Tossups – round 1 dennis haskins open 2004 – ut-chattanooga

Questions by UTC’s Nick Bradshaw, Florida’s Michael Napier and Michael Swick, South Carolina’s Joe Stanton, Macon State’s Travis Lightsey, Missouri’s Jason Carl Mueller, and various other freelancers

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Questions by UTC’s Nick Bradshaw, Florida’s Michael Napier and Michael Swick, South Carolina’s Joe Stanton, Macon State’s Travis Lightsey, Missouri’s Jason Carl Mueller, and various other freelancers

1. Its roots can be traced to the Worker’s Defense Committee, originally founded in 1976. Four years later it was officially founded in Gdansk after strikes against rising food prices and unsafe work conditions. Outlawed in 1982, it continued as an underground organization until the party won over 99% of eligible seats in 1989 elections. FTP, name this Polish political party formerly led by Lech Walesa.

Answer: Solidarity [or Solidarnosc if they just want to show off, though if they pronounce it “Solidarnosk” instead of “Solidarnosh” you can give them some grief about it]
2. He fought in the Spanish-American War, and was involved in the Socialist Party in Chicago. The author of the children's book Rootabaga Tales, he also wrote an award-winning life of Lincoln. FTP, name this American folk poet who wrote of the strong shoulders and windy city of Chicago.
Answer: Carl Sandburg
3. WARNING: TWO ANSWERS REQUIRED. Pencil and paper may be helpful. Euclid left from Athens at 1 o’clock at 10 miles per hour and Pythagoras left from Athens at 3 o’clock at 15 miles per hour. Assuming they went at a constant rate and took the same straight path, FTP, when and how far away from Athens will they meet? You have 10 seconds.

Answer: 7 o’clock and 60 miles away.

4. It’s filled with references to other films. For example, the same music used for Andy’s prison break in Shawshank Redemption is used for an escape scene here. Characters sing the song “A Whale of a Tale” from 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea. Ships appearing in the movie include “The Surly Mermaid” and “Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah,” while the character Bruce is named after the animatronic shark in Jaws. The names for many of the other characters – Squirt, Gill, Coral, and Marlin – reflect the watery setting. FTP, name this 2003 Pixar film about a clownfish’s search for his son.

Answer: Finding Nemo

5. Its surface is covered by an ocean that’s over 30,000 miles deep, consisting of liquid hydrogen in the top layer and liquid metallic hydrogen below that. This liquid metal helps give it a magnetism that is 20,000 times as strong as Earth’s. The Trojan asteroids precede and follow it in space and its outer four moons, Sinope, Pasiphae, Carme and Ananke, orbit in the opposite direction of its other moons. FTP, name this planet, whose inner moons include the most volcanically active body in the solar system, Io.

Answer: Jupiter

6. While hiding from his former employer, he was discovered after he threaded a string through a shell by tying the string to an ant. Earlier, he was banished from Athens after pushing his nephew Perdix off the Acropolis. In Crete, he built a hollow wooden cow for Pasiphae, and he constructed the labyrinth to entrap the Minotaur. FTP, name this character from Greek myth who also made wax wings for himself and for his son Icarus.

Answer: Daedalus

7. Though born in Caracas in 1783, he spent much of his formative years in Europe, where he was steeped in Enlightenment thought. In 1807 he returned to South America, where on three different occasions he led forces in trying to overthrow the government of his native Venezuela. Over the next 23 years, he was the impetus of revolutionary thought and action on the continent. For ten points, name this man, the liberator of five South American countries

Answer: Simon Bolivar

8. A mysterious footprint, which the title character takes at first to be of the devil, causes him to hunker down in his cave for weeks. He later finds the footprint is a man’s, and he eventually befriends that man and teaches him his first English word: “master.” A freed Spaniard increases the population of his “kingdom” to three, after he and his companion Friday ambush a group of Indians who landed on his island. FTP, name this work, often considered the first English novel, written by Daniel Defoe.

Answer: Robinson Crusoe

9. A member of the halogen group, this element is found in seawater such as the Dead Sea and was once used in antiknock compound in leaded gasoline. Discovered by French chemist Antoine-Jerome Balard in 1826, it is a heavy, reddish brown liquid, the only liquid non-metallic element at room temperature. FTP, identify this element, atomic number 35, whose symbol is Br.

Answer: Bromine

10. The publication of this work earned its author the nickname “the Beast of Malmsbury,” especially from those offended by his defense of religious freedom and attacks on the structure of the Church of England. The book argued that man’s social life was a “war of all against all,” and that a stable authoritarian government was needed to protect people. FTP name this work famous for its formulation of life as “nasty, solitary, brutish and short,” written by Thomas Hobbes.

Answer: Leviathan

11. The composer of this work only allowed it to be published in its entirety after his death, possibly because he thought it might detract from his more serious compositions. Written in 1886, it is scored for two pianos and 11 other instruments. It includes parodies of Offenbach’s can-can from Orpheus, Berlioz’s Valse des Sylphes, a Rossini aria, and the composer’s own Danse Macabre. The thirteenth movement, or the Swan, was later published on its own as a cello solo. FTP, name this orchestral suite by Camille Saint-Saens.

Answer: Carnival of the Animals

12. He held nearly 300 patents, developing infrared heat lamps and a recoilless harpoon gun. His most distinguished scientific contribution came in 1924, and by 1929, his company had been bought by Postum, which renamed itself General Foods. The inspiration for his most famous innovation came from watching the natives of Labrador prepare food in the winter. FTP, name this inventor whose name can be seen on products in the frozen food aisle.

Answer: Clarence Birdseye

13. Although he was the ghost writer for Krusty The Clown’s book Your Shoe’s Too Big To Kick Box God, this real author’s first novel was Poorhouse Fair which was followed by The Centaur, winner of a National Book Award. His other popular works include the short story “A&P,” The Witches of Eastwick, and a series about ex-basketball player Harry Angstrom. FTP, name this Pulitzer Prize winning author of Rabbit Is Rich and Rabbit at Rest.

Answer: John Updike

14. The world’s first quadruple screw steamer, this Cunard Line ship was launched in 1906 and made its first voyage in September 1907. Because its regular captain was suffering exhaustion, it was captained by William Turner when it sank in May 1915, with 1198 of the nearly 2000 people on board perishing. Torpedoed off the southern coast of Ireland by a German U-20, the ship has long been suspected of having carried munitions to the Allies when it sank. FTP, name this ship whose sinking was instrumental in America’s entry into WWI.

Answer: Lusitania

15. WARNING -- TWO ANSWERS REQUIRED: One was born in Chicago, the other in Northampton, England. One received his Ph.D. from the University of Indiana; the other received his from Cambridge University. The American was a biochemist; the Brit was a biophysicist. Along with the aid of British biophysicist Maurice Wilkens, they made a discovery that won them the 1962 Nobel Prize in physiology or medicine. For ten points, name the two men who discovered the double helix structure of DNA.

Answer: James Dewey Watson & Francis Harry Compton Crick

16. A section of it known as the NADW acts as a pulling mechanism to maintain its direction and intensity, but a shutdown of it could greatly impact the climate of northeastern Europe. It is several hundred miles wide in its end section, the North Atlantic Drift, but it travels at 3 miles per hour before passing through the Straits of Florida. FTP, name this warm ocean current.

Answer: the Gulf Stream

17. At 16 he was chosen to lead a choral chant to the gods celebrating the Greek victory over the Persian fleet at Salamis. He first came to fame in 468 B.C., defeating Aeschylus in a drama competition; in his 123 plays he introduced important innovations such as increasing the size of the chorus to 15 and adding a third actor to scenes. FTP, name this Greek playwright of Antigone and Oedipus Rex.

Answer: Sophocles
18. This 1862 American Civil War battle was technically a draw, but a strategic setback for the Confederacy. It saw witness to the single bloodiest day of fighting in the war and it ended Robert E. Lee’s first invasion of the north. Known by the Confederates as Sharpsburg, FTP name this battle fought near a creek in Maryland that allowed President Abraham Lincoln to issue his Emancipation Proclamation.

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