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Words that MAY be used in my presence: “Invite” (v. “Motivate”) … “Sell” (v. “Market”) … “People” (we’d like to serve) (v. “Market segment”) … “Client” (v. “Customer”) “OJT/MFA” (v. “MBA”) … “Act”/ “Execute” (v. “Plan”) … “Talent” (v. “Worker”) … “Quest”/“Adventure-in-EXCELLENCE” (v. “Job”) … “Wow Project” (v. “Task”) … “Rockin’ (profit-makin’) PSF” (v. “Department”) … “Theater” (v. “Office”) … “Breathtaking Experience” (v. “Transaction” that “Exceeds expectations”) … “Talent Fanatics Inc” (v. “HR”) … “Brand You adventure” (v “Career development”) “Annual Report development session” … (v. “Employee evaluation”) … “Woman” (v. “Man”) …

Words that MAY be used in my presence: … “Wow!” (v. “Nice”) … “Bloody-minded” (v. “Committed”) … “Thank you! (v. “____”) … “Attack”/Innovate (v. “defend”/Entrench) … “Great stuff. Great people. ‘Do it’ fanatics.” (v. “shareholder value”) … “EXCELLENCE. ALWAYS.” (v. “Good work”) (v. “shareholder value”)

  • Radically Thrilling Language!
  • “Radically Thrilling.”
  • —BMW Z4 (ad)



Not! “Leadership is doing the right things. Management is doing things right.” —WB et al.

The Twain SHALL Meet! Leadership: Invite Associates/Colleagues/Talent to join a Gaspworthy Adventure in EXCELLENCE which will provide matchless Personal and Professional Growth and be of Dramatically Different Service to selected Clients Management: Do it!

  • “Never forget implementation boys. In our work it’s what I call the ‘missing 98 percent’ of the client puzzle.” —Al McDonald


  • Re-imagine! Speech: Story Line in 100 Words or Less
  • Tom Peters/2006
  • Re-imagine! Speech: Story Line in 100 Words or Less
  • Wildly altered context (technology, China-India,
  • global terrorism, etc)
  • Only answer: adaptive skills and bold-breathtaking innovation
  • (top-line focus rather than cost-cutting focus)
  • 3. Race way, way up the value-added curve (implemented “game-altering solutions” rather than “services,” “experiences” rather than “transactions,” and much more)
  • 4. As part of value-added exercise, pursue Ripe & Enormous “new” markets—Women, Boomers & Geezers
  • 5. Radical (!!!) use of IS-IT
  • A “Roster” of Weird & Wondrous & Entrepreneurial “Talent” engaged in “Wow Projects”
  • “Metabolic Leadership” (Passionate-Radical Leaders who instill a Discipline of Execution, a Quick Tempo-Adaptive Culture and
  • an appetite to “Eat Radical Change for Breakfast”)
  • (96 words by my count)
  • Everything You Need to Know about “Strategy”: Tom’s Baker’s Dozen Axioms
  • 1. Do you have Awesome Talent … Everywhere? Do you push that Talent to pursue …
  • Gaspworthy Quests?
  • 2. Is your Talent Pool loaded with Wonderfully Peculiar People who others would call “problems”? And what about your Extended Community of customers, vendors et al?
  • 3. Is your Board of Directors as Cool as your product offerings … and does it have 50 percent (or at least one-third) Women Members?
  • 4. Long-term, it’s a “Top-line World”: Is creating a “culture” that cherishes above all things Innovation and Entrepreneurship your primary aim? Remember: Innovation … not Imitation!
  • 5. Are the Ultimate Rewards heaped upon those who exhibit an Unswerving “Bias for Action,” to quote the co-authors of In Search of Excellence?
  • 6. Do you routinely use hot, Aspirational Words-terms like “Excellence” and B.H.A.G. (Big Hairy Audacious Goal, per Jim Collins) and “Let’s make a dent in the Universe” (the Word according to Steve Jobs)? Is “Reward excellent failures, punish mediocre successes” your de facto motto?
  • 7. Do you subscribe to Jerry Garcia’s dictum: “We do not merely want to be the best of the best, we want to be the only ones who do what we do”?
  • 8. Do you elaborate on and enhance Jerry G’s dictum by adding, “We subscribe to ‘Best Sourcing’—and only want to associate with the ‘best of the best’.”
  • 9. Do you Embrace the New Technologies with child-like enthusiasm and a revolutionary’s zeal?
  • 10. Do you “serve” and “satisfy” customers … or “go berserk” attempting to provide every customer with an “awesome experience” that does nothing less than transform the way she or he sees the world?
  • 11. Do you understand … to your very marrow … that the two biggest under-served markets are Women and Boomers-Geezers? And that to “take advantage” of these two Monster “Trends” (FACTS OF LIFE) requires fundamental re-alignment of the enterprise?
  • 12. Are your leaders Accessible? Do they wear their Passion on their sleeves? Does Integrity ooze out of every pore of the enterprise? Is “We care” your implicit motto?

This I Believe: Tom’s Super-TIB25 1. TECHNICOLOR Times. 2. Passion! Enthusiasm! Energy! 3. Action/R.F.A./O.O.D.A. Speed. 4. Screw-ups. BIG SCREW-Ups! 5. Mess! Improv! 6. Revolution! Re-imagine! 7. INNOVATE OR DIE! 8. Decentralize! 9. Bulk is BULL! (Mergers don’t work. FOCUS Does!) 10 “Different” > “Better” 11. eALL/Power Tools for Power Strategies! 12. Forgetting/Destruction. 13. Hot Language Matters! 14. WOW!/WOW Projects. 15. VA Bedrock: The “PSF.” (Professional Service Firm.) 16. Daring. 17. Talent Time! Leaders “Do” People! 18. Talent+/Diversity. 19. Talent++/Women Rule! 20. “Brand You” Universe. 21. Design! 22. Gasp-worthy Experiences/Lovemarks. 23. New Market Demographics/Women/Boomers & Geezers/Green/Wellness. 24. Grace. 25. EXCELLENCE!

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