Topic 6: The Sermon On The Mount

Material 2: Being alert to

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Material 2: Being alert to the false prophets
Biblical reference: Matthew 7:15-20

The surface meanings

The meanings of the parable

  • Good trees bear good fruit.

  • Poor trees bearing poor fruit will be cut down and burnt eventually.

  • Jesus reminded us to observe the behaviour of the prophets so that we can distinguish between the true and false teachings.

  • The false prophets who promoted false teachings were like poor trees that did not bear good fruit and must be cut down eventually. They could not have the eternal blessings to go to the Heaven during the Last Judgment.

  • People, therefore, must choose teachings carefully and prudently. Only good teachings enable people to perform well. People practising good teachings will be like a tree with good fruit.

The Three Warnings Students’ References Material 3

Material 3: Following Good Teachings

Biblical reference: Mathew 7:21-29

The surface meanings

The meanings of the parable

  • A wise man builds his house on the rock which is stable.

  • A fool builds his house on the sand which is unstable.

  • Jesus reminded us that only those who follow God/ Lord’s words can enter the Heaven.

  • Those who cried “My Master, My Master” or could perform miracles but did not follow God/Lord’s order could not enter the Heaven.

  • Following God/ Lord’s teachings is like a wise man building the house with solid foundation. These people can live a fruitful life because they behave well.

  • Listening to but not following God/Lord’s teaching is like a fool building the house with unstable foundation. These people failed to follow God/Lord’s teachings. It is difficult for them to live a fruitful life because they do not behave well.


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