Tom Peters’ Lessons in Leadership Grand Rapids 02-23-00

T.T.D.: Message! SIMPLICITY!

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T.T.D.: Message! SIMPLICITY!

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  • READ JAKOB NIELSEN’S BOOK! Hold your site to the Exacting Nielsen Standard! [Be ruthless … on yourself.]

T.T.D./Read This! Jakob Nielsen Designing Web Usability: The Practice of Simplicity* *

“The Net hasn’t lived up to its hype. It’s a distant, cold, alien, threatening world called ‘cyberspace.’ The challenge is to make the Net into something intimate, warm, friendly, useful, personal.” Carly Fiorina, CEO, HP @ Comdex ’99

T.T.D.: Message! Friendliness!

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  • Is our Site – including B2B sites – “a place called home”?

“Even if executives of established businesses grasp the impact of new technologies … they still face a massive competitive disadvantage precisely because they are incumbents. … They do complex financial calculations and get bogged down in internal political debates. Insurgents have no such inhibitions.” Philip Evans & Thomas Wurster, Blown to Bits

“ … if they set up a completely independent organization and let that organization attack the parent.”

    • “ … if they set up a completely independent organization and let that organization attack the parent.”

The Way “They” Talk! “I have this chance for … changing the world.” Marco Boerries, Sun, re StarOffice (Business 2.0, 2-00)

“Where does the Internet rank in priority? It’s No. 1, 2, 3, and 4.” Jack Welch

Change … Or Die! “Most of the brick and mortars look at the Internet as an add-on business … until they get a major scare. Then they either change or die. … You have to put all your heart and soul in that direction, the way Charles Schwab and Dell did.” Flip Filipowski, divine interVentures (Red Herring)

There are 2 Kinds of … Defense* vs. Offense** *Fend off upstarts. **Reinvent our marketspace!

T.T.D. Most important Y2K question: Are you & yours “dealing with” the Web … or “embracing it” as “central to our being”?

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Web Strategy: GE Power Systems “Launch and Learn” (4 sites in 30 days)

Ready. Fire! Aim. Ross Perot, Wayne Calloway, Harry Quadracci, et al.

[He who has the quickest O.O.D.A. Loops* wins! *Observe. Orient. Decide. Act. / Col. John Boyd]

Context: “No” to “inevitable commoditization” S1: Lead the Customer! S2: Master E-Commerce! S3: Women Rule! (and the elderly) S4: Design Rules! (too) S5: It’s the Experience! Bottom Line: Glorious Age of the BRAND!

Brand Outside Strategy 3: Women Rule!

48% working wives > 50% 80% checks 61% bills 53% stock (mutual fund boom) 43% > $500K 95% financial decisions/ 29% single handed

????????? Home Furnishings … 94% Vacations … 92% Houses … 91% Bank Account … 89% Health Care … 75% Etc.

Women … 49% of Web users; 6 of 10 new users; 83% of wired women are primary decision makers for family healthcare, finances, education. Source: Business Week (11-99)

$3.3T + $1.5T = $4.8T* * Larger than Japan!

Most Under-reported story! 9M*/20M+/$4T [> Germany] * 400K in ’72; 132% since ’92; source: NFWBO, Cognetics

New golfers … 37% Basketball … 13.5M 1 in 27 (’70) … 1 in 3 (’96)


1874 … Jock Strap 1977 … Jogbra 1977 ... 25K 1996 … 42M

Yeow! 1970 … 1% 2000 … 50%

OPPORTUNITY NO. 1!* [* No shit!]

T.T.D.: Measure! How clear are you about your demographics … in particular, share of women purchasers [for you, for the industry]?

Notes Page

  • Are you getting an “unfair share” of women purchasing your service or product? IF NOT, WHY NOT? [Most of the other schmoes are, after all, asleep!]

T.T.D.: Study! Does anybody in your industry do “it” right? Brilliantly? [If so … how?]

Notes Page

  • STUDY! [Damn it!]

Carol Gilligan/ In a Different Voice Men: Get away from authority, family Women: Connect Men: Self-oriented Women: Other-oriented Men: Rights Women: Responsibilities

FemaleThink/ Popcorn “Men and women don’t think the same way, don’t communicate the same way, don’t buy for the same reasons. “He simply wants the transaction to take place. She’s interested in creating a relationship. Every place women go, they make connections.”

“Men seem like loose cannons. Men always move faster through a store’s aisles. Men spend less time looking. They usually don’t like asking where things are. You’ll see a man move impatiently through a store to the section he wants, pick something up, and then, almost abruptly he’s ready to buy. … For a man, ignoring the price tag is almost a sign of virility.” Paco Underhill, Why We Buy* [*Buy this book!]

Women and Financial Advisors Women want … a plan, to be listened to, to be taken seriously, to read about it, to think about it. Women do not want … an in-your-face sales pitch Source: Kathleen Boyle, Wheat Boyle Butcher Singer

Women and Healthcare Women are … more dissatisfied, frustrated by the way they are treated and spoken down to by physicians, seek more information, are more pressed for time … and make 75% of health care decisions and control 2/3 of health care $$$$ [and constitute 2/3 of health care employees]. Source: Patricia Braus, Marketing Healthcare to Women

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