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American Literature

Compare/Contrast Essay on Short Stories

Instructions: To demonstrate your close reading and understanding of the short stories we’ve read and discussed, you’ll be writing a compare/contrast essay using two of the short stories we’ve studied.

To develop a topic:

  • Find a point of comparison (this might be a literary technique, a motif, a theme, etc.)

  • Make an argument about the differences

  • Conclude by making a connection to something outside both texts (another text, current events, history, a personal experience, etc.)


  • Your essay should reflect sophisticated thinking about both stories.

  • Your essay should demonstrate your familiarity with and understanding of the literary terms we’ve studied.

  • Your essay must include at least 3 carefully chosen, well-incorporated quotations from each story that support your thesis (6 total).

  • Your conclusion should say something new that extends your argument.

  • Your writing process should involve multiple drafts and revisions. It will be important to self-edit and peer-edit before your final draft is due.

Available Texts:

Directory: cms -> lib5 -> NJ01000179 -> Centricity -> Domain
Domain -> Carrera Miller DiTroia
Domain -> Psycho – Directed by Alfred Hitchcock, 1960 Characters: Norman Bates – Anthony Perkins Marion Crane Janet Leigh Sam Loomis – John Gavin Lila Crane Vera Miles Arborgast – Martin Balsam Sheriff Chambers – John McIntire Dr
Domain -> The Diary of Anne Frank – Project Options You are to complete two
Domain -> Frankenstein and The Elephant Man
Domain -> Modern Fiction Comparing and Contrasting Literature and Film: The Lord of the Rings
Domain -> Name: Writing an i-search Paper
Domain -> "And the Meanest of them Sparkled" Grace Versus the Glamour of Evil in "a good Man Is Hard To Find." March 2003, Stephen Sparrow
Domain -> How to Generate a Thesis Statement if the Topic Is Assigned example: Prompt
Domain -> Nonverbal Communication of Emotion

Download 15.37 Kb.

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