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Part 4: Think of ONE suitable preposition or particle to complete each of the sentences from 46 to 50

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Part 4: Think of ONE suitable preposition or particle to complete each of the sentences from 46 to 50. Write your answers in the Answer Sheets. (1.0 pt)
46. I was ________the impression that you like Indian food.
47. I must try and look ________ my notes before the exam.
48. Without a fridge, fresh food will go ________ very quickly.
49. My shoes have been worn _______ very quickly since I started walking to the office.
50. If he promises something, he’ll never go back _______ his word.

Part 1: For questions from 51 to 60, read the text below and decide which answer (A, B, C, or D) best fits each numbered gap. Write your answers in the Answer Sheets. (2.0 pts)
Sometimes ago, scientists began (51) _______ to find out whether it would be possible to set up a “village” under the sea. A special room was built and lowered (52) _______ the water of Port Sudan in the Red Sea. For 29 days, five men lived (53) _______ a depth of 40 feet. At a (54) _______ lower level, another two divers stayed for a week in a smaller ‘house’. On returning to the surface, the men said they had experienced no difficulty in breathing and had (55) _______ many interesting scientific observations. The captain of the party, Commander Cousteau, spoke of the possibility of (56) _______ the seabed. He said that some permanent stations were to be set up under the sea, and some undersea farms would provide food for the growing population of the world.
The divers in both ‘house’ spent most of their time (57) _______ the bottom of the sea. On four occasions, they went down to 360 feet and observed many extraordinary (58)_______ of the marine life, some of which had never been seen before. During their stay, Commander Cousteau and his divers reached a depth of 1000 feet and witnessed a gathering of an immense (59) _______ of crab which numbered, perhaps, hundreds of millions. They also found out that it was (60) _______ to move rapidly in the water in a special vessel known as a ‘diving saucer’.
51. A. research B. study C. experiments D. experiences
52. A. under B. into C. down D. below
53. A. to B. at C. with D. on
54. A. far B. more C. any D. some
55. A. made B. practised C. done D. exercised
56. A. implanting B. planting C. growing D. cultivating
57. A. inquiring B. requiring C. imploring D. exploring
58. A. families B. shapes C. forms D. breeds
59. A. pack B. school C. herd D. flock
60. A. able B. capable C. possible D. hardly

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