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Sustainability and safety concerns underpinned several

of the year's key transport initiatives.




The MAV continued to be

an active participant in the

Metropolitan Bus Service Review

Reference Group, which will

oversee the implementation

of the 16 Bus Service Reviews

between 2007 and 2010. The

local government sector, along

with public transport operators

and community groups, is a key

participant in the process.



The MAV was involved in

promoting and developing the

State Government’s Transport

Connections program, designed

to fund a range of community-

based transport initiatives across

rural, regional and interface

municipalities in Victoria.

Planning was undertaken for a

series of regional forums, run in

partnership with the Department

for Victorian Communities, to

showcase existing community

transport initiatives and to assist

councils in considering future

options in community-based



The MAV made submissions to

the Victorian Competition and

Efficiency Commission’s

congestion inquiry, which were

subsequently incorporated into

the Draft Report, Making the

Right Choices: Managing

Transport Congestion.

Submissions were also made to

the State Government’s East-

West Link Needs Assessment.

A number of councils contributed

to the MAV submissions and

many community representatives

made individual submissions.




The MAV’s Sustainable Transport

Action Plan was signed off by

the MAV Board and the

Transport and Infrastructure

Advisory Committee in July.

A new quarterly transport bulletin

was commenced in September

and a database of local

government transport contacts

was initiated to keep members

informed. The MAV Transport

and Infrastructure Advisory

Group developed three key

priority areas for the coming

year: federal funding for

transport; infrastructure related

to growth; and freight and rail

infrastructure with position

papers prepared on each

of these topics. All councils were

consulted in the development

of these positions.


Following advocacy and a forum

hosted by the MAV on behalf of

the Country Rail Freight Alliance

Network, the State Government

committed $133.8 million

during the state election to buy

back the country rail freight

network from Pacific National.



In consultation with the sector,

the MAV provided input to the

Australian Local Government

Association on the model rail

safety legislation developed

by the National Transport

Commission. The MAV worked

with the Victorian Department

of Infrastructure (DoI) to

communicate proposed changes

to rail safety legislation in

Victoria to the local government

sector. Workshops were held in

Camperdown, Warracknabeal,

Benalla and Traralgon to explain

what the changes may mean for

councils as road managers and

a metropolitan forum on the

changes was hosted by DoI.

These sessions also outlined a

new package of rail safety

initiatives announced by the

Victorian Government.



The MAV continued involvement

with the VicRoads’ Speed Limits

Advisory Group, the VicRoads’

Road Safety Reference Group,

and the VicRoads’ Local

Government Speed Limits

Reference Group. The MAV

assisted Sinclair Knight Merz

conduct two local government

practitioner workshops on the

issue of speed limits on local

roads to inform best-practice

guidelines. These workshops

allowed local government to

have significant input to the

future direction of the

management of low speeds

in residential areas.

The MAV continued to assist

with the co-ordination of the

2007 Australasian Road Safety

Research Policing and Education

Conference, ensuring that



Following the State

Government’s announcement

of the Meeting Our Transport

Challenges, the MAV facilitated

information flows on relevant

walking and cycling grant

packages for local government

including the Local Area Access

Program. The MAV was

represented on the new

Ride2School Steering Committee.

local government would have

strong representation at this

important event.

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