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“UPS used to be a trucking company with technology. Now it’s a technology company with trucks.” —Forbes

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“UPS used to be a trucking company with technology. Now it’s a technology company with trucks.”Forbes

Our entire facility is digital. No paper, no film, no medical records. Nothing. And it’s all integrated—from the lab to X-ray to records to physician order entry. Patients don’t have to wait for anything. The information from the physician’s office is in registration and vice versa. The referring physician is immediately sent an email telling him his patient has shown up. … It’s wireless in-house. We have 800 notebook computers that are wireless. Physicians can walk around with a computer that’s pre-programmed. If the physician wants, we’ll go out and wire their house so they can sit on the couch and connect to the network. They can review a chart from 100 miles away.” —David Veillette, CEO, Indiana Heart Hospital (HealthLeaders/12.2002)

Power Tools For Power Strategies


Go for the Bold *Bold/Aggressive/$$$$ * Bold/GameChanger * Bold/Creative Destruction * Bold/“Cool” Supplier Portfolio * Bold/Web Fanaticism

5% F500 have CIO on Board: “While some of the world’s most admired companies—Tesco, Wal*Mart —are transforming the business landscape by including technology experts on their boards, the vast majority are missing out on ways to boost productivity, competitiveness and shareholder value.” Source: Burson-Marsteller


JackWorld/1@T: (1) Neutron Jack. (Banish bureaucracy.) (2) “1, 2 or out” Jack. (Lead or leave.) (3) “Workout” Jack. (Empowerment, GE style.) (4) 6-Sigma Jack. (5) Internet Jack. (1-5/Throughout) TALENT JACK!

bet the farm

“Under his former boss, Jack Welch, the skills GE prized above all others were cost-cutting, efficiency and deal-making. What mattered was the continual improvement of operations, and that mindset helped the $152 billion industrial and finance behemoth become a marvel of earnings consistency. Immelt hasn’t turned his back on the old ways. But in his GE, the new imperatives are risk-taking, sophisticated marketing and, above all, innovation.”BW/2005

“[Immelt] is now identifying technologies with which GE will … systematically set out to build entirely new industriesStrategy+Business, Fall 2005

Immelt on “Innovation breakthroughs”: Pull out and fund ideas in each business that will generate >$100M in revenue; find best people to lead (80 throughout GE) Source: Fast Company/07.05

“I don’t intend to be known as the ‘King of the Tinkerers.’ ” CEO, large financial services company

No Wiggle Room! “Incrementalism is innovation’s worst enemy.” Nicholas Negroponte

“Beware of the tyranny of making Small Changes to Small Things. Rather, make Big Changes to Big Things.” —Roger Enrico, former Chairman, PepsiCo

Five MYTHS About Changing Behavior *Crisis is a powerful impetus for change *Change is motivated by fear *The facts will set us free *Small, gradual changes are always easier to make and sustain *We can’t change because our brains become “hardwired” early in life Source: Fast Company/05.2005

Reward excellent failures. Punish mediocre successes.” Phil Daniels, Sydney exec


“We will not, I repeat not, pretend to be ‘all things to all people.’” —CEO, Investec (03.06)

The Benefits of … “FOCUSED EXCELLENCE” Shouldice/Hernia Repair: 30 min, 1% recurrence. Avg: 90 min, 10%-15% recurrence. Source: Complications, Atul Gawande

1997-2001/Washing Machines >$600: 10% to 18% $400-$600: 49% to 32% <$400: 41% to 50% Source: Trading Up, Michael Silverstein & Neil Fiske

  • Focus: “All Strategy Is Local: True competitive advantages are harder to find and maintain than people realize. The odds are best in tightly drawn markets, not big, sprawling ones”
  • —Title/ Bruce Greenwald & Judd Kahn/HBR09.05

Conscious measurement

Innovation Index: How many of your Top 5 Strategic Initiatives/Key Projects score 8 or higher [out of 10] on a “Weird”/ “Profound”/ “Wow”/“Game- changer” Scale?


Step #1: Buy a Mirror!

Inno64: Innovation Strategies & Tactics

  • Parallel universe /Exec Ed v res MBA
  • End run regnant powers/JKC
  • Find done deals-practicing mavericks/Stone-ReGo
  • Bell curves2016 in 2006
  • Non-industry benchmarking
  • Everything = Portfolio
  • V.C.s all!
  • Hot language/Wow-Astonish me-Insanely
  • great-immortal-Make something great
  • Lead customers/PW-Embraer
  • Lead suppliers /Top decile R&D
  • Weird alliances
  • Mottos/Paul Arden (“Whatever You Think
  • Think the Opposite”)
  • Hire freaks/Enough weird people?
  • Weird Boards!!!
  • CEO track record of Innovation (nobody starts at 45!)
  • System/GE-Immelt
  • “Strategic thrust overlay”
  • Calendar
  • Big Delta easier than Small
  • MBWA with freaks-weirdos/JKC
  • MBWA/Boonies’ labs
  • V.C.-formal/Intel
  • Acquire weird
  • Children’s crusade
  • Old farts crusade
  • Go Global at any size
  • Stop listening to customers
  • Talent!/Unusual sources-Hire innovators-V.C.s
  • Eschew giant mergers
  • Remember: scale economies max out early
  • Assisted suicide! (“Built to last” = Chimera-snare-delusion)
  • Burn your press clippings
  • “Forgetting” “strategy”
  • Fire all strategic planners
  • Tempo!
  • Final product bears little relation to starting notion
  • Design! Design! Design! (“culture,” not program)
  • All innovation: Pissed-off people
  • Gut feel rules!
  • Focus groups suck
  • Weird focus groups okay
  • Be-Do philosophy
  • Celebrations
  • Culture-little as well as big Inno (“everyone-an-innovator”)
  • Life = Wow Projects
  • Acknowledge messiness-pursue serendipity (Blitzkrieg-Containers-Science-Jim Utterback)
  • R.F.A.
  • Culture of execution
  • 4/40: decentralization, execution, accountability, 615AM
  • EVP (S.O.U.B.)/Systems-process “un-design”
  • Diversity for diversity’s sake
  • Women-Women-Women/customers (they “are the market,” not a “segment”)-leaders
  • Boomers-Geezers (“all the money”)
  • CRO (Chief Revenue Officer) “culture”/top-line obsessed
  • CIO (Chief INNOVATION Officer)
  • Laughter
  • Facility-space configuration
  • Experiments-prototypes
  • “Reward excellent failures. Punish mediocre successes.”
  • Bizarrely high incentives (& penalties)
  • We are what we eat/We are who we hang out with (E.g.: Staff-Consultants-Vendors-Out-sourcing Partners/#, Quality-Innovation Alliance Partners-Customers-Competitors/who we “benchmark” against -Strategic Initiatives -Product Portfolio/LineEx v. Leap-IS/IT Projects-HQ Location-Lunch Mates-Language-Board)

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