To promote the efficient carrying out of municipal government throughout

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To promote the efficient carrying out

of municipal government throughout

the state of Victoria and to watch over

and protect the interests, rights and

privileges of municipal corporations.

To be a world-class peak body

for world-class local government.

To be the representative

and influential collective voice

of local government.


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48 MAV Insurance Chair’s Report

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91 MAV Insurance Financial Report



Local government continued achieving service

improvements while taking the lead in policy directions

at both ends of life’s spectrum.





With the departure of Cr Geoff Lake to pursue a career in the law,

The MAV’s pre-election Call To Parties resulted in a State

Work undertaken ahead of a review of the Road Management Act

MAV advocacy contributed to the State Government’s commitment

Cr Dick Gross was elected as the new MAV President in August

Government commitment to support innovation in the sector.

led to the transfer of responsibility for water crossings from councils

to a $20 million Small Towns Water Quality Fund. Planning

2006. A former Mayor of the City of Port Phillip, long-time

The new integrated SWIFT library system went live and good

to water authorities. Agreement was reached on street lighting cost

commenced to establish the successful ECO-Buy program as

community activist and well-known identity across the local

progress was made on the EasyBiz intiative to streamline online

arrangements and power pole safety issues were addressed.

an independent, not-for-profit entity. The MAV Weed Management

government sector, Cr Gross has brought a unique and colourful

transactions between small businesses and councils. Frameworks

Sustainable asset management practices continued to be a high

Case Studies report was produced and a Natural Resource

style to the role, as well as a strong commitment to supporting rural

were developed to support the objectives of the Future of Local

priority focus area for the MAV.

Management Fact Sheet series was distributed to councils.

councils, collaborating to reduce council costs and increasing

Government project.

A forum showcased leading council waste management initiatives.

transparency and accountability in the sector.

A specialist planners’ group convened by the MAV provided expert


Following MAV advocacy, the State Government committed to

buying back the country rail freight network. The MAV also helped

Community Indicators Victoria, an interactive resource for

Extensive research and analysis of financial data contributed to a

input to key planning initiatives. A dedicated Melbourne 2030

councils to understand key initiatives related to community transport,

measuring the wellbeing of local communities, was launched.

detailed picture of local government funding needs. The MAV

Liaison Officer was appointed and the MAV contributed to the five-

rail crossing safety, residential speed limits and walking and cycling

The first year of the MAV’s Lighthouse Program saw 69 councils

advocated for a three-year valuation cycle and studied the capacity

year M2030 review. An e-Planning Roadmap was delivered and

grant packages. A new quarterly transport bulletin was launched.

actively involved in community planning initiatives. The MAV worked

of households to pay rates. Public library funding was substantially

the Planning Minister attended the Spotlight on the Planning System

with councils and departments to plan training about how the new

increased and $4.7million was provided by the State Government

for red tape reduction initiatives. A project to standardise

infringement documents was facilitated by the MAV, and the annual

fire services levy increase was kept to 3.5%, within the Association’s

benchmark figure.

forum. The MAV continued to be an active participant in key

planning-related bodies such as the Development Assessment

Forum and the Growth Areas Authority.


The challenges, costs and benefits of providing quality aged

care were explored through various MAV-sponsored initiatives.

Considerable resources were committed to supporting councils’

work in both the Maternal and Child Health and Early Years areas,

with strong advocacy for improved kindergarten funding resulting

in a significant State Budget commitment. A national Youth



A statewide survey revealed many examples of good emergency

management practices in councils and identified a range of

training needs. A Drought Taskforce was convened to identify major

impacts on affected councils. Advocacy by the MAV led to $1.25

million in funding for the installation of fire fighting infrastructure

along the Wimmera Mallee Pipeline. A forum was held to assist

councils implement new planning powers over gaming venues

and the MAV sought sector-wide input to a submission regarding

anti-graffiti legislation.

Charter of Human Rights impacts council services. Rural councils

benefited from the first outputs of the $1.8 million Small Towns

Victoria Program.

Cost savings and improved claims performance resulted in reduced

Civic Mutual Plus premiums for the next financial year and effective

risk management initiatives contributed to improved results for the

Municipal Officers' Guarantee Fund. Eligibility criteria for the

Community Groups Insurance Scheme were broadened and

considerable effort was directed towards keeping drought-affected

Symposium explored ways councils can engage young people in

their communities.

sports grounds operating. Policy coverage of webcasting activities

was arranged and further progress was made on establishing the

Civic Workers' Plus self-insurance scheme.

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