Topic 6: The Sermon On The Mount

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Case 2:

One day, the class teacher encouraged the students to actively take part in a flag selling activity. Most students decided to participate in the fund-raising event, whereas Tommy was apathetic about that. The class teacher encouraged Tommy to join it, but Tommy made excuses and refused. He thought, “I would never support such flag-selling event. My parents work so hard to earn a living. All I know is that people should work hard to make money and one day they’ll be able to save up a lump-sum…Depending on others’ giving and sympathy is cowardice…” When the class teacher suggested Tommy to buy a flag, Tommy held on tight to his wallet, in which there was a $500 note, and said: “I don’t have extra money for buying flags today!”

Generous eyes

Ungenerous eyes

Main character in the case

Attitude towards money

Attitude towards others’ benefits

Cultivating one’s quality of life

Attitude towards Life (1): Eternal Wealth Students’ References Material 1

Material 1: Jesus’ teachings on Riches in Heaven (Matthew 6:19-21)

Riches on Earth

Riches in Heaven

Jesus’ description

  • Would never be destroyed by moth and rust, would never be stolen.

Jesus’ teachings

  • Riches on earth are temporary, unstable and subject to environmental changes. They cannot give people a sense of security.

  • If people build their happiness on the transient and unstable riches on earth, they will lose their happiness and satisfaction when the riches on earth vanish.

  • Riches in heaven are eternal, stable and do not subject to environmental changes. They are meaningful and eternal. People can store them up by following God’s will, cultivating good characters and being kind to others.

  • Eternal and invaluable things will not vanish even if people are about to die.

Attitude towards Life (1): Eternal Wealth Students’ References Material 2

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