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Part 2: For questions 84 to 90

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Part 2: For questions 84 to 90, finish each of the following sentences so that it has a similar meaning to the sentences printed before it, using the word given. DON’T CHANGE THE WORD GIVEN. Write your answers in the Answer Sheets. (1.4pts)

0. ‘Do you know how to get to the town center?’, she asked me. (WAY)
=> She asked me if I knew the way to the town centre.

84. The owners of restaurants are usually very rich. (WHO)

The people ___________________________________________________ very rich.
85. Sandra said that she was willing to work late. (MIND)
Sandra _______________________________________________________________.
86. I can't lift this table on my own. (UNLESS)
I ___________________________________________________________________.
87. House prices have risen dramatically this year. (INCREASE)
There has _____________________________________________________________.
88. The success of our local theater has made our city famous. (MAP)
The success __________________________________________________________.
89. We left quietly so that we didn’t disturb the baby. (TO)
So _________________________________________________________ quietly.
90. Nobody could possibly believe the story he told us. (BEYOND)
The story _____________________________________________________________.

Part 3: (2.0 pts)
Read this part of a letter from an English-speaking friend, Oliver.

" In your previous letter, you seemed very interested in travelling. Can you share with me the benefits of travelling?.”…

Now, write a letter to reply to Oliver. DO NOT WRITE ANY ADDRESSES AND NAMES.

Download 57.69 Kb.

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