Tips for Using peel

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Tips for Using PEEL
Remember to think about our strategies in planning and writing paragraphs – including the hamburger structure and most importantly PEEL!
While your assessment must follow the text type of a textbook page and include proper formatting, the foundation of your arguments and writing will be your historical supporting paragraphs.
You will want to identify three to four central ideas to your argument and follow PEEL.

P = Point

Main point/thesis in topic sentence or introduction.

E = Explain and Elaborate

E = Evidence and Examples

E + E 3-4 main points/paragraphs of explanation and elaboration with evidence and examples.
L = Link

Linking or ending/clincher sentence which restates main point/ thesis, concludes or links to next point/paragraph.

Paragraph Writing – Tips for Using PEEL




  • Write your main point/thesis in a topic sentence of about 20-30 words.

  • Copy several words verbatim (exactly) from your task/question into your topic sentence.

  • Identity 3-4 key concepts, main points or controlling ideas.

  • Use high modality expressions or scale ‘to _____ extent…’


Elaborate/ Explain + Example/ Evidence

To begin with, …

Initially, …

First and foremost, …

  • State your first reason (point of elaboration) and explain this point.

  • Then support this with evidence and examples (from your research and sources).

For instance, … For example, …

The text suggests that…

Sources support that… which is corroborated by…


Elaborate/ Explain + Example/ Evidence

Furthermore, …

Also, …

In addition, it is obvious that _______ and this clearly indicates that ___________.

  • State your second reason/point elaborating and explaining this.

  • Refer to examples and evidence to support.


Elaborate/ Explain + Example/ Evidence

Additionally, …

Moreover, it is evident that…

  • State your third reason/point of elaboration and explanation.

  • Again refer to examples and evidence to support your argument.


Elaborate/ Explain + Example/ Evidence

Finally, the use of “_______________” undoubtedly demonstrates that __________.

The text clearly illustrates that ______________

The representation of “______________” powerfully signifies that __________.

  • State your fourth point of elaboration and explanation and support with evidence and examples.



  • The link, ‘ending’ or concluding sentence is where you re-state your main point/thesis in slightly different words from the topic sentence.

Thus, … Therefore, …

Consequently, … Hence, …

As a result, …

Adapted from the work of M. Rigby (2013)

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