To take their first college course in Spring of 2014

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FIRST CLASS Scholarship for Adults

The College for ME-Androscoggin First Class Scholarship for Adults will be awarded to qualified adults who plan:

  • To take their first college course in Spring of 2014

  • To take their first course following a significant gap of five (5) or more years in college enrollment in Spring 2014

Scholarship funds will cover the costs of tuition for a single credit-bearing course (not to exceed 3 credits) at an accredited postsecondary program in Androscoggin County. The amount of the scholarship will vary depending upon the tuition cost of the college in Androscoggin County that the applicant plans to attend. The award will be made directly to the college upon proof of enrollment.

Recipients of this scholarship will automatically become members of the First Class Adult Cohort Program. The group will meet before and during the semester to help students prepare for and succeed in this first course. Sessions will focus on technology, study skills, financial aid, student academic support services, and course selection and registration. Cohort advising will help these adults transition into further post-secondary study. Group members who complete the program and succeed academically in their class will be celebrated at College for ME-Androscoggin’s annual Awards Luncheon. Members of the cohort will be asked to help mentor members of the next cohort.

Applicants must:

  • Not be currently enrolled in a college class

  • Be an adult 25 years of age or older starting college for the first time or returning to college after a significant gap of five (5) or more years in enrollment

  • Have previously earned a high school diploma or a General Equivalency Degree (GED)

  • Not already be a degree holder from a postsecondary institution

  • Meet the college’s prerequisites for the course

  • Not be an immediate family member of a College for ME-Androscoggin staff member or Board of Directors member

  • Commit to participation in the First Class Cohort Program

In order to apply, applicants must:

  • Complete and sign the Scholarship Application

  • Submit a one page, word-processed Personal Statement of no more than 350 words with the word count displayed at the end of the essay (important: see guidelines on application)

  • Ensure that a word-processed, completed Recommendation Form is submitted (Important: see guidelines on application).

  • Submit the application on or before the deadline date of Dec.2, 2013

  • Questions or Concerns?

    Email Joan Macri, Associate Director
    Mail or email applications. FAXES WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.

Mail to: Email to:

College for ME-Androscoggin

PO Box 317

Auburn ME 04212

DEADLINE: Dec. 2, 2013
Please Note:

  • Preference will be given to residents of Androscoggin County.

  • Online courses may not be taken using First Class Scholarship funds.

FIRST CLASS Scholarship Application

Download 108.76 Kb.

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