bakeries’ Chicago factory, saw the product as a way to use the company’s thousands of shortcake pans.

Answer: Twinkies
7. Name the 20th century Canadian authors from works, FTPE.

a) Poems “The Shooting of Dan McGrew” and “The Cremation of Sam McGee”

Answer: Robert Service

b) Novels: Anne of Green Gables and Emily of New Moon

Answer: L(ucy) M(aud) Montgomery

c) Novels: The Handmaid’s Tale and Cat’s Eye

Answer: Margaret Atwood
8. Six secretaries of state have become president of the United States. For five points each I'll give you the name of the president under whom each secretary served and you name the secretary who later became president.

a) George Washington

Answer: Thomas Jefferson

b) Thomas Jefferson

Answer: James Madison

c) James Madison

Answer: James Monroe

d) James Monroe

Answer: John Quincy Adams

e) Andrew Jackson

Answer: Martin Van Buren

f) James K. Polk

Answer: James Buchanan
9. From a description, name the disease, FTPE:

a) Named by Jean Martin Charcot, this disease causes scarring and hardening of the motor neurons running down the spinal column, resulting in the wasting away of skeletal muscles. A 1920s and 30s baseball player is most closely associated with the disease.

Answer: Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis or ALS or Lou Gehrig’s Disease

b) Marked by the tremors and increased stiffness of muscles, this disease is associated with a deficiency of dopamine in patients. Among those afflicted with the disease have been actor Michael J. Fox and Pope John Paul II.

Answer: Parkinson’s Disease

c) An autoimmune disease in which the body attacks its own central nervous system, gradually destroying myelin, its symptoms differ according to the damage to the nervous system. The disease is intermittent, symptom waxing and waning. Sufferers include former Mouseketeer Annette Funicello and talk show host Montel Williams.

Answer: Multiple Sclerosis or MS
10. Identify these individuals who first appear in the Book of Acts in the Bible, FTPE:

a) Chapter 9 recounts the conversion on the road to Damascus of this former persecutor of the church who will be credited with writing many of the letters of the New Testament, including those to the Roman and the Corinthian churches.

Answer: Paul or Saul of Tarsus

b) In Chapter 6, he is described as among the first seven deacons, but one chapter later he is stoned to death, becoming the first Christian martyr.

Answer: Stephen

c) In Chapter 8 he offers money to Peter so that he might be given the power of the Holy Spirit, leading his name to be used to describe the buying or selling of spiritual things.

Answer: Simon Magus

11. The films of Oliver Stone and other conspiracy theorists aside, sometimes a lone gunman really is responsible for an assassination. FTPE, name the following people generally believed to have be responsible for an assassination:

a) This gunman, eventually killed by Jack Ruby, was accused of killing John F. Kennedy in Dallas in November 1963.

Answer: Lee Harvey Oswald

b) Though some claim he had an accomplice, he was convicted of killing Martin Luther King, Jr., in Memphis.

Answer: James Earl Ray

c) He shot Robert Kennedy after a celebration of Kennedy’s win in the 1968 California primary.

Answer: Sirhan Bishara Sirhan

12. Given lines from a poem, name the poem FTPE. You will receive five if you need the author.

a-10) “This is the forest primeval; but where are the hearts that beneath it / Leaped like the roe, when he hears in the woodland the voice of the huntsman?”

5) Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Answer: “Evangeline

b-10) “The ship has weathered every rack, the prize we sought is won, / The port is near, the bells I hear, the people all exulting”

5) Walt Whitman

Answer: “O Captain! My Captain!

c-10) “Since then ‘tis centuries, and yet / Feels shorter than the day / I first surmised the horses’ heads / Were toward eternity.”

5) Emily Dickinson

Answer: “Because I Could Not Stop For Death” (accept #712)

13. From a brief description name the artist, FTPE:

a) This Barbizon artist’s best known works are of peasants working a fields, including The Gleaners.

Answer: Jean Francois Millet

b) Considered a master of portraiture, he did over 200 portraits including one of the wife of author Richard Sheridan and one entitled The Blue Boy.

Answer: Thomas Gainsborough

c) One of the greatest 20th century American realists, the loneliness and isolation can be felt in such works as People in the Sun and Nighthawks.

Answer: Edward Hopper
14. FTPE, name these things about black holes.

Any object with a radius smaller than this will collapse into a black hole.

Answer: Schwarzschild Radius

This physicist coined the term “black hole” in 1967.

Answer: John Wheeler

This is the infinitely dense center of the black hole.

Answer: Singularity
15. Given a monster who is killed, tell which Greek hero slew him or her, 5-10-20-30

a) Medusa

Answer: Perseus

b) Minotaur

Answer: Theseus

c) Chimera

Answer: Bellerophon

d) Hydra

Answer: Hercules
16. Name the following Russian/Soviet leaders from a description, FTPE:

a) A Nobel Prize winner known partly for his birthmark, he emphasized glasnost (openness) in media and culture and was the last leader of the USSR before the member states voted to dismantle the federation.

Answer: Mikhail Gorbachev

b) Coming to power in 1958, he is remembered for emphasizing the Soviet space program, approving the building of the Berlin Wall, sending nuclear missiles to Cuba, and memorably beating his shoe on a table at the UN.

Answer: Nikita Khrushchev

c) General secretary of the Communist Party from 1964 till his death in 1982, he asserted his namesake doctrine to support the forcible suppression of dissent in the spring of 1968.

Answer: Leonid Brezhnev
17. Identify the following Oscar Wilde works, FTP each.

(10) Basil Hallward paints the title object, and the object, rather than the subject of it, begins to age.

Answer: The Picture of Dorian Gray

(10) It tells of the hanging of the murderer Charles Thomas Wooldridge and was written while Wilde himself was serving time.

Answer: The Ballad of Reading Gaol

(10) In this play, Jack and Algernon want to marry Cecily and Gwendolyn. Who both want to marry a man with a particular name.

Answer: The Importance of Being Earnest
18. Given terms of classification, identify each group as Kingdom, Phylum, Class, or Order, FTPE.

a) Nematoda, Mollusca, Chordata

Answer: Phylum

b) Primates, Rodentia, Carnivora,

Answer: Order

c) Gastropoda, Amphibia, Aves

Answer: Class
19. Name the album by U2 from songs, FTPE:

a) Where The Streets Have No Name, With Or Without You, I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For

Answer: The Joshua TreeH

b) Even Better Than The Real Thing, Mysterious Ways, One

Answer: Achtung Baby

c) Walk On, Elevation, Beautiful Day

Answer: All That You Can’t Leave Behind
20. Millions will tour Italy every year, seeing the historic churches, the beautiful art, and the stunning architecture. Name the Italian cities in which you will see the following:

1. The Cathedral of Santa Maria with its dome designed by Brunelleschi; Michaelangelo’s David; the Piazza Santa Croce.

Answer: Florence

2. The Basilica of St. John, Lateran; the Trevi Fountain; Michaelangelo’s sculpture of Moses.

Answer: Rome

3. DaVinci’s Last Supper; Galleria Vitorio Emanuele II; La Scala Opera House

Answer: Milan
21. Answer the following questions about Hindu holidays, for ten points each.

[10] The origin of this holiday comes from the triumph of Vishnu over the demon king Hiranyakashipu and his daughter, although it is mostly associated today with colored powder.

Answer: Holi

[10] Held in August or September, generally in the northern part of India, participants rock a cradle during Janmashtami, which celebrates the birth of this cowherd and avatar of Vishnu.

Answer: Krishna

[10] During Navratri, Bengalis celebrate the defeat of the demon Mahishasura by this ten-armed goddess.

Answer: Durga (accept Kali)

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