*This is a linked course: students are also required to enroll in: Counseling 100, section 54203 T,th 11: 00-12: 15pm (837)

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Puente Project English 90, #55998

1:30-3:15PM Room 1738

*This is a linked course: students are also required to enroll in:

Counseling 100, section 54203 T,TH 11:00-12:15PM (837),

AND English 84 #60748 (The Writing Center)

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Professor Cathy Gillis Office: 1735F (library)

Phone: 256-7411 Text Me: 707-418-0166 Hours: M: 10-12

Faculty secretaries: 256-7728 T/TH: 10-12, 3:30-4:30

Email address: cgillis@napavalley.edu Friday by appt.

Website: http://www.napavalley.edu/people/cgillis/Pages/welcome.aspx

Join Our Facebook Class Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/980329365331785/


Required Texts:

FUS Fusion: Integrated Reading & Writing Book 2 (Kemper)

SFB Songs From the Barrio (Rios)

BT The Brothers Torres (Voorhees)

Course Description:

This is a class designed to build the student’s skill level and confidence as a reader and writer and has the same course requirements as any other English 90 course. It includes instruction in writing, discussion and critical analysis of reading material, beginning research and review of grammar. Students will write in class and complete a number of reading and writing assignments. Students will also be asked to participate in peer group brainstorming, peer evaluation and presentations. Success in this class will depend mainly on participation, cooperation, and regular attendance by all students to understand and master effective writing, reading and thinking skills. English 90 is preparation for English 120, College Level English.

The Puente approach to English 90, Developmental Writing, is unique in that we will read Latino and Mexican-American literature, essays and cultural writings. Marci Sanchez, Counseling Instructor, Christina Rivera, Mentor Coordinator, and I will be working with you as a group, or a cohort throughout the year. This is also unique to the Puente project and better enables us to reach the goals of preparing you for four-year college-level writing and transfer status. Minimum of 5000-6000 words of writing required. Students must also enroll in English 84 (The Writing Center) as this puts you first (and last) in line for help with your papers, grammar, editing, etc. throughout the semester. You must complete an online, brief orientation in the writing center during the first week of the semester.
Course Objectives:

By the end of this course, students will be able to generate ideas for writing assignments; students will write essays with unity, substance and clarity; students will be able to formulate a thesis statement that clearly expresses the central idea of the essay, organize essays in logical sequence so that the central idea of the essay is developed to a logical conclusion, develop effective sentence structure and variety, identify and correct errors in grammar and spelling, and identify common rhetorical modes, apply critical thinking skills needed to compare, contrast, analyze, evaluate and argue writing. In addition, students will be able to write clearly with a distinct voice, style and with coherence. A greater awareness of Latino and Mexican-American literature and culture is one of the intangible benefits of the Puente approach and methods of instruction.

Course Requirements English 90:

All students will be expected to write a series of essays in which skills in organization and development of ideas are demonstrated. Final drafts of essay assignments must be word-processed or typewritten and double-spaced according to the MLA format. Papers must include one-inch margins and must have page numbers. Each student must also submit rough drafts periodically for peer review. Students must submit other assignments related to final drafts of essays. You must be present for the in-class writings to get full credit. Writing is a process, and we will be taking a journey in discovering our writing strengths through practice, practice and more practice.

Download 199 Kb.

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