This I believe- essay Outline I. Intro-Paragraph

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This I Believe- Essay Outline

I.                   Intro-Paragraph

a.       Attention Getter/Hook

b.     List your "I Believe" statement

II.                The Event-Paragraphs

(Describe the event/events that lead you to your belief. Give as much detail as possible. Use figurative language. Each event you choose to talk about should include letters a-e. Make me see the story! )

Weak example: It was a hot day.                      

Strong example: I felt sweat dripping down my back and the car felt like an  oven.

a.       What happened?

b.      Who was involved?

c.       When did this happen?

d.      Where did it happen?

e.       Why did it happen?

III. The Impact Paragraph

(This is where you will explain what you have learned, and how it has affected you.)

a.       What was the lesson you learned or the realization you came to?

b.     How has this changed you?

c. How will you apply this idea in the future?

IV. Final Conclusion (Section 5 of your yellow brainstorm paper.)

a. Remind the reader of the belief you hope to share with them. Explain why the reader should care about your essay and learn from your belief.

This I Believe - Student Example
I. Every day, adults and children feel overwhelmed with tremendous responsibilities, so I believe in enjoying free time.

II. I’m one of those people who loves free time. Free time is more valuable to me than any school work, sports, or other bothersome tasks. When so many things are on my mind, alone time is the best way to order my thoughts for the time ahead of me. Having time to myself is important to me because I can spend time reading, praying and reflecting on my life.

Last year, as a 10th grader, life was easy because schoolwork was easy and sports weren’t intense in any way. I breezed through that year. Now, as an 11th grader, I am playing varsity football the first semester.
Sadly, we have very long practices and harder workouts. So guess who doesn’t get any free time? Me. At home after football practice I have to do my mountains of homework that can take hours. I seldom have time to eat the delicious food my mom prepares for me, and by that time it is time for me to go to bed.
III. I never realized the value of free time until I felt it had vanished from my life. Having no free time or down time is hard because my mind doesn’t operate efficiently without breaks to order my thoughts. I love free time because in the free time I do constructive activates, when I don’t have any other work to do that is essential, to get my mind off the hub bub in the world. For example I might read, draw, or dive into a random project that involves building, which is almost as enjoyable as eating bacon. I have to force myself to use my imagination when I have time to spare if I do one of those activities I have my own little world when I move into a project or read. It is kind of like a bubble that nobody or anything can penetrate, but when I don’t have extra time sometimes I feel like I can’t live because I do the same process day after day after day (football, homework, and eating); therefore, I feel like a robot carrying out his duties when I need my creative juices flowing.
Even though I’m complaining about my lack of free time I’m so blessed with the school I go to and the influence around me. I need time (Hint: free time) to give thanks to God for blessing me with all he has given me. Also, I need to do all I can do to glorify Him even in the predicament of no free time that I am in. As it says in 1 Corinthians 10:31 “So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God”.
I believe everyone should have fun every now and then, and have time to spend alone with their thoughts and beliefs. In other words….I believe in appreciating free time.

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