Title IV federal Student Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal

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Schock Financial Aid Office

030 Kershner Student Service Center Phone: (610) 436-2627

25 University Avenue Fax: (610) 436-2574

West Chester, PA 19383 E-Mail: finaid@wcupa.edu

Title IV Federal Student Aid

Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal

Application and Instructions—Summer Semester


A student must maintain satisfactory academic progress in accordance with the West Chester University Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) policy to be eligible to receive federal aid (Title IV). These programs include Pell grant, TEACH grant, Stafford Direct student loan, Perkins loan, Nursing loan and PLUS. The progress policy complies with the U.S. Department of Education regulation Section 668.32. There are separate requirements and an appeal process for PA state grants (PHEAA).

The Financial Aid Office reviews academic progress annually after spring grades are processed. Any student who does not meet the satisfactory academic progress requirement is notified and has the option to appeal. The submission of an appeal application DOES NOT GUARANTEE the reinstatement of cancelled aid. You are strongly encouraged to make payment arrangements with the Bursar’s Office while your appeal is being considered, as billing deadlines are not adjusted.

Please complete, in full, the appeal application as instructed throughout the packet. Appeal submissions are held in strictest confidence, and only members of the Appeal Committee, comprised of representatives from Academic Affairs and Student Affairs, have access to applications. Examples of acceptable reasons for an appeal include:

  1. The death of an immediate family member (parent, spouse, sibling, child)

  2. Serious illness (physical or mental) of the student that may have necessitated withdrawal from all classes in order to recover, or that may have contributed to the student doing poorly in his/her classes

  3. Serious illness or injury of an immediate family member that required extended recovery time

  4. Significant trauma in the student’s life that impaired his/her emotional and/or physical health

  5. Other documented unexpected circumstances beyond the student’s control


The student is notified in writing regarding the result of the appeal request:

  1. If the appeal is approved, then financial aid will be awarded for one semester or payment period; the student is placed on Financial Aid probation for one semester

  1. Academic progress will be reviewed after the appealed semester; financial aid will not be approved again until progress is met

  1. If the appeal is denied, the student may enroll but is responsible for any balance owed to the University

  1. Aid will not be approved for any future semester until academic progress is met

Federal Student Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress

Appeal Application – Summer Session(s)

Name _____________________________________________ WCU I.D. Number _____________________

Phone # __________________________________________ Date ____________________________________

  • Summer I—5/19/2015

  • Summer II—6/19/2015

  • Post Session—7/24/2015

Section 1: Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Requirements
Satisfactory Academic progress was not met because:

 I did not complete 67% of the total cumulative attempted and transfer credits, including

any credits for which I remained enrolled past the Drop/Add period (attempted credits

include credits for which a grade of W, AU, Z or NG has been received)

 I do not have a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of at least 2.00 at the end of the

most current spring semester

 I have attempted more than 180 cumulative credits
Section 2: Circumstance for Appeal

Check the category or categories that apply to your situation:

The death of an immediate family member (parent, spouse, sibling, child)

Attach a photocopy of death certificate or notice; state the relationship of the deceased to you

in Letter of Circumstance

The serious illness or injury of the student

Attach a statement from your physician and or counselor; explain the nature and dates of the

illness or injury in Letter of Circumstance
The serious illness or injury of immediate family member

Attach a statement from the attending physician; explain the nature and dates of the illness or

injury in Letter of Circumstance

Significant trauma in the student’s life that impaired the student’s emotional and/or physical


Provide documentation from attending physician, counselor or third-party professional; details

must be fully explained by student in Letter of Circumstance
Other unexpected documented circumstances beyond the student’s control

Provide documentation from third-party professional and fully explain situation in Letter of


Section 3: Letter of Circumstance

Please explain in a clear and concise manner the grounds for the appeal. The Letter of Circumstance must be typed or written on a separate page and attached to this form. Describe how the events and or experience as selected in Section 2 prevented you from making satisfactory academic progress. The members of the Appeal Committee will carefully consider this letter in their decision-making process, so please be as detailed as possible. Attach documentation as instructed in Section 2.

Section 4: Student’s “Recovery Plan” – Academic Plan for Success

NOTE: If you have federal student loans, do you know how much you have borrowed so far? If not, please go to www.nslds.ed.gov for details. Check aggregate loan limits at http://www.wcupa.edu/_SERVICES/FIN_AID/loans.aspx

  1. What is your anticipated graduation date? _____________

  2. What is your current GPA? _____________

  3. What other responsibilities do you have while you attend WCU? Who or what serves as your support system in your efforts to make academic progress?




  1. Describe how you have modified your behavior or circumstances to assure your

successful academic progress in the future (attach statement, if needed)




Section 5: Academic Adviser’s Assessment – (Please print)
Does the student have a Recovery Plan? Yes No

a. If yes, please provide a copy of the plan.

b. If no, please provide your assessment of the student’s ability to achieve a successful academic

recovery via his or her Academic Plan for Success (attach statement if needed)

__________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________




Adviser’s Signature ___________________________________________________Ext. #________________

Section 6: Student Steps to Seek Academic Assistance
Please answer the following questions completely and honestly. Your answers will be reviewed the Committee as part of your appeal request. Unchecked boxes will be considered an answer of “no”.

I registered for weekly tutoring sessions through the Learning Assistance and Resource

Center (LARC). As a result (please check all that apply):

I received a tutor

Please list course(s): __________________

I was placed on the waiting list

Please list course(s): __________________

I was dropped from a tutoring session

Please list course(s): __________________

I was placed on Early Alert in at least one of my classes. As a result (please check all that


I met with an Early Alert graduate assistant at least once

I scheduled meetings for the remainder of the semester with the Early Alert

Graduate Assistant

I spoke with my professor about my grades

I received an email about Early Alert, but I did not take any action

I do not know what the Early Alert Program is

I was not Early Alerted in any of my courses

I alerted myself by walking into the LARC and asking for assistance
I registered for Smarthinking online tutoring (please check all that apply):

I have used Smarthinking once

I have used Smarthinking multiple times

I have never used my Smarthinking account

I attended at least one Academic Success Workshop (ASW) on Time Management, Study

Skills, Note Taking, and/or Short Essay Writing through the Learning Assistance and

Resource Center

Section 8: Student Certification

I certify that all of the information and documentation submitted in this application packet is true. I understand that submission of this application does not guarantee reinstatement of my aid. I further understand that if my appeal is approved it is, in fact, an exception that has been made to a federal and University policy on my behalf by the Appeal Committee. I will be on Financial Aid Probation and will receive Title IV funds for one (1) payment period. I understand that I must meet the SAP standards or the requirements of my established “Recovery/Academic Plan for Success” after the appeal period in order to continue to receive federal student aid.

______________________________________________________ ____________________________________

Student Signature Date

Final Checklist for Student:
Make certain your SAP Application is complete!

 Section 1 – SAP Requirements

 Section 2—Circumstance

 Section 3--Letter of Circumstance and supporting documents

 Section 4 – “Recovery Plan” – Academic Plan for Success/attach Recovery Plan if there is one

 Section 5– Academic Adviser’s Assessment (must have Adviser’s signature and WCU phone

 Section 6—Steps to Seek Academic Assistance

 Section 7-- Student’s Certification, including signature and date

You will be notified if additional information is required. Please monitor your financial aid alerts and aid package via myWCU for your current status.

Important Note: During peak times, an appeal application may take up to 14 business days to review and complete. An incomplete appeal application will be delayed. The Appeal Committee reserves the right to request additional information/and or a meeting with the student. Any application received after the deadline will not be reviewed and will be returned.

Revised 3-12-2015

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