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“By making the Global Delivery Model both legitimate and mainstream, we have brought the battle to our territory. That is, after all, the purpose of strategy. We have become the leaders, and incumbents [IBM, Accenture] are followers, forever playing catch-up. … However, creating a new business innovation is not enough for rules to be changed. The innovation must impact clients, competitors, investors, and society. We have seen all this in spades. Clients have embraced the model and are demanding it in even greater measure. The acuteness of their circumstance, coupled with the capability and value of our solution, has made the choice not a choice. Competitors have been dragged kicking and screaming to replicate what we do. They face trauma and disruption, but the game has changed forever. Investors have grasped that this is not a passing fancy, but a potential restructuring of the way the world operates and how value will be created in the future.” —Narayana Murthy, chairman’s letter, Infosys Annual Report

“Big Brown’s New Bag: UPS Aims to Be the Traffic Manager for Corporate America —Headline/BW/2004

“SCS”/Supply Chain Solutions: 750 locations; $2.5B; fastest growing division; 19 acquisitions, including a bank Source: Fast Company

MasterCard Advisors

“Security ‘devices’” to “Turnkey security solutions” (A/C, elevators, DIY, photo shops, etc, etc)

Home Depot Business ToolBox: Payroll processing. Credit card processing. Personnel paperwork. Mobile phones. Shipping. Health insurance. 12K customers (plumbers, electricians, small homebuilders and contractors). Source: Forbes, 0918.06

Gamechanging “Solutions”: Bet-the-Company IBM UPS Xerox MasterCard GE BestBuy

I. LAN Installation Co. (3%) II. Geek Squad. (30%.) III. Acquired by BestBuy. IV. Flagship of BestBuy Wholesale “Solutions” Strategy Makeover.

Huge: Customer Satisfaction versus Customer Success

Up, Up, Up, Up the Value-added Ladder.

The Value-added Ladder/ STUFF ‘N’ THINGS Goods Raw Materials

The Value-added Ladder/Stuff & TRANSACTIONS Services Goods Raw Materials

The Value-added Ladder/ OPPORTUNITY-SEEKING Gamechanging Solutions Services Goods Raw Materials

Era #1/Obvious Value: “Our ‘it’ works, is delivered on time” (“Close”) Era #2/Augmented Value: “How our ‘it’ can add value—a ‘useful it’ ” (“Solve”) Era #3/Complex Value Networks: “How our ‘system’ can change you and deliver ‘business advantage’ ” (“Culture- Strategic change”) Source: Jeff Thull, The Prime Solution: Close the Value Gap, Increase Margins, and Win the Complex Sale


To The Mat: The “5 Damn Its” Women. PSF. Brand you. R.f.a. EXCELLENCE. ALWAYS.


“ ‘Disintermediation’ is overrated. Those who fear disintermediation-outsourcing should in fact be afraid of irrelevance; ‘outsourcing’ is just another way of saying that … you’ve become irrelevant to your customers.” —John Battelle/Point/Advertising Age/07.05

Chicago: HRMAC

Sarah: “ Mom, what do you do?” Mom: “I’m ‘overhead.’”

“support function” / “cost center”/ “overhead” or

Are you … “Rock Stars of the Age of Talent


Department Head to … Managing Partner, IS [HR, R&D, etc.] Inc.

“Typically in a mortgage company or financial services company, ‘risk management’ is an overhead, not a revenue center. We’ve become more than that. We pay for ourselves, and we actually make money for the company.” —Frank Eichorn, Director of Credit Risk Data Management Group, Wells Fargo Home Mortgage (Source:

Mantra: “Eichorn it!”

Answer: PSF

Core Mechanism: “Game-changing Solutions” PSF (Professional Service Firm “model”/The Organizing Principle) + Brand You (“Distinct” or “Extinct”/The Talent) + Wow! Projects (“Different” vs “Better”/The Work)

The New Enterprise Value-Added Equation/Mark2006 (1) 100% “WOW PROJECTS” (New Org “DNA”/“The Work”) + (2) Incredible “TALENT” Transformed into (3) Entrepreneurial “BRAND YOUs” and (4) Launched on Awesome “QUESTS FOR EXCELLENCE” = (5) Internal “Rockin’ PSFs” (Staff Depts. Morphed into Wildly Innovative Professional Service Firms) … (6) Which Coalesce to Transform the FEVP/Fundamental Enterprise Value Proposition from “Superior Products & Services” to “ENCOMPASSING SOLUTIONS” & “GAME-CHANGING CLIENT SUCCESS”

Big Idea/“Meta”-Idea/Premier “Engine of Value Added” (1) The Talent: “Best Roster” of Entrepreneurial-minded Brand Yous. (2) The (Virtual) Organization: Internal or External “PSF”/Professional Service Firm working with “Best Anywhere” = Engine of Value Added through the Application of Creative “Intellectual Capital” (3) The Work Product: “Game Changer”/ “Gaspworthy” WOW Projects

Core Mechanism: “Game-changing Solutions” PSF (Professional Service Firm “model”/The Organizing Principle) + Brand You (“Distinct” or “Extinct”/The Talent) + Wow! Projects (“Different” vs “Better”/The Work)

“Astonish me!” (SD). “Build something great!” (HY). “Make it immortal!” (DO) “Insanely great” (SJ)

“Solutions World”: The Mega-PSF

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