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Part 2: Read the text below and choose the best ansswer to each of the questions from 61 to 65. Write your answers in the Answer Sheet. (1.0 pt)
Like many aspects of ancient history, the origins of cooking are unclear. It seems likely that prehistoric humans tasted cooked meat for the first time when someone decided to make a meal out of a wild animal that had died in a forest fire. Although the cooked meat was obviously tastier and easier to chew than the usual raw food, it also seems likely that they did not purposely use fire to prepare meat until well after its use for light, heat and safety was well-established. Just staying alive was an exhausting and time-consuming occupation, leaving little opportunity for non-essential activities like cooking.
Eventually, however, cooking did become a common practice, though the only method used for a very long time was roasting meat over an open fire. It is interesting that the first evidence of the use of another cooking method - wrapping food in wet leaves and steaming it over hot coals - was found in France, which is still considered by some to be the home of the most refined food preparation techniques.
For a period of time, anything that could hold liquid - including the skulls of dead animals - was used for cooking, but the greatest change in cooking techniques came with the creation of ceramic pots and other containers. This advance, combined with the domestication of animals and the planting of crops for food - which meant that less time and energy had to be used for hunting and gathering - led to the first real developments in cooking techniques, including the appearance of soups, stews and other savory dishes. Learning to preserve food, either through smoking, salting or drying, also made maintaining the supply much easier, and led to the development of new recipes as cooks tried to find ways to make dried meats and fish more interesting to eat.
61. The writer says that the beginnings of cooking _________.

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