Tossups – round 1 dennis haskins open 2004 – ut-chattanooga

Questions mostly by Georgia Tech’s Saurabh Vishnubhakat with Florida’s Michael Napier and Michael Swick, UTC’s John Kilby, Macon State’s Travis Lightsey, and your genial quizmaster

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Questions mostly by Georgia Tech’s Saurabh Vishnubhakat with Florida’s Michael Napier and Michael Swick, UTC’s John Kilby, Macon State’s Travis Lightsey, and your genial quizmaster

1. FTPE identify the heroes of American folklore from clues.

a) This lumberjack traveled widely with his pet blue ox Babe.

Answer: Paul Bunyan

b) This cowboy of the Old West reputedly tamed every bronco in existence and went on to ride a tornado.

Answer: Pecos Bill

c) Besides his better-known contribution to the Old Northwest, this barefoot wandering hermit reputedly helped save the town of Mansfield, Ohio, during the War of 1812.

Answer: Johnny Appleseed or John Chapman

2. Identify the following biological polymers from clues for ten points each.

a) Edmond Fischer and Hans Krebs were the first to describe the formation of this human glucose storage polymer.

Answer: glycogen

b) Rayon and cellophane are produced when this carbohydrate is treated with alkali and exposed to carbon disulfide.

Answer: cellulose

c) Analogous in cell structure to cellulose, this polysaccharide is the main constituent in the shells of arthropods.

Answer: chitin
3. TRAVELS WITH CHARLIE: Let’s combine two of your genial quizmaster’s favorite subjects – roadtrips and sports. If you were at the junctions of the following interstate highways, F5PE, what would be the NFL team with the nearest home stadium?

a) I-85 and I-20

Answer: (Atlanta) Falcons

b) I-55 and I-90

Answer: (Chicago) Bears

c) I-45 and I-10

Answer: (Houston) Texans

d) I-94 and I-75

Answer: (Detroit) Lions

e) I-76 and I-95

Answer: (Philadelphia) Eagles

e) I-66 and I-95… well, technically they don’t meet directly, but I-66 does meet I-495 here.

Answer: (Washington) Redskins
4. FTPE, name these depressing novels by Thomas Hardy.

(10) After discovering a distantly noble lineage, a family sends its eldest daughter to wealthy cousins as a maid. The daughter becomes pregnant by Alec, marries Angel Clare, murders Alec, and is later hung for her crime.

Answer: Tess of the D’Urbervilles

(10) While drunk, a man sells his wife and child to a sailor. He then swears not to drink for the next twenty years. He eventually gains wealth and power, only for everything to turn sour when his wife and daughter reappear in town.

Answer: The Mayor of Casterbridge

(10) A man from humble beginnings dreams of becoming a scholar. When this fails, he becomes a stone carver, and falls in love with Sue Brideshead. The only problem is, he’s already married and cannot divorce his wife. Much death and misery ensues.

Answer: Jude the Obscure
5. FTP per part, answer the following.concerning John F. Kennedy.

a) In 1943, Kennedy became commander of this vessel in the South Pacific.

Answer: PT Boat 109

b) During his recovery from a 1956 spinal disk operation, Kennedy wrote this Pulitzer-winning anthology of essays.

Answer: Profiles in Courage

c) Kennedy’s undergraduate thesis at Harvard eventually grew into this 1940 study of British response to Germany’s pre-WWII rearmament.

Answer: Why England Slept
6. Identify the following overplayed songs from lyrics FTPE or five if you need the artist.

a) (10) “I could tell she liked me from the way she stared”

(5) Fountains of Wayne

Answer: “Stacy’s Mom

b) (10) “We’re already wet and we’re gonna go swimming”

(5) Liz Phair

Answer: “Why Can’t I

c) (10) “My baby don’t mess around because she loves me so”

(5) Outkast

Answer: “Hey-Ya

7. FTPE answer the following about 20th century Nobel laureates in the sciences:

a) This geneticist received the 1983 Physiology or Medicine prize for her work on transposons.

Answer: Barbara McClintock

b) The 1939 Physics prize went to this American inventor of the cyclotron, namesake of the element with atomic number 103 and a national laboratory in Livermore, CA.

Answer: Ernest O. Lawrence

c) The 1996 Chemistry prize was shared by Robert Curl, Richard Smalley, and Sir Harold Kroto for their combined efforts in describing this allotropic cage form of carbon with formula C60.

Answer: buckminsterfullerene [or buckyballs; accept just fullerene, though we now know there are other fullerenes besides C60.]
8. Identify the following related to post-apartheid South Africa FTPE.

a) This lawyer and Nobel laureate served as president of South Africa from 1989-94.

Answer: Frederik Willem De Klerk

b) De Klerk rose to the presidency upon the resignation of this former guerrilla and later Parliamentarian, who suffered a stroke in 1989.

Answer: Pieter Willem Botha

c) One of De Klerk’s first actions was to lift the ban on this nationalist party headed by Nelson Mandela.

Answer: African National Congress or ANC
9. Name the philosophers from works FTPE:
(10) Spirit of Capitalism, The Spirit of Laws
Answer: Baron de Montesquieu (or Charles-Louis Secondat)
(10) Civil Disobedience, Walden
Answer: Henry David Thoreau
(10) Thus Spoke Zarathustra, Genealogy of Morals
Answer: Friedrich Nietzsche
10. Name the playwright from works, FTPE.

(10) Major Barbara, Pygmalion

Answer: George Bernard Shaw

(10) Seascape, Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?

Answer: Edward Albee

(10) Idiot’s Delight, Abe Lincoln in Illinois

Answer: Robert Sherwood

11. FTPE identify the following Italian composers from clues.

a) This native of Pesaro composed the operas The Barber of Seville and William Tell.

Answer: Gioacchino Rossini

b) He earned a post as court composer in Vienna before teaching future composers including Schubert and Liszt. Today his works are overshadowed by his claim, made late in life from an insane asylum, that he poisoned Mozart.

Answer: Antonio Salieri

c) This 20th century composer’s stirring The Pines of Rome was featured in Disney’s Fantasia 2000.

Answer: Ottorino Respighi

12. Expand the following acronyms from physics FTPE.

a) QED

Answer: quantum electrodynamics

b) NMR

Answer: nuclear magnetic resonance


Answer: microwave amplification by stimulated [or stimulating] emission of radiation
13. FTPE given a “second” monarch, identify the royal house of England to which he belonged.

a) George II

Answer: Hanover

b) Edward II

Answer: Plantagenet

c) Charles II

Answer: Stuart
14. Identify the following concerning Neverland FTP per part.

a) Though kidnapped by Captain Hook and his crew, this princess is rescued and returned to her tribe by Peter Pan.

Answer: Tiger Lily

b) Mr. Smee is the first mate on this ship commanded by Captain Hook.

Answer: the Jolly Roger

c) This is the only cannon on the Jolly Roger and has yet to strike Peter Pan successfully.

Answer: the Long Tom
15. Pencil and paper ready. A group of 5 members want to form some committees... 10 seconds per part, FTPE.

10) If the group wants to elect a 3 person committee, how many ways can this be done?

Answer: 10

10) If the group wants to elect a President and a Vice-President, how many ways can this be done?

Answer: 20

10) If the group wants to elect a President and a Vice-President, but 2 of the members do not want to be Vice-President, how many ways can this be done?

Answer: 12
16. Answer the following about a Simpsonian heresy for the stated number of points.

a) (5) Though tempted by Homer, this man affirms that he was born a snake handler and will die a snake handler.

Answer: Moe Syzlak (accept either name)

b) (10) Homer calls his office to take time off for this holiday as dictated by his personal religion.

Answer: the Feast of Maximum Occupancy

c) (15) For five points each, identify the respective religions of Flanders, Krusty, and Apu as described by Reverend Lovejoy in his church invitation to Homer.

Answer: Christianity, Judaism, and Miscellaneous
17. Let’s talk bondage – bond chemistry, that is. FTPE answer the following concerning chemical bonds:

a) About 1/20th the strength of a covalent bond, this type of attraction affects only nitrogen, oxygen, and fluorine.

Answer: hydrogen bond

b) In a perfectly nonpolar covalent bond, this is the difference in electronegativity between the two bonded atoms.

Answer: zero

c) Not regarded as a bond in the conventional sense, this type of bond exists between a ligand and a chelating metal.

Answer: coordinate bond
18. Identify the following from photography FTPE.

a) This is the term for the circular opening of the lens.

Answer: aperture

b) Overlapping metal blades comprise this mechanism which controls the radius of the aperture.

Answer: diaphragm

c) The lens and aperture control how much incident light strikes the film in what is described by this 8-letter term.

Answer: exposure
19. FTPE identify the following about a contemporary American writer.

a) The adaption of this debut novel was filmed almost concurrently with American History X, which also starred Edward Norton. However, while Norton played the protagonist, he was billed behind Brad Pitt, who played Tyler Durden.

Answer: Fight Club

b) This 41-year-old from Oregon only briefly helped adapt his novel Fight Club into a screenplay.

Answer: Chuck Pahlaniuk (PAULA-nick)

c) Originally titled Fly the Friendly Skies, this Pahlaniuk work traces the daily life of a medical school dropout and recovering sex addict who fakes near-death experiences and guilt-trips his saviors into supporting him financially.

Answer: Choke
20. FTP per part, answer the following about the years preceding the Mexican-American War.

a) Extending from St. Louis to Chihuahua, this route was inaugurated in 1821 in an effort to encourage trade.

Answer: Santa Fe Trail

b) During the Polk administration, fur trappers and merchants pressed into territory beyond this river that flows through present-day Arizona and New Mexico and which contains the Coolidge Dam.

Answer: Gila River

c) To resolve border disputes, Polk sent this New York City-born diplomat to resolve the conflict as well as negotiate a purchase of California and New Mexico. During the Civil War, along with James M. Mason, he was one of the two Confederate diplomats taken from a British ship by American forces in the Trent Affair.

Answer: John Slidell
21. FTPE identify the initial destinations of each of the following space probes.

a) Mariner 1

Answer: Venus

b) Mariner 3

Answer: Mars

c) Voyager I

Answer: Jupiter
22. FTPE identify the following ancient poets.

a) This 8th century AD Chinese poet flourished during the T’ang dynasty.

Answer: Li Po

b) This 8th century BC Greek poet penned Theogeny.

Answer: Hesiod

c) This 16th century AD Indian poet is regarded as an incarnation of Valmiki, the poet of the Ramayana, and himself translated the Ramayana into the Hindi vernacular.

Answer: Tulsidas

Questions mostly by the writers for the Bay Area Academic League, a.k.a. BAAL (Gaius Stern, Ross Ritterman, Steve C, Derek W, Michael W, Keith L, Doxis E, Lev T, Lev O, Malissa T.) with Florida’s Michael Napier and Michael Swick and UTC’s John Kilby, Nikki Poarch, and your genial quizmaster
1. Born to a herring merchant in Vitebsk in 1887, he studied art in St. Petersburg before moving to Paris. He incorporated Biblical stories and views of Paris into some of his works, but he is more famous for scenes of Russian and Jewish country life. FTP name the painter of To Russia, Asses and Others, The White Crucifixion, and I and the Village.

Answer: Marc Chagall

2. Consisting of modified cardiac cells known as myocytes, it possesses some contractile filaments yet does not contract. It naturally discharges action potentials at about 70-80 times/minute and if it cannot function, the heart itself takes over its duties. Positioned on the wall of the right atrium near the entrance of the superior vena cava, this is FTP what structure, also known as the sinoatrial node, which shares its name with an artificial device for certain cardiac patients?

Answer: pacemaker (accept sinoatrial node early)

3. He was exiled from St. Petersburg for his satirical depictions of court life and for the sentiments expressed in his “Ode to Liberty.” Glinka’s He was killed in a duel against George d’Anths on January 27, 1837. FTP name this great Russian poet famous for such works as The Bronze Horseman, The Captain’s Daughter, Boris Godunov, and Eugene Onegin.

Answer: Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin

4. Punting is illegal. A ball thrown into the end zone off the net is still in play. Everyone except the quarterback, kicker and offensive specialist also plays defense. A drop kicked field goal is worth 4 points. FTP, name this indoor football league that uses 50 yard long fields.

Answer: AFL or Arena Football League

5. Its value indicates whether a quadratic equation will have 0, 1, or 2 solutions. FTP, what mathematical term refers to the B SQUARED + or - 4ac found inside the radical in the numerator of the Quadratic Formula?

Answer: discriminant

6. There were two of this name. One was from Locris and was the son of Oileus. He is not as famous as the other, thus he is best known for the claim that he sexually assaulting Cassandra in Athenas temple. This got him in trouble with Athena who blasted him with a thunderbolt. The more famous man to bear this name was a comerade of the above and a cousin of Achilles who also fought in the Trojan War. FTP provide the common name of these two heroes, the greater of whom wanted Achilles’ armor and went mad when he did not win it in a contest.

Answer: Ajax or Aias

7. He became king after winning a war against two namesake rivals for the throne. The problem was thathe was a Protestant, so he had to agree to convert to Catholicicsm, for which he made a famous statement about the value of a throne. FTP name this French monarch and first Bourbon who also granted the Huguenots the right to practice their religion with his 1598 Edict of Nantes.

Answer: Henry IV Bourbon (Accept Henri Bourbon on early buzz)

8. An interesting property of this particle is that its energy and momentum are real yet its rest mass is imaginary. Curiously as its energy decreases its velocity increases. If one existed and it interacted with ordinary matter causality could be violated. FTP, name this theoretical particle whose existence implies that time travel would in fact be possible.

Answer: tachyon

9. The main character starts his tour of duty in Italy. That following spring, he returns to the front where he meets his friend’s love interest, Catherine Barkley. After his leg wound heals, he tries to plan a trip with Catherine, but she reveals that she is pregnant. FTP, name this novel set during World War II by Ernest Hemingway.

Answer: A Farewell to Arms

10. Discovered in 1799 in a small Egyptian village in the Nile delta, it contains three copies of the same inscription, written in Greek, Demotic, and ancient Egyptian. FTP what is the familiar name for this 2-by- 4-foot slab of basalt, which the French archeologist Jean Franois Champollion (Shahm-pohl-YOHN) used to decipher the Egyptian hieroglyphic form of writing?

Answer: The Rosetta Stone

11. With a molar mass of approximately 324.18, this substance was isolated in 1820 by French chemists J. B. Caventou and P. J. Pelletier. It was synthesized by Robert Woodward and William Doering in 1944. Less traditional applications of it include using it to induce contractions during labor and use as a harding agent in treating varicose veins. A natural alkaloid with a formula of C20H24N2O2, this is, FTP, what product of the Peruvian Cinchona tree that is useful in treating malaria and muscle cramps?

Answer: quinine

12. In Act II, scene 3, after he is commended for his honesty, he cajoles his friend into drinking a cup of wine despite being on watch, then sends Roderigo to pick a fight with the man. His wife Emilia finds a handkerchief lost by the wife of the title character, which this man uses to frame Cassio, and which leads to the death of Desdemona. FTP, who is this villian in Shakespeare’s Othello?

Answer: Iago

13. His distinct style is exemplified by the effect named after him in Apple's iMovie that allows the user to use a slow pan and zoom to incorporate a still image into a movie. His first film, 1981's Brooklyn Bridge, was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature. During the 80's, his documentary subjects included Huey Long, Thomas Hart Benton, and the Statue of Liberty. FTP, name this documentary filmmaker whose PBS documentaries include Jazz, Baseball, and The Civil War.

Answer: Ken Burns

14. Masaharu Homma, the Japanese commander in charge of this, was convicted and executed by a U.S. Military Commission on War Crimes on April 3, 1946 outside of Manila. The problems continued for the survivors of it at Camp O'Donnell, although the Filipino soldiers were granted amnesty and were released on June 6, 1942. It was the result of the Japanese not having enough trucks to transport all of the soldiers who surrendered on to them April 9, 1942. FTP, name this grueling march carried out by approximately 70,000 soldiers that occurred on a Philippine peninsula during the early days of World War II.

Answer: Bataan Death March

15. Depending on which source you believe, the name is Persian for either “doorway”or "beggar"; either way the term is equivalent to “fakir” in Arabic. Properly speaking, it refers to participants in the sema, a ritual of the Mevlevi, a monastic sect within Sufism. Shedding a black coat which represents the tomb, but still wearing a white robe and skirt symbolizing the shroud, they shed earthly burdens, experience heightened religious exaltations, and feel direct contact with the divine during their ecstatic dance. FTP, name this monastic sect of Islam, which has given its name to a spinning, destructive wind.

Answer: Dervish or (Whirling) Dervishes

16. The novel begins with Gene revisiting Devon years after graduation and proceeds into a flashback. He is named co-leader of the Super Suicide Society of the Summer Session by its unconventional founder. They make multiple dangerous jumps from a tree, during one of which the jealous Gene jounces a limb, causing his friend to fall and break his leg. At first Finny refuses to believe that Gene hurt him on purpose, but in the end he tries to run away, breaks his other leg, and dies of complications. This is, FTP, the plot of what work by John Knowles?

Answer: A Separate Peace

17. An itinerant laborer named Arthur Bremer attempted to derail his unsuccessful 1972 campaign for the presidency, partially paralyzing him. He was first elected governor of Alabama in 1962, and also made unsuccessful bids for the presidency in 1968 and 1976. For 10 points name this southern politician who famously blocked the door to the University of Alabama in order to prevent its integration.

Answer: George Wallace

18. Pencil and paper may be necessary. 2 moles of an unknown gas occupy a 1 liter container at a temperature of

1 degree Kelvin. Given that the gas constant has a value of 8.314 (liter)(atmosphere)/(mol) (Kelvin,, FTP determine to the nearest tenth the pressure inside that container. You have 15 seconds.

Answer: 16.628 atm [use ideal gas law PV = nRT, where T = 1, V = 1, n = 2, and R = 8.314]
19. This Baltic Sea port lies at the mouth of the Motlawa River, a tributary of the Vistula. It joined the Hanseatic League in the 13th century and became the capital of Pomerania. After the Treaty of Versailles it was determined that it would be a Free City under the League of Nations however this angered the city’s German population. FTP, name this city in the so-called Polish Corridor that was annexed by Nazi Germany in 1939.

Answer: Gdansk (accept Danzig)

20. Given his lifespan, the only winning Democratic presidential candidate for whom he could have voted was himself. As the reform-minded mayor of Buffalo, he also bucked the statewide influence of Tammany Hall. His reputation as an honest politician was not damaged by his marriage to a family friend 27 years his junior or by his support of an illegitimate child that may have been his. FTP, name this US president, the only one to serve two non-consecutive terms.

Answer: Stephen Grover Cleveland

21. Thanks to a technicality he won an Oscar in 1972 for composing the score of the film Limelight, twenty years after it was made, and one year after the Academy had given him an honorary Oscar.for “the incalculable effect he has had in making motion pictures the art form of this century. He began his career in English music halls where he developed the trademark character he played in both silent movies and talkies. The character only speaks in the final scene of The Great Dictator. FTP name this English comic who played “the Little Tramp” in such films as Modern Times and The Gold Rush.

Answer: Charlie Chaplin

22. He solved the Konigsberg Bridge Problem while at the court of Catherine the Great. FTP name this prolific Swiss mathematician, whose works fill 85 volumes, and who spent the last 12 years of his career in complete blindness.

Answer: Leonhard Euler

23. This movement’s manifestoes, issued by Filippo Marinetti in the years prior to WW I, proclaimed a new aesthetic espousing modern industrial society. FTP, name this movement, which included the painters and sculptors Gino Severini and Umberto Boccioni.

Answer: Futurism


Questions mostly by the writers for the Bay Area Academic League, a.k.a. BAAL (Gaius Stern, Ross Ritterman, Steve C, Derek W, Michael W, Keith L, Doxis E, Lev T, Lev O, Malissa T.) with Florida’s Michael Napier and Michael Swick and UTC’s John Kilby, Nikki Poarch, and your genial quizmaster

1. Name these literary gems you might find during Breakfast at Tiffany’s from a description FTPE. If you need the author, you’ll only get 5 pts.:

a) 10 pts.: Mathilde Loisel loses the titular item, which she borrowed from her friend Madame Forester, and spends ten years of hard work paying for the replacement – only to find out the original was a fake. Moral: vanity is bad.

5 pts.: Guy de Maupassant

Answer: The Necklace (or [French title])

b) 10 pts.: John T. Unger is fascinated by classmate Percy Washington’s claims of his family’s wealth. He and Percy’s sister Kismine try to steal it to fund their elopement but wind up with rhinestones instead. Moral: greed is worse.

5 pts.: F. Scott Fitzgerald

Answer: A (or The) Diamond as Big as the Ritz

c) 10 pts.: The protagonist, Kino, starts out trying to find a way to pay for medical treatment for his son. When he finds the title object, it sets into motion a series of events that end with him shooting said son. Moral: greed is way worse.

5 pts.: John Steinbeck

Answer: The Pearl
2. The eyes have it. Identify these parts of the human eye, 5 pts. for 1, 10 pts. for 2, 20 pts. for 3 and 30 for all 4 correct.

a. Named for a Greek goddess it contains a stroma and two layers of epithelia and controls movement of light.

Answer: iris

b. Glaucoma primarily affects this part of the eye that contains the rods and cones.

Answer: retina

c. Composed of 5 curved, transparent layers, along with the lens it assists in focusing.

Answer: cornea

d. This clear gel lies behind the lens and in front of the retina.

Answer: vitreous humor [prompt on humor; do not accept aqueous humor that’s in front of the lens]
3. Given deeds done by Portuguese explorers, although not always on behalf of Portugal, name the explorer 5-10-20-30:

A. First rounded the Cape of Good Hope

Answer: Bartholomew Diaz

B. First sailed to India via the Cape of Good Hope

Answer: Vasco Da Gama

C. Discovered Brazil kind of by accident in 1500

Answer: Pedro Cabral

D. Sailed into the Pacific via Tierra Del Fuego; began the first successful voyage around the world but was whacked en route.

Answer: Ferdinand Magellan
4. Most classical symphonies are known by unimaginative designations like Beethoven’s Fifth or Brahms’ Second, but some have more familiar descriptive titles. For 5 points each, name the composers of the following symphonies, 5 point bonus for all 5.

A. Pathetique Symphony

Answer: Pyotr Ilich Tchaikovsky

B. Symphony of a Thousand

Answer: Gustav Mahler

C. Clock Symphony

Answer: Franz Josef Haydn

D. Jupiter Symphony

Answer: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

E. Symphonie Fantastique

Answer: Hector Berlioz

5. There have been a lot of big moves in the NFL off-season so far. Given the following players' position, old team, and new team, name them FFPE.

5) Running Back; Redskins; Broncos

Answer: Clinton Portis

5) Cornerback; Broncos; Redskins

Answer: Champ Bailey

5) Quarterback; 49ers; Browns
Answer: Jeff Garcia

5) Defensive End; Titans; Eagles

Answer: Jevon Kearse

5) Cornerback; Eagles; Bills

Answer: Troy Vincent

5) Wide Receiver; 49ers; Ravens... scratch that, Eagles

Answer: Terrell Owens (Writer's Note: I'll go ahead and say it since Charlie probably would have... Owens is an alum of UTC.)
6. Answer the following about falling things FTPE:

(10) First, in standard SI units, give the acceleration due to gravity with in .1 meters per second squared.

Answer: 9.8 (accept 9.7 to 9.9)

(10) Even though object will continue to undergo constant acceleration, wind resistance will cause it to have maximum speed. What is the name for this speed?

Answer: Terminal velocity

(10) Lastly, if a ball is thrown from the ground at an angle other than 90 with respect to the horizontal, it will undergo this type of motion.

Answer: Parabolic (or equivalents) or projectile
7. Given members of a mythological trio, name the missing one FTPE. If you need the name the group was collectively known by, you will get five.

(10) Euryale and Stheno

(5) the Gorgons

Answer: Medusa

(10) Lachesis and Atropos

(5) the Fates

Answer: Clotho

(10) Euphrosyne and Aglaea

(5) the Graces

Answer: Thalia

8. Haiti is in the news again. Identify the following leaders from Haiti, past and present, FTPE.

A. This democratically president was forced out in 1991 but returned to power with major U.S. help in 1994. Accused of widespread corruption, he was forced out of office again in Feb. 2004, this time with U.S. pressure against him.

Answer: Jean-Bertrand Aristide

B. This slave led the successful rebellion 200 years ago which led to Haitian independence.

Answer: Toussant De L'Ouverture

C. With the backing of their violent secret police, the Tonton Macoutes, this family Haiti from 1957 to 1986, under father and son dictators nicknamed “Papa Doc” and “Baby Doc.”

Answer: Duvalier
9. Name the following Booker Prize winners FTPE.

10) Cowinner in 1992, this Michael Ondaatje novel about a mysterious man who is being nursed in Italy at the end of World War II was also made into a film that won the Oscar for Best Picture in 1996.

Answer: The English Patient

10) Another Oscar winner for Best Picture was Steven Spielberg’s 1993 adaptation of this Thomas Keneally book, a novel based on the real-life story of an Austrian businessman slowly seduced into goodness in the face of the Holocaust.

Answer: Schindler’s List

10) Less successful was the film adaptation starring Gwyneth Paltrow of this 1990 Booker winner by A.S. Byatt about two intertwining romances – one between dead authors and one between two literary scholars researching the former.

Answer: Possession
10. Pencil and paper ready. Answer the following concerning probability FTSNP. 10 seconds per part (Moderator Note: Accept equivalents for all of the following answers.)

5) What is the probability of drawing an ace from a standard deck of 52 cards?

Answer: 4 / 52 (or 2/26 or 1/13 or .08)

10) What is the probability of not drawing an face card, that is an ace, king, queen, or jack, from a standard deck of 52 cards?

Answer: 36 / 52 (or 18/26 or 9/13 or .69)

15) If a pair of dice is rolled, what is the chance of rolling a 7 or an 11?

Answer: 8 / 36 (or 4/18 or 2/9 or .22)
11. Elizabeth II of England is called the "queen regnant" because she reigns in her own right rather than that of her husband. Since the Norman Conquest, England has had six other queens regnant; for 10 points each, identify these 3:

A. The daughter of Henry VIII and his first wife, Catherine of Aragon, she sought to restore England to the Roman Catholic faith in place of the Church of England established by her father.

Answer: Mary I (accept Bloody Mary)

B. The last monarch of the House of Stuart, she succeeded her cousin and brother-in-law, William III, in 1702. The capital of the state of Maryland is named for her.

Answer: Anne

C. Some include on this list the daughter of Henry I, mother of Henry II. She fought an unsuccessful 20-year civil war against the rival claim to the throne of her cousin, Stephen of Blois.

Answer: Empress Matilda (accept Maud)
12. Man, it must be rough to be Talia Shire. She has two Oscar nominations for performing, but in her family that just won’t cut it. Answer the following FTPE:

A. Talia’s brother, he has five Oscars – three for writing and one each for producing and directing The Godfather Part II, for which his and Talia’s dad, Carmine, also shared an Oscar for Original Score.

Answer: Francis Ford Coppola

B. The nephew of Coppola and Shire, he changed his name to avoid claims of nepotism. He won an Oscar for Best Actor in 1996 for Leaving Las Vegas.

Answer: Nicolas Cage

C. Talia’s niece, Francis’ daughter, and Nicolas’s first cousin, she won the 2003 Oscar for Original Screenplay and became the first American woman ever nominated for Best Director, all for her second movie, Lost in Translation.

Answer: Sofia Coppola

EDITOR’S NOTE: As if Talia needed more grief, her ex-husband also shared a 1979 Oscar as a songwriter.
13. It’s all relative. Name these literary works with some kinship relationship in the title FTSNOP:

A. 10: Theodore Dreiser’s controversial first novel about a woman who succeeds by becoming a rich guy’s mistress

Answer: Sister Carrie

B. 5/5: F5PE, in either order, name 2 plays premiering in 1899 and 1901, masterpieces by Anton Chekhov.

Answer: Uncle Vanya and Three Sisters

C. 10: The play, written by Tom Taylor, rudely interrupted onstage at Ford’s Theatre in 1865 by Lincoln’s assassination. Answer: Our American Cousin

14. Answer the following about a particular region FTPE:

10: Its annexation by Russia was confirmed by the 1792 Treaty of Jassy. From 1853 to 1856 it was under dispute in a war pitting Russia against the unlikely alliance of Turkey, Britain, France, and Sardinia. Yes, I said Sardinia.

Answer: The Crimean Peninsula

10: This Crimean resort was the site of a pivotal Feb. 1945 conference between Roosevelt, Churchill, and Stalin.

Answer: Yalta

10: With the demise of the Soviet Union, this nation now controls the Crimea, although they agreed to allow Russia to base its portion of the old Soviet fleet till at least 2017.

Answer: the Ukraine
15. Name the kingdom FTPE:

This kingdom consists of organisms that do not have a membrane bound nucleus that contains genetic material and are typically unicellular

Answer: Monera

This kingdom includes several phylogenetically different groups that are linked because their cells are organized into organelles and their genetic material is enclosed by a nuclear membrane.

Answer: Protista

This kingdom includes organisms with genetic material contained in the nucleus. The cells are not completely divided by cell walls so that cytoplasm and nuclei can flow between cells. The walls are made of chitin, which links this kingdom to the Animalia kingdom.

Answer: Fungi
16. Answer the following about Shakespearean ghosts, FTPE:

A. Whom does Julius Caesar’s ghost visit twice?

Answer: M. Junius Brutus

C. Old king Hamlet urges his son to take revenge upon what new king, Hamlet’s uncle?

Answer: Claudius

C. This English king is visited by the ghost of the boy king he overthrew and put to death in the Tower of London, along with the ghosts of ten others he did in.

Answer: Richard III
17. Identify these naval ships from American history FTP each.

(10) This final battleship commissioned by the U.S. Navy was where the Japanese signed the final surrender, ending WWII.

Answer: Missouri

(10) This first nuclear powered aircraft carrier was commission in 1960.

Answer: Enterprise

(10) This first nuclear powered submarine shares its name with the ship commanded by Captain Nemo.

Answer: Nautilus
18. Who ISN’T a fan of Rodin?!?! FTPE, name the Rodin work based on a short description.
        A. This cast bronze monument commemorates a heroic episode during the Hundred Year’s War in which six of
the leaders of a French town offered their lives to save citizens of the city from siege.

Answer: The Burghers of Calais

        B.  The most famous of Rodin’s work, this bronze sculpture was originally designed to be a small part of the monumental The Gates of Hell.

Answer: The Thinker

C. This marble sculpture depicts a nude couple with the man’s hand innocently placed on the woman’s hip.

Answer:  The Kiss

19. FTPE name these possibly related things which Gaius can not tell apart:

A. A cult whose members have been the victims of a crackdown and heavy jail terms by the Chinese government.

Answer: Falun Gong

B. A bit like a Chinese architectural scheme, one uses this to channel energies and align properly the strengths of a house.

Answer: Feng Shui [pronounced fung shway, but be lenient]

C. This "soft style" martial art form translates as Supreme Ultimate Boxing and incorporates many Taoist principles into its practice.

Answer: T'ai Chi Ch'uan
20. Identify the chemicals or elements released or formed by the following processes FTSNOP:

A. Produced by heating limestone; 2 answers - 5 points each.

Answer: calcium oxide (prompt on lime), carbon dioxide

b. Produced by the oxidation of methanol.

Answer: formaldehyde

c. Isolated from bauxite via the Hall-Heroult process

Answer: aluminum
21. 30-20-10 Identify the nation from clues
(30) - At the battle of Adawa, it became one of the few African nations to defeat an invading colonial army
(20) - In 1935, the country was invaded by Mussolini partly to avenge that earlier defeat
(10) - Located in the horn of Africa, its capital is Addis Ababa
Answer: Ethiopia
22. FTPE give the countries that produce these types of coffee:

(10) Blue Mountain

Answer: Jamaica

(10) Mandheling

Answer: Indonesia

(10) Bourbon Santos

Answer: Brazil


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