Tom Peters’ Lessons in Leadership Grand Rapids 02-23-00

TRUST* *Now … more than ever!

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TRUST* *Now … more than ever!

T.T.D. Construct a formal “Great War for Talent Strategy” for your unit!

Notes Page

  • Key word: FORMAL!

Seminar Y2K Message: Distinct … or Extinct!

Brand Outside Context: No “Commodities”!

In the Beginning … “The audit has become a commodity.” Big 5 audit partner to TP

Quality Not Enough! “Quality as defined by few defects is becoming the price of entry for automotive marketers rather than a competitive advantage.” J.D. Power

Quality Not Enough! “While everything may be better, it is also increasingly the same.” Paul Goldberger on retail, “The Sameness of Things,” The New York Times

What’s Special? “Customers will try ‘low cost providers’ because the Majors have not given them any clear reason not to.” Leading Insurance Industry Analyst (10-98)

“We make over three new product announcements a day. Can you remember them? Our customers can’t!” Carly Fiorina

“The ‘surplus society’ has a surplus of similar companies, employing similar people, with similar educational backgrounds, coming up with similar ideas, producing similar things, with similar prices and similar quality.” Kjell Nordstrom and Jonas Ridderstrale, Funky Business

6 Sigma or “Jazzy Offerings”? WSJ/2-9-00: Nokia extends market share lead [22.5% in ’98 to 26.9% in ’99] over Motorola [19.5% to 16.9%]

The “10X/10X Phenomenon” 10 Times Better/ 10 Times Less Different

T.T.D. Discuss: Is “10X/10X” rampant in your industry?

Notes Page

  • Are you frustrated? That is, doing “much better work” … but not standing apart from the herd? Hint: This suggested analysis pertains to the internal Training Dept. as much as to the New Products gang. BE BRUTALLY HONEST CONCERNING THE DEGREE TO WHICH “WE REALLY STAND OUT” … OR DON’T!

TP’s Campaign Y2K Just say [shout] “No!” to the “inevitable commoditization” of anything.

Aarrgh! “Quality is conformance to requirements, not goodness.” Phil Crosby

“When we did it ‘right’ it was still pretty ordinary.” Barry Gibbons on “Nightmare No. 1”

Pretzel Crumb-less-ness Plus … “The Ritz Carlton Experience enlivens the senses, instills well-being and fulfills even the unexpressed wishes and needs of the guest.” from the Ritz Carlton Credo

“We want to create waves of lust for our product.” Andy Grove (on the Pentium Processor)

“You do not merely want to be the best of the best. You want to be considered the only ones who do what you do.” Jerry Garcia

What Jerry Should Have Said??? “You do not merely want to be the best of the best, you want to be considered in conformance with requirements.”

Lust Hierarchy Satisfy … Conform to Requirements … Exceed Expectations … Delight! … WOW! … Lust! … ONLY ONES WHO DO WHAT WE DO!

Nirvana! - Nordstrom - Four Seasons - Adirondack Guide Boat - OXO - Ziplocs

Why? Cool!/Surprising! Reliable! Friendly!/Comfortable! Aesthetically pleasing!

T.T.D. And your favorites? Why? (Pay attention to the flavor of the words you use) Translation to your/ “finance world,” etc.?

Notes Page

  • Think about the words you use to describe “stuff” you really LOVE. Do those terms apply to your unit’s products and services? If you talk about a “compelling” movie or novel or theatrical performance, why not a “compelling business process”?

T.T.D. What words do you & yours use to describe Customer Contentment? [Way] beyond “satisfaction”? [DO SUCH WORDS MATTER?]

Notes Page

  • PLEASE [REDUX]: PAY LOTS OF ATTENTION TO WORDS … AND THE EMOTIONAL “SIGNS” THEY CONNOTE. [TomWorld: What applies to a Detroit Red Wings “performance” ought to apply to a “Purchasing Dept. performance”!

Context: “No” to “inevitable commoditization” S1: Lead the Customer! S2: Master E-Commerce! S3: Women Rule! (and the elderly) S4: Design Rules! (too) S5: It’s the Experience! Bottom Line: Glorious Age of the BRAND!

Context: “No” to “inevitable commoditization” S1: Lead the Customer! S2: Master E-Commerce! S3: Women Rule! (and the elderly) S4: Design Rules! (too) S5: It’s the Experience! Bottom Line: Glorious Age of the BRAND!

Brand Outside Strategy 1: Lead the Customer!

“The customer is a rear view mirror, not a guide to the future.” George Colony, Forrester Research “If you worship at the throne of the voice of the customer, you’ll get only incremental advances.” Joseph Morone, President, Bentley College

Early Customer Rejection Post-Its [12 years!] Chrysler Minivans VCRs Fax machines FedEx CNN Heart-assist pumps Etc. Source: Fortune

Good = Bad/ 1 of 30,000 “We are crazy. We should do something when people say it is ‘crazy.’ If people say something is ‘good’, it means someone else is already doing it.” Hajime Mitarai, Canon

“Wealth in this new regime flows directly from innovation, not optimization. That is, wealth is not gained by perfecting the known, but by imperfectly seizing the unknown.” Kevin Kelly, New Rules for the New Economy

“Lead” customers! K2K redux!

T.T.D.: Do You K2K? Are you working with [numerous] weird, far out customers? [As opposed to “biggest” customers?]

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