Tips for Persuasive Essay Writing Before Writing

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Tips for Persuasive Essay Writing

Before Writing

  • Make sure to read the writing situation and writing task
  • Be sure to understand the task…letter, essay, article, editorial
  • Know the audience…to whom you are writing it for
  • If you don’t know your position, make a T chart…pro/con


  • Make a web for paragraph ideas
  • Prewriting should be no more than 5 minutes


  • Begin with a hook…if not start with recently it has come to my attention…
  • Make sure to rephrase the test question
  • Make sure to acknowledge that the other side exists
  • Make sure you have a thesis statement that clearly states your opinion…this should be the last sentence


  • Make sure to have 3 paragraphs
  • Make sure to use transitions
  • Make sure to have 3 clear examples
  • Use info from books read, personal experiences, knowledge gained in other subject areas, news, newspapers, television shows etc.
  • Do not repeat ideas
  • Use good vocabulary…avoid words in the word jail
  • Pose questions…at least 1 per paragraph


  • Must summarize all ideas presented
  • Must have a call to action…tell the reader what you want him/her to do…make it persuasive
  • Revise and edit all work…leave at least 5 minutes to do this task…read the essay aloud to hear mistakes

Download 2.33 Kb.

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