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M11B03: "Friend Vilnia,
Note thee well the following. 'Tis the final listing of the voice machines. Make it thy task to be sure the Servants have them placed and working before the arrival of tonight's guests.

Voice Machine 1 -- Central Concourse

Voice Machine 2 -- Library

Voice Machine 3 -- Chapel

Voice Machine 4 -- Dining Room

Voice Machine 5 -- Gallery

Voice Machine 6 -- Ballroom

Further, forget not the machine for our special guest.

-- Karras"
MISCB20: "Be ever wary for the pernicious forces that array

against us. For every flagstone, there is a root which

seeks to crack through it. For every wall, there is a

vine which seeks to tear it down. Know thou thy enemy

and be ever watchful, for only so may we prevail.

M11B04: "Star gazer's journal, 67th evening of observation

I can stand it no longer. Since my first examinations of that distant globe, that glorious blue jewel, I knew my time here in the city was at an end. For how could I possibly remain content in this quagmire of filth, corruption, and religious fanaticism when there exists a whole new world just within reach, ripe for exploration?"
"The means of my departure is almost within my grasp, despite a recent setback. Brellick was a fine young servant, and a dedicated laboratory assistant. Oh, the anguish, as I removed his entrails from the plaza's great statue! And, worst of all, I realize it was my miscalculations that cost the lad his life."
"How could I have been so stupid! The scientific principle is sound, I am sure: Using my patented sunburst device -- an explosive of the highest magnitude -- a thick wooden box can travel the distance needed to reach the stars. How foolish of me to forget the protective layer of lead!"
"But the past is exactly that, and it's time to move on. I have hired a new assistant, a drunken old crone name Hilde, who will make the test flight. The sunburst device will simply be placed under the box and ignited from a distance, and Hilde will soar to that beautiful new world!"
"Once there, she is to communicate with me via smoke signal when it is safe for me to proceed. She is, of course, a bit nervous about the proceedings, but a pint of aged gin should be enough to put her fears to rest.
To the stars!"
M11B05: "Mr. J.B. Tuttleshank, Supervisor"
M11B06: "Trigger Control For Wall Safe Alarm"
M11B07: "Horticulturist's Log
-- Growing a new strain of mushroom, supplied by my new friends. They actually give off a substantial amount of light. I'm considering abandoning the powered lamps and replacing them all with mushrooms. I can imagine the look on Theodore's face!"
"-- Longdaddy has proven to be quite the gardner's assistant. Today he intercepted a carrion diver that was headed right for the rhododendron. Those little buggers have destroyed more of my plants than I care to remember. I may just let Longdaddy web up the entire eastern end of the greenhouse if it will stop the insects from getting through."
"-- I've been contracted out to build an enormous terrarium for Thistlewell. Ah, the rich and their luxuries.
- Anna"
M11B08: "The New Scripture of The Master Builder (draft, page 35)

The Builder smiled on the things Karras had done. Out of devotion, He had invented many machines, and these machines now served Him well. He had transformed wretched humans into agents of The Builder’s will, controlled directly by the influence of Karras' machines. These were called Servants, and they had been embraced by those in the city who considered themselves superior because of the wealth of their coffers instead of their spirits. These same people had beamed at Karras with one face but with another face smirked amongst each other and shared affronts."

"For this Karras had once detested them, but He saw now their role in the Builder’s Plan. In all these things Karras had forged the tools that He would use to bring the Builder’s Paradise to the world. The Builder looked upon these tools as Karras made preparations to put them to use, and His gaze showed favor, and Karras felt the Builder’s hands upon Him and the Builder’s strength helping Karras carry His burdens."
M11B09: "Crimshaw! Lock the receipts in the safe this time, or you'll taste the lash! Though I can't prove it, I suspect one of the night watchmen of having sticky fingers. If not every penny is accounted for in the morning, it will come out of your backside.
And another thing -- Don Valencia will be by in the morning to pick up his diamonds. Make sure you log the transfer and extend every courtesy we have available. Valencia is a client I do NOT want to lose!
-- Tuttleshank"
M11B10: "Whosoever finds this note, I bid thee farewell, for I no longer dwell in your domain of fetid flesh. My essence is now forever preserved in the Plane of Earth, beyond the reaches of fear and Fire. I owe my transcendence to the Book of Ash, that tome of legend I recovered so long ago from the sands of long forgotten kings. Within its pages lie the secrets of life, death...and undeath. The Hand forbade its study, for it drove so many into madness, but I have succeeded where others have failed. But be warned! The truth is hidden from the unworthy. Blacken thy heart, or face the prisoners of flesh.
-- Azaran the Cruel"
M11B11: "Brethren,
The guard on the office door shalt be changed upon every three hours, though I trust that our guests shall not be curious enough to attempt entrance. For further precaution, however, Father Karras hath entrusted me with the sole key.
Most of the alarms and watchers that protect the tower hath also been disabled, to prevent our guests from causing any mishaps. While I expect the nobility to mind their manners, remain thou ever vigilant.
-- Friend Vilnia"
M11B12: “ Agloras Coranth!

Kaglimorex thelorun asu

enlien Balmrorven agror.

Kalu Fendith? Kalu Kalid?

Akilno! Akilno Cleas!

Po walnarus veor.

Sigliop ulanis friopic,

ru phulin Gorax!

Hakannen bxs'hanthu

jiollux plenfanth, er

hujeris feroth.
Phir tun Ferunith!"
M11B14: "Mr. Garrett,
I apologize for my inability to serve your particular needs, but at this time I simply lack the supplies you require. But I do know where a man of your particular...skills...might acquire a few useful tools. Castle Carslysle in Dayport has a well-stocked armory, complete with the finest arrows and explosives. Getting into the armory may be difficult, though. Rumor has it that Carslysle has installed a new security door, and the thing is immune to everything from lockpicking to battering rams. Still, a man of your reputation should be able to circumvent such challenges, no?
-- Rudyard"
M11B15: "G,
Got some news for ya. A guy named Valencia just entered Dayport, and he's only there for a couple of days. He's some kinda diamond with rough stones. Well, while he's in town, he's storing a pouch of uncut diamonds at the Dayport Trader's Bank. Security there is supposed to be pretty loose -- hell, the place is on the top floor of one of them marble buildings, so they must not expect any company, if you know what I mean. Should be fairly straightforward, if you take the 'thieves' highway.'"
M11B16: "The New Scripture of The Master Builder (draft, page 3)

And so Karras did set quill to paper to record His accomplishments, the most important of humankind before Him and certainly after, performed in the service of the Master Builder. And at that time, none could know this Scripture and Karras could not read from it during His sermons, for he knew that humans, even His followers, in their weakness would not rejoice and celebrate as Karras had at the good news of the Builder’s Paradise. Because humans were flawed, they would fail to understand."

"It was only Karras who truly knew that humans were an invention of the Master Builder that they might invent the Builder’s Children to please Him. In the soft whirring of the clean, oiled gears of the Children around him, Karras heard the deafening roar of their approval.
(note: I shall need to take pains in collecting these materials together again… in my urgent press to capture events that pass and my thoughts on them, I have writ passages in many of my chambers, and at present I cannot return to collect them… nor shall I trust another to collect them for me)"
M11B17: "Garrett,
We hope the information we have provided you thus far has been useful. You do well to seek information at Angelwatch. But beware! All is not as it seems at the Mechanist tower, and Karras is more aware of your actions than you may think. Still, there are ways to outwit him."
M11B18: "Recharge Station Control"
"'Even with all we had learned,

some events were to prove more

complex than we had predicted.

The most unlikely of alliances

was also the most effective.'

-- Chronicle of the Metal Age."

Entry 1 -- Today was indeed a fine day, for Karras was on hand for the commissioning of this, the finest of vessels -- the Cetus Amicus. In all my years as captain of seagoing craft, I never sailed a ship so sleek or strong. Verily, the Cetus Amicus mocks those wave-bound barges! To glide below the flotsam and stand safely in the womb of this steel shark as she cuts through the briny deep. Never again shall there be a vessel as fine as this."

"Entry 26 -- Damn that Fretus! He has failed miserably in his duties as cargo master, and will be disciplined forthwith. To lose the only key to cargo locker 5! He claims he passed it to Senwith while in Subaquatic Outpost 1, but the key has since disappeared. I fear it may have slipped beneath the flooring into the bilge water. Until one of the men can locate the key, cargo locker 5 remains sealed."

"Entry 30 -- Fish again. If only mutton would keep on our voyages...."

"Entry 31 -- Today we set course once again for the KD site, bringing Cavador back to continue his excavation. He wouldn't go into details, but apparently he's uncovered some new artifact that Karras is very excited about. This may be the last voyage we make in quite some time, as Cavador has been ordered to remain at the site indefinitely."
"Entry 39 -- The crew is prepared for yet another voyage to the KD site -- this time to drop off special cargo for Cavador. He's ready to excavate another zone, and, as per standard Mechanist procedure, needs to cleanse the area with rust gas to prevent the growth of any flora. I must admit, however, that I have grown tired of these mundane cargo runs. I feel the time has come to refit the Cetus Amicus as a ship of war, and venture beyond the confines of established routes. I shall propose this change to my superiors upon my return from the KD site."
M14B03: "The New Scripture of The Master Builder (draft, page 16)

Karras saw that a person, an animal, a plant, anything ill-borne of nature, when consumed by the gaseous Necrotic Mutox would dissolve into rust. Karras had observed this many times, over and over again, for in it He felt the presence of Truth. Whether released by a container or through the lips of a Servant's mask, Karras would observe the action of the gas from a spot as close to the area of effect as He possibly could in safety. When the rust settled, Karras would zealously scrutinize the remains for meaning."

"And now Karras looked back upon those investigations, and He spoke aloud, saying: 'Oh Master Builder, I have felt Your will. I know that I have been chosen to bring Your Paradise to the world. I know that I must not fail, or Your wrath shall consume me and I shall lie forever in the Forest You have saved for those who are unholy. Master Builder, My mind shall be sharp, My machines will not falter, and I will keep Karras from the risk of death. In Your name I shall construct a protective chamber in Soulforge Cathedral, and there, where I cannot be harmed, Karras shall stay. I shall reconsider every element of My plan - if any are weak, Karras shall make them sound.'"
M14B04: "Friend Gorrick,
Please make thou haste in repairing this Child -- that treacherous Pagan didst harm it most grievously. But fear not that any more of thy companions will be harmed, for the saboteur hast been subdued...
-- Friend Pendelus"
M14B05: "Construction Journal
Our work on the underground facility doth proceed as planned. When first we arrived here on Markham's Isle, we found the cove deserted; the lighthouse stood inoperable and the house of its keeper lay in near ruin. Whatever pirates didst make this place their home departed long before we arrived."
"The cutthroats didst maintain a hidden base 'neath the lighthouse, containing several shoddy buildings of poor wood. For the most, we destroyed these mockeries of construction, but those that were sound we left standing, to be used for our own purposes. Indeed, on the instruction of Cavador, our new facilities have been built directly into those structures that we didst take over. 'Tis sad indeed to see such powerful steel tainted by the touch of rotting wood, but need dictates our actions."

"The new drilling machine is in truth miraculous! Its bit doth bore through solid granite, and the Builder's Children canst easily assemble and disassemble the machine wherever need doth compel it. This doth prove most useful when we must needs carve out isolated sections of the caves."

"My eye spied another nugget of silver today. The veins are rich with the Builder's bounty! Methinks I'll keep this little discovery to mine own self...."
M14B06: "Attention:
Due to the recent mishap involving Friend Ventus, I hath installed mine own invention of non-slip mats in the subaquatic outposts. These devices are full soft as carpet yet also completely water resistant. I promise thee, these mats should allow all Mechanists to stand tall before Father Karras, and the Master Builder himself.
--Friend Manus"
M14B07: "Cetus Amicus Cargo Manifest
Main Hold: Supplies for KD Site
Cargo Locker 1: Weaponry

Cargo Locker 2: Potions

Cargo Locker 3: Rust Gas (If moved from Main Cargo Storage)

Cargo Locker 4: Scouting Orbs

Cargo Locker 5: Miscellaneous Equipment"
M14B08: "Captin --
Tuday we did run throo that scurvy litehouse keeper! We tride to reezin with him, but wine he did like a cripuld dog! Talk he did of his fair miss, who be skejooled to retern to the cove. Wen she arrives, I be sher to tern her over to ye! We also know of sum loot he did hide! We be keepin ya infermed.
Ye shood also no that the crew wishes to rename the cove aftir yoo! Tis a prowd day indeed fer the brutherhood of the sea!
-- Thomas"
M14B09: "My dearest Virginia,
I beseech thee, my love -- return not to Starlight Cove! Those notorious pyrates are back, and I fear they mean to remain. Last night, I overheard two of the scoundrels -- I believe they're planning on establishing some kind of base in the underwater caves! I fear for my life, but the time has come to take a stand. To be safe, I've hidden our valuables in the crawlspace.

My only hope is that the courier ship arrives on schedule, so that this letter is delivered to you in time!

-- Your Beloved Nathaniel"
M14B10: "Articles of the good ship Catherine's Folly

(as set forth by Captain 'Dark' William Markham)

Every man shall obey civil Command; the Captain shall have one full share and a half in all Prizes; the Master, Carpenter, amd Boatswain shall have one Share and quarter.

If any man shall offer to run away, or keep any Secret from the Company, he shall be marroon'd with one Bottle of Rum, one Bottle of Water, one cutlass.

If any man shall steal any Thing in the Company, or gamble, to the Value of a Piece of Gold, he shall be marroon'd or shot."

"If at any Time we should meet another Marrooner (that is Pyrate) that Man that shall sign his Articles without the Consent of our Company, shall suffer such Punishment as the Captain and Company shall think fit.

That Man that shall strike another whilst these Articles are in force, shall receive Ludman's Law (that is forty stripes lacking one) on the bare Back.

That Man that shall snap his Arms, or carry a Candle lighted without a Lanthorn, shall suffer the same Punishment as in the former Article."

"That Man that shall not keep his blade clean, fit for an Engagement, or neglect his Business, shall be cut off from his Share, and suffer such other Punishment as the Captain and the Company shall think fit.

If any Man shall lose a Joint in time of an Engagement he shall have 400 pieces of gold; if a limb 800.

If at any time you meet with a prudent Woman, that Man that offers to meddle with her, without her Consent, shall suffer present Death."
M14B11: "Attention Subaquatic Crewmen:
Master Karras hath learned that the previous occupants of these caves left behind a most great quantity of wealth upon their departure. The local legend hath it that the leader of the pirates, Captain Markham, didst hide a sea chest of treasure somewhere neath the surface. The myth doth also state that this bounty be kept in a structure like a sailing vessel.
All subaquatic crewmen shouldst consider themselves tasked to find this gold, for the good of the Mechanist order."
M14B12: "Watcher Control"
M14B13: "In time of peril, breaketh glass."
M14B14: "Walrick,

Indeed, Father Karras's plan proves yet more brilliant than I hath imagined. The Father doth call it 'The Cetus Project,' after the Cetus Amicus. The project itself, however, is in truth the grand meshing of several operations, like two gears joining their cogs. At the KD site, Cavador hath uncovered the ancient power used by our Order to benefit all of humankind. Our vessel must needs transport those discoveries back here to Markham's Isle. Even the restoration of the lighthouse wast directed by Karras himself. When the Cetus Amicus returns from a journey to the KD site, the lighthouse beacon is used to signal Karras in Angelwatch. Everything doth prove so machine-like, so perfect... -- Friend Lorus"

M14B15: "Friend Erlen,
Thou art hereby tasked with retrieving Father Karras' belongings from the flooded living area near Subaquatic Outpost #1. Of prime importance is his work in progress -- the New Scripture of the Master Builder. Retrieve it at once, and the Builder will surely bless thee.
-- Hellesse"
M14B16: "Gate to Lighthouse"
M14B17: "Gate to Workshop"
M14B18: "If ye be readin this note, ye likely be here for the bounty of the good ship Catherine's Folly...the same as the fool before ye. Ye best be turnin' back now, and stay out of me vessel's hold, 'fore you suffer the same fate as he!
-- Capt. Markham"
"'Calls the serpents to the heel of my foes!

Calls the ravens to pecks their eyes!

Calls the jackals, carry thems away

their children to gnaw bones in the night!'

-- Pagan curse"
M15B01: "Steward, shouldst thou have need of me, follow this

route and surely thou shalt find me. Disturb me not unless

thy matters are of the greatest import.
Site 6

Site 1

Site 2

Site 3

Site 4

Site 8

Site 7

Brother Cavador"

M15B02: "Steward, shouldst thou have need of me, follow this

route and surely thou shalt find me. Disturb me not unless

thy matters are of the greatest import.
Site 2

Site 3

Site 6

Site 1

Site 7

Site 4

Site 8

Brother Cavador"

M15B03: "Steward, shouldst thou have need of me, follow this

route and surely thou shalt find me. Disturb me not unless

thy matters are of the greatest import.
Site 7

Site 2

Site 3

Site 6

Site 1

Site 4

Site 8

Brother Cavador"

For access, make requests to the Camp Steward. "
M15B05: "The Dock"
M15B06: "K-D Site"
M15B07: "Ah, wondrous discovery! For the chance to

learn here, I would excuse Karras far more than

he hath done.....
Mayhap I spoke too soon. Of all the wonders

our Ancestors hath left for our discovery, Karras

is fascinated by only the smallest portion. Yet,

without his aid, 'twould be naught to explore....

Still more rust gas hath arrived. I sent it as

well to the lava, for I cannot convince Karras

how little use we have for it. If only the

Cetus Amicus could carry more digging

supplies instead......"
"Site 2 goes best; it hath yielded up what

Karras wanted, and now we explore its greater

mysteries. How beloved of the Builder these

Ancestors must have been, for surely he did

show them all matter of wonders we can barely


Time will be short for my side projects, at

least until the next shipment. Even then,

I fear more unreasonable demands,

until there is barely time to sleep,

lest we fail to meet Karras'

schedule ......"

M15B08: "Mechanist Sermons of the Builder:

Seeking the Path of the Builder

Dry thy tears, lady, and find cheer. Blessed

are they who strive for perfection. Build

thyself a perfect house of brick and metal.

No straw shalt thou use, neither in thy roof

nor in thy bricks. No windows shalt there be,

nor doorways nor dens. Sit thee there for fifty

days and fifty nights, neither food shalt thou eat,

nor water shalt thou drink. Look thou at neither

sun nor moon. Feel not the wind, nor muse at the

passing clouds. At the end of those days and nights,

than shalt thou know a perfect calm,and then thou

mayest walk with me in my domain."

M15B09: "Hymn 32: As the shaft to the gear.
As the shaft to the gear,

Turn me, Master Builder.

As the gear to the cog,

Show me the way.

As the coal to the furnace,

I burn for thee.

Let the Builder return.

Builder, see what we have done in thy name."

M15B10: "Voice of the Prophet: Karras Speaks

Transcribed Sermons

I stood before the legions and spoke, that

they might understand. 'Seest thou what I have

made? These are the Eyes of Karras, that will

watch over thee, even as thou sleepest. They

will watch thy post, even if thou art fallen.

Never shalt thou be alone, whilst the Eyes of

Karras are with thee. And see thou this also?"
"'Tis the Judgement of Karras, and it is deadly,

yet fear it not, thou followers of Karras, good

Mechanists all. For the Judgement of Karras will

eliminate they who do not believe, they who would

stop us, they who are the enemies of progress and

enlightenment. So, my friends, go you now and place

the Eyes of Karras, and the Judgement of Karras.

Place them well, that thou shalt be protected forever.

Let us look forward to the blessed day, when all fear

shall cease.' And there was great rejoicing, and they

placed mine Eyes and my Judgements all about."
M15B11: "New Scripture of the Master Builder

Innermost Thoughts

I dreamt that the Builder came unto me. We walked together amid the empty buildings. No tree barred our path, no creatures scurried forth. No foot fell there, save ours. So pleased was He with all I had done that he turned my flesh to iron with a wave of His mighty hand. I wept with joy, tears as slick as mercury, and thanked him for his gifts.

Great is the power of the Master Builder."

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