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Answer: Antietam

19. Francis Wenham built the first in 1871; one at NASA's Langley center has been designated as a National Historic Landmark. The Wright brothers designed and built a 16-inch square model with two fans powered by a gasoline engine. FTP, name this experimental device in which the aerodynamic characteristics of new planes, trains and automobiles can be examined.

Answer: Wind tunnel
20. This immigrant spent much of the early 1970’s in a public battle with the US government to earn the right to live in the United States. In 1976 he was granted permanent residency, but on December 8, 1980 he was assassinated in front of his home in New York City. FTP name this Englishman who should’ve stayed home, a former member of a 1960’s rock band known as The Beatles.

Answer: John Lennon

21. Born on January 4, 1643 in Woolsthorpe, Lincolnshire, England this man was a professor at Cambridge from 1669 until 1687. He spent the latter half of his life occupying various government posts in London and fighting with Leibniz over which had invented calculus. In 1705 he became the first Scientist ever knighted for his achievements. He died in London on March 31, 1727, and is perhaps best remembered today for an incident with an apple.

Answer: Sir Isaac Newton

22. Although he was only 31 when he died in 1828, he left behind a rich musical legacy including ten symphonies, many chamber and solo piano works, and more than 600 Lieder, or songs. Name this Viennese composer of such works as the song cycle Winterreise (VIN-ter-rye-zeh) or The Winter Journey, the Trout Quintet, and the Unfinished Symphony,

Answer: Franz Schubert

23. These shoes were originally manufactured by BF Goodrich and had their heyday when they competed with Converse Chuck Taylor All-Stars in the 1950’s and 1960’s. They’ve recently made a modest comeback (I’m wearing them right now) after being bought by New Balance. FTP name these shoes which are “guaranteed to make you run faster and jump higher.”

Answer: PF Flyers


Questions by UTC’s Nick Bradshaw, Florida’s Michael Napier and Michael Swick, South Carolina’s Joe Stanton, Macon State’s Travis Lightsey, Missouri’s Jason Carl Mueller, and various other freelancers

1. FTPE identify the following battles of the Pacific from World War II.

A photo of the raising of an American flag on Mt. Suribachi at the climax of the 1945 battle inspired one of America’s best-known monuments.

Answer: Iwo Jima

In this May 1942 battle, the US lost the Lexington, but the Yorktown escaped to fight in five other major battles against the Japanese.

Answer: Coral Sea

The opposing fleets never fired on or even sighted each other in this battle of June 4th through 7th, 1942, considered the turning point in the Pacific because the Japanese lost all 4 of their carriers.

Answer: Midway

2. Name these non-English speaking Nobel Prize winning authors from works, FTPE.

a) His works include The Magic Mountain, as well as Death in Venice and Buddenbrooks, both of which deal with the conflict between the artist and middle class values.

Answer: Thomas Mann

b) Though his poetry collections included My Sister, Life, Second Birth, and On Early Trains, he is best remembered for his novel Dr. Zhivago and for rejecting the Nobel Prize.

Answer: Boris Pasternak

c) His interest in Eastern religion can be seen in Siddhartha, which his symbolic and psychoanalytic works include Steppenwolf and Journey to the East.

Answer: Hermann Hesse

3. Name these psychologists from experiments they performed, FTPE:

a) This Russian scientist studied conditioned reflex through an experiment where dogs associated food with a bell such that they would salivate at the sound of just the bell.

Answer: Ivan Pavlov

b) His study of operant conditioning led to the creation of his namesake box, a special chamber in which pigeons were rewarded or punished to teach them certain behaviors.

Answer: B(urrhus) F(rederic) Skinner

c) A pioneer in animal behavior, this Austrian scientist discovered imprinting behavior, showing that goslings would follow him if, during the appropriate phase, he exhibited the necessary traits.

Answer: Konrad Lorenz
4. Name the classic Nintendo game from the given clues TPE.

a. This 80’s game introduced a gun-wielding duo fighting off aliens by blasting everything in sight. It had the same name as the guerrilla force supported by the U.S. in Nicaragua in the mid-Eighties.

Answer: Contra

b. One of the first RPG’s made for the NES, it followed the adventures of a Hyrulian boy named Link on a quest to find heart containers, catch fairies, and save a princess.

Answer: (The Legend of) Zelda

c. Created by Alexei Pazhitnov, this game revolves around the strategic placement of tiles comprised of four squares, hence its name.

Answer: Tetris
5. Given the formula of the polyatomic ion, name the ion FTPE.

a. Cr2O7 -2

Answer: dichromate

b. OH -1

Answer: hydroxide

c. PO3 -3

Answer: phosphite

6. Given the treaty that ended it, identify the war FTPE.

(10) Treaty of Portsmouth

Answer: Russo-Japanese War

(10) Peace of Westphalia

Answer: Thirty Year’s War

(10) Treaty of of Aix-la-Chapelle

Answer: War of Austrian Succession

7. Earlier we asked about books by Nathaniel Hawthorne. Let’s get more specific. FTPE identify these Hawthorne short stories, all of which have title characters:

The title character goes into the woods only to see his wife and the rest of the town practicing witchcraft.

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