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w.artslaw.com.au/articles/entry/wipos-capacity-building-tools-for- indigenous-cultural-heritage/>.

55 Corporations (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander) Act 2006 (Cth).

56 Family Law Act 1975 (Cth), s 61F.
affects the rights and entitlements of many Indigenous people;57 the study and use of media law for Indigenous communities broadcasting in both English and their own languages; sports law for the large numbers of Indigenous people seeking a way out of poverty through sport; or anti-discrimination laws for self-evident reasons. These would all, but for time and space, have made equally useful additions to the unit. As more law schools consider the question of content with respect to ICC, it is likely that a useful body of knowledge and experience will develop. This experience will assist future unit convenors and help them to navigate the difficult issue of balancing the tension between breadth and depth of the substantive content.
C How the Substantive Unit Content Was

Unit content at the ANU is determined by a range of factors including the research interests of teachers, prerequisite units available to prepare students, and faculty research priorities. The availability of Indigenous lawyers with research or practice interests in the area, and their availability to teach, is also a relevant factor. The current unit has had significant Indigenous input both in its design and delivery, and satisfies a broader aspirational criterion at the ANU Law School. As a general statement, however, the question of design and delivery of this, or any other unit, is subject to the availability of suitable teaching staff. The actual percentage of Indigenous academic or teaching staff in the Law School at the ANU is not dissimilar to other universities, which, with its attendant downstream consequences, is significantly below population parity.58

Several factors were relevant in determining the contents of this unit. As mentioned, the ANU has a broader policy of research-led teaching.59 Further, issues of contemporary interest form a criterion and serve as a vehicle in delivering content to the class. With these factors in mind, the current unit content includes: a property law section on native title, including the issue of commercial exploitation of resources of the water column within the Exclusive Economic Zone;60 examination of constitutional recognition of Indigenous peoples61 in the context of their historical treatment at law; a comparative section
57 Alexander Reilly, ‘Finding an Indigenous Perspective in Administrative Law’ (2009) 19(2) Legal Education Review 27

58 A Wood, ‘Law Studies and Indigenous Students’ Wellbeing: Closing the

(Many) Gap(s)’ (2011) 21

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