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w.abc.net.au/programsales/s2850343. htm>. Kumantjayi is a name used to refer to a deceased. He was known in life as Mr C Perkins.

80 M Trudgett, Western places, academic spaces and Indigenous faces: Supervising Indigenous Australian postgraduate students’ (2011) 16(4) Teaching in Higher Education 389, 394.
The Australian Research Council has arguably recognised this gap or at any rate supported81 the creation of the National Indigenous Researchers and Knowledges Network (NIRAKN):82
NIRAKN will comprise 44 Indigenous academic network participants from 21 universities, the Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies and five Indigenous partner organisations. It is intended that the Network will have a dispersed presence, administered from a central 'hub' at QUT under the leadership of Professor Aileen Moreton-Robinson. The Network will work with collaborative 'spokes' of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander researchers throughout Australia.
The research output of such a group is likely to be significant, and bodes well for the development of Indigenous knowledges in the medium term. Their research output in several fields will mean that the knowledge component of ICC is likely to benefit, and can form the basis of future units on Indigenous law itself.

While it would be good to be able to provide a comprehensive guide to other law schools embarking the ICC journey, it is clearly much too early for the ANU unit to provide any definitive pearls of wisdom. As an elective unit, its reach is quite limited and the aim of achieving universal coverage is not met. Reaching all law students can perhaps only be achieved by inclusion of ICC elements in the Priestly 11 or some other mandatory law-school-wide program. Although the authors of the Learning and Teaching Academic Standards Statement recognise that law is ‘informed by many perspectives (including Indigenous perspectives)’, the Teaching and Learning Outcomes for the LLB do not include ICC as a specific educational outcome.83 What can be said is that taking up the UACC Reports challenge is itself a positive exercise.

The subject content is limited by the areas in which researchers are actually working. Therefore the rationale given above for limiting unit content to constitutional law, property law and international law might be a justification of the inevitable, given researchers’ areas of interest, rather than a true objective and rational choice. Undertaking the process of rationalisation is nonetheless useful, as it creates opportunities for critique. In any event, it is necessary to have limited
81 Special Research Initiative for an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander

Researchers’ Network (05/11/12)

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