To promote the efficient carrying out of municipal government throughout

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The MAV convened an expert

planners’ group to assist with

input to the Ministerial Statement

and other projects including

planning fees, the planning bank

and the Code Assess pilot.

The Planning Minister, Hon

Justin Madden, joined local

government representatives at

the Spotlight on the Planning

System forum, which provided

an important opportunity for

participants to identify key

challenges facing the planning

system in Victoria. The forum

heard from Gordon Price,

former councillor and Director

of Vancouver’s City Program,

and planning experts from RMIT,

Melbourne University and La

Trobe University. The MAV also

contributed to a number of

reviews of technical provisions

of the planning system, such as

advertising signage, heritage,

subdivisions and registrar’s fees.




The MAV advocated strongly

for additional funds to support

councils with applying the new

rural zones, resulting in the

granting of a further $500,000.

The MAV formed a Rural

Planning Project Steering

Committee to assist councils

apply the new rural zones and

build capacity for longer-term

planning and management of

rural land. A submission was

made in response to the

Department of Sustainability and

Environment’s paper Applying

the Rural Zones. Planning

commenced for a forum to be

held in August 2007 that will

facilitate sharing information,

knowledge and practice related

to the planning and

management of rural land.





The outcomes of the Cutting Red

Tape in Planning Review were

announced, following input from

the MAV, councils and

particularly the work of the

Eastern Region Councils and the

Provincial Planners Network.

Among the 43 recommendations

was an expanded range of

planning permit exemptions for

minor works; examination of

options to update current

statutory planning fees and the

Planning and Environment Act;

and preparation of a Ministerial

statement on local policy.

The MAV was asked to represent

local government on an expert

working group overseeing

preparation of the Ministerial

Statement. The MAV continued

to advocate for greater weight

to be given to local policy, and

for councils to develop policy

that is expressed in unambiguous




In 2006/07 the Ecologically

Sustainable Development (ESD)

Advocacy Group, which was

established to provide a forum

for debate and advocacy on the

strategic direction of State and

local ESD policy, developed

relationships with the Victorian

Building Commission, VicUrban,

RMIT, the Property Council of

Australia and other building

agencies to support sharing

information and practice.

Quarterly forums were held

focusing on issues facing

councils in relation to the

sustainability of the built


language and can be applied

through clear controls, and

objective rules and tests.

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