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74. Robots are already able to do all sorts of repetitive tasks currently performed by human beings. But the effective control remains with human brain.
75. And the idea of an artificial intelligence with a sense of humor and a conscience still seems a faraway dream. If, however, one was to believe in the faith of scientists working in the field of artificial intelligence, one would have to suspect that dreams just could become reality.

  1. It is certain whether computers should take the credit for what they can do.

  2. The next computers may operate in a similar way to the human brain.

  3. No computer has yet been invented which can cope with the details of human language.

  4. Human beings are no longer necessary in some situations.

  5. It is unlikely that computers will ever completely replace human beings.

  6. Computers can perform better than a human brain.

  7. Computers have more accurate memories than human beings.

  8. Human beings and computers use different methods to decide what they should do.

  9. There are certain things a computer must be able to do before it can be called “intelligent”.

  10. The expectations of what computers can do have changed over the years.

  11. While this does show advanced programming and does not show that the computer is learning independently of its programming and does not therefore show that it is intelligent.

Part 1: For questions 76 to 83, use the sets of words to write meaningful sentences. Make all the changes and additions if necessary. 0 is an example. Write your answer in the Answer Sheets. (1.6 pts)
0. She/ go / school/ foot / yesterday./
=> She went to school on foot yesterday.
76. I / suggest/ you / look / another / job./
77. The film / so / boring / that / many people /left before / end./
78. After/ earthquake, / city / badly destroyed/ and many people/ homeless./
79. “If you / asked / me/ I / would have/ lend / car”,/ he / said / her./
80. It / believe/ man / escape / in / stolen car./
81. We/ used / help / each other / lot / when / we / still / get along/ each other./
82. It/ much /densely populated/ big cities/ small cities./
83. Most/ the problems / arose / due / no leadership / on / committee./

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