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Hardball: Are You Playing to Play or Playing to Win? by George Stalk & Rob Lachenauer/HBS Press “The winners in business have always played hardball.” “Unleash massive and overwhelming force.” “Exploit anomalies.” “Threaten your competitor’s profit sanctuaries.” “Entice your competitor into retreat.” Approximately 640 Index entries: Customer/s (service, retention, loyalty), 4. People (employees, motivation, morale, worker/s), 0. Innovation (product development, research & development, new products), 0.


  • Causes/1966-2006
  • Women/Market opportunity
  • Women/Leaders (right for the times)
  • Design/Design-as-soul
  • Wow! (Hot language)
  • Weird!
  • Passion!/Enthusiasm!/Exuberance! (as Leader Lever #1)
  • Brand You (or else)
  • PSF = Bedrock (add value or bust—every group must
  • demonstrate economic viability)
  • PSF + Brand You + WOW Projects = New Biz Logic
  • Sales/+R > -C (increasing revenue more important than cutting cost)
  • HealthCare/Wellness-Safety-H5N1
  • Brand = Talent (best roster wins)
  • New VA Ladder/Products-Services-SOLUTIONS-EXPERIENCES-DREAMKETING (Dream Marketing)-LOVEMARK
  • Different > > Better
  • Boomers & Geezers/marketing to new “mega-segment”
  • Adversaries
  • B-schools (crappy at soft skills, implementation, leadership)
  • Strategy-is-all
  • By-the-numbers management
  • Dis-passionate management
  • Focus groups
  • Intuition discounted
  • Leading as an intellectual task
  • Leading without passion
  • Cool language in Hot times
  • Dilbert (accepting cubicle slavery)
  • Bigness per se (severe scale limitations—even at Microsoft)
  • White guys! (not really, but enough already)
  • 18-44 emphasis in marketing (geezers > youth for foreseeable future)
  • -Cost > +Revenue (cost cutting more important than organic revenue growth)
  • CI (continuous improvement in an age of discontinuous world)


“Them” “Us” Strategy EXECUTION Planning Action Marketing Selling/Sales Markets Customers Customers Clients Micro-segmentation Big Stuff (Women, Boomers) Cost minimization Revenue maximization Synergy/“Efficiencies” Decentralization “Strategic” supplier Pioneering supplier Process Project Effectiveness Excellence Men Women Leadership Management + Leadership Standardization Exceptionalism (53 = 53) Big clients COOL clients Prestigious Board INTERESTING Board

“Them” “Us” Big Mid-size Growth by merger Organic growth Buy market share Create NEW markets Efficient, streamlined Value-creating “PSF” “department” Certainty-predictability Ambiguity-opportunity Fearful of losing Aggressive pursuit of winning Plan Prototype Careful evaluation Another prototype Revised plan Another prototype People/Employees Talent Effective HR department Rockin’ Talent Development Center of Excellence Benchmark against the Benchmark against the “best”-“industry leader” “coolest”

“Them” “Us” Benchmark “Future”mark Orderly career progression “Up or Out” (PDQ) Head Heart IQ EQ “Professional” Passionate Stoic, humble leaders Noisy, emotional “characters” in charge Hire for Resume Hire for intangibles Measured-thoughtful Relentless, pig-headed approach determination Teamwork comes first Teamwork and disruptive individuals equal billing Listen to customers Lead customers Customer “involvement” Intimate-Seamless customer inter-twining

“Them” “Us” MBM (Management MBWA by memo) MBA MFA Shareholder Value Great people-product rule comes first Work smart Work hard Built to last Built to Rock the World Reward successes Reward (EXCELLENT) failures Quality first! Design 1T Quality first Innovation 1T High-quality Jaw-dropping Experience transaction CVs demo consistent CVs feature Magic Moments performance Good grades Cool stuff Operational excellence World-rocking INNOVATION

“Them” “Us” Brand Lovemark Best analysis wins Best STORY wins “Beyond politics” Politics-is-life, the rest is details Outsource Bestsource “Motivate” Send on QUESTS “Motivate” Invite Measured language HOT language Product-Service Gamechanging SOLUTION, Thrilling EXPERIENCE, DREAM come true, LOVEMARK Pastel Technicolor Better Different “Mission success” “Mission EXCELLENCE” Very good EXCELLENCE. ALWAYS.

Porter. Drucker. Bennis. Peters.

Importance of Success Factors by Various “Gurus”/Biased Estimates by Tom Peters Strategy Systems Passion Execution Porter 50% 20 15 15 Drucker 35% 30 15 20 Bennis 25% 20 30 25 Peters 15% 25 25 35

Importance of Success Factors by Various “Gurus”/(Unreliable) Estimates by Tom Peters Strategy Systems People Passion Porter 50% 20 20 10 Drucker 25% 35 25 15 Bennis 25% 20 30 25 Peters 15% 20 40 25

good words. Bad words.

Words that may NOT be used in my presence: “Motivate”

“In the end, management doesn’t change culture. Management invites the workforce itself to change the culture.” —Lou Gerstner

Words that may NOT be used in my presence: “Marketing”

Sell Sell Sell

Words that may NOT be used in my presence: “Motivate” … “Market” … “MBA” … “Plan” (mostly) … “Worker” … “Job” … “Task” … “Exceeds expectations” … “HR” … “Employee evaluation” … “Man” (mostly) … “Shareholder Value”

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