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A. live near her B. work with her C. are still in England
10. Britta finds ________.
A. she misses England very much B. her colleagues are very friendly
C. Berlin, where she is living now, is a friendly city

Part 2: You are going to listen to a conversation with a woman who wants to join an international social club. Listen and complete the form. Write NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS AND/ OR A NUMBER for each answer. Write your answer in the Answer Sheets. (1.0 pt)

International Social Club
Name: (0) Jenny Foo
Age: (00) 21 .
Nationality: (11) _______________
Address: (12) _____________ Road, Bondi
Mobile phone: (13) _______________
Occupation: (14) _______________
Free time interests: (15) _______________

Part 3: You will hear a conversation between a boy, Tom, and a girl, Sophie, about a TV quiz show. Listen and decide which of the following statements is True (T) or false (F). 0 is an example. Write your answer in the Answer Sheets. (1.0 pt)
0. Both Tom and Sophie agree that the presenter of the quiz show is very funny.
16. Tom is keen on a number of programmes shown on Channel 5.
17. Tom has previously recommended this quiz show to a number of friends.
18. Sophie is worried about not being able to answer any of the questions.
19. Tom warns that the questions become more difficult throughout the quiz.
20. Tom and Sophie decide to organise a school quiz together.


Download 57.69 Kb.

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