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M07B01: "Security Office" M07B02

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M07B01: "Security Office"
M07B02: "Lobby Camera Control"
M07B03: "Brother Ortham of the Mechanists

Anglewatch, Dayport

Captain Blouf

First City Bank and Trust Guard

100 Gentry Boulevard, North Quarter
Cpt. Blouf,
Fact: The security of thy bank is double, nay, tenfold what 'twas but a few months ago, and thou art paying fewer human guards for their fallible efforts. Thou owest this fact to us, for we of the Mechanist Order do believe in generosity, e'en more when it opens the eyes of commoners to the values of our goodly innovations, though the"
"situation is not one of mutual benefit.
Therefore it didst pain me greatly to read that thou believest the level of bank security at present to be 'enough'! The plan I outlined to thee most assuredly called for more security machines, and for greater care in deployment than thou hast currently there. We of the Mechanist Order shall feel sufficiently confident in the safety of our valuables only when no humans be employed by the Bank for this purpose.
In particular thou dost continue to protest the proposed changes to the vault door, so I shall take now the time to give thee a most full explanation of why it must be replaced. As previously stated,"
"thy current time lock is a security risk because 'tis external to the vault. Whence 'twas installed, the Hammerites chose to compromise security in this way, for 'twould be impossible to ever open the vault again in the event that the time lock experienced some failure. However, Mechanist engineering far exceeds that of the Hammers, and thusly, our time lock hath many redundant timing mechanisms, any of which can complete to bring about the opening of thy vault door. If 'tis too complex for thee, thou simply need to understand this: Currently 'tis possible to manipulate the time lock to cause the vault to open ahead of schedule. The new vault lock wilt not be so grievously flawed, and there wilt be no chance of critical mechanical failure."
" Within a month, we shalt send a team of engineers to thy bank for to upgrade the time lock and inspect thy security placement. I expect there shalt be no further issues. Thy patrons and managers shalt no doubt be pleased at the increase in security.

Brother Ortham"

M07B04: "Client - Box Number


Lord Signoli - 7

D.M. Gilver Exporting - 8

The Widow's Hospice - 9

Mechanist Secondary Finance Box - 10

Mechanist Storage Box - 11

Sergeant Bander - 12

Lady Shemonov - 13

Selentura - 14"


Maintenance Machines Active

In This Area"

Authorized Personnel Only Beyond This Point"

M07B07: "Lobby Alarm"
M07B08: "Vault Alarm"
M07B09: "To Security Office"
M07B10: "Meeting Hall"
M07B11: "Hall of Records"
M07B12: "G -

Tried me a creak at First City B&T come two years back. More than I

was skopped out for, tell you that, not my best o jobs. Had me a left

little finger afore that, for one. Trouble be, the place spents a

full purse on the damned TILE floors. Couldn't take a step back nor

fort, should I set an echo up to the roof. Had me a dram more o

nerve, mights have gone slow-feet enough and get by, or wait

patientlike till the thugmen be past. But no, had me to go and raise

a noise on that tile and out they jump. No worry for you, mate,

all your talents. But for me, well, get me a coin and prick your

ears samewise, seems a fair trade.

M07B13: "All Clerks:

Please refrain from addressing clients by name. Some clients have

expressed nervousness that they are known personally, that the

details of their finances are available to someone who would

recognize them on the street. We must make a point of deliberate

impersonality in all our dealings with clients."
M07B14: "All Clerks:

THIS IS NOT A BAKERY! We do not throw in an extra coin for every

twelve! Individual logbooks WILL BE AUDITED WEEKLY."
M07B15: "Parcell -

I hear there's a coppermonger on Center Street who's offering good

prices for halfpence minted more than twenty years ago. Something

about luck charms - guess the luck of the city's been pretty bad

the past couple decades. What think you, the pair of us go through

the halfpenny stores after hours tonight?

M07B16: "I've half a mind to plead with Captain Blouf to ignore his managers

and give that damn Brother Ortham what he's got coming! Every time they

come from a meeting, Blouf seems like a kettle about to boil over,

but he follows his orders and treats Ortham with respect. When Ortham

was in here last week, he was going on and on about his metal guards and

faces, where to put them properly and such, how we were showing such 'poor

judgement', and Captain Blouf just listened and nodded! In the six years

that I've worked here, not one security breach has occurred. Poor judgement,

M07B17: "I have oft wondered these past days why Master Banker Tyler has

been in such a disposition. Frequently he comes in late or not at all,

and his former liveliness is gone. For weeks now he has seemed to droop

and mope, his spirits quite downcast. Though he is past the prime of his

life, not so his career. In time, he could rise to a new pinnacle of

wealth and power. At first I thought he was forlorn that the bank did not

ride the financial winds of change in the city as best it might, that

change marks an opportunity for wealth that we have missed. I thought

perhaps Master Tyler erroneously took on a burden for being neglectful.

But now I fear that his situation is worse, that misfortune has befallen

him or his family."
M07B18: "Davell,

I'm sure you've heard the news: that Tyler's physician diagnosed his ailment as fatal, predicting not more than 3 months of life remaining. The question on both of our minds is surely the same: Who shall replace him as Master Banker? And perhaps you have come to the same conclusion - that his nephew Morrow will have unfair precedent over us for that position. For the better of First City Bank and Trust, and our own wallets, I suggest that we somehow eliminate Morrow as competition. Then between the two of us, may the best banker be selected! Perhaps we can slander his good name in some way. What are your thoughts?

- Flemion"
M07B19: "Flemion,

Surely you are being facetious when you say that Morrow has a good name.

I don't doubt that given leave, Tyler would select his nephew as the next

Master Banker, but it is not just you and I who realize that he has the

aptitude of a frog. I cannot count the number of times I've overheard a

clerk joking at some foolish remark Morrow has made. The idea that one

of us be Master Banker instead is of course the right one. But your

thinking is shortsighted, and I have a plan that will generate more

wealth for us in the end.

We will protest Morrow's selection as Master Banker (not so much as to

prevent it), and we will recommend that each other be selected instead.

Morrow will be selected as Master Banker, he will fail at that role

miserably, and as dissatisfaction with him grows, so will confidence

in the two of us. When they request that we replace Morrow, we hold out

(ostensibly out of prudence) until, out of desperation, they increase

the salary of"

"the position to one-and-one-half times what it is now.

Only then will we accept.

So what do you think of this idea, then?

- Davell"

M07B20: "Davell,

You are quite shrewd, my good colleague. One item your scheme did not cover: which of us shall replace Morrow as Master Banker? For this I have an intriguing answer, one that guarantees an increase in pay for us both. We make a pact now that, no matter which of us is selected as Master Banker by the plan you outlined, we combine our mutual salaries after the promotion and each gets an equal share. By my calculations, this will leave us both with over twice what we are now earning. What say you, sir?

- Flemion"
M07B21: "Flemion,

I think not. As you say, may the best banker be selected.

- Davell"
M07B22: "Thank you my good, fellow bankers for you're attendance here tonight and thank you, to my Uncle Tyler for picking me too be the next person, who will be in the Position of the Master Banker because he knows like all of you do that I will do the best job at that job and that in my Capable Hands the first city bank and Trust will grow in prominince, and wealth in the city. Our valued clients, will continue to fill our coffers with there wealth which we will have used to generate more revenue to improve our wages and our services to our clients which are always improving. For that is really what are goals must be and we must all continue to focus on the important issues at the bank which are our goals: to make money and to please are clients."
M07B23: "Lobby"
M07B24: "The Great Hall"
M07B25: "Fountain"
M07B26: "Dome"
M07B27: "Hall of Statues"
M07B28: "Valued customers: To visit your safety deposit box, please proceed to the vault."
"'To manipulate a man is a careful project.

Too light a hand, and he follows his own whim;

too heavy a hand, and he will turn on you.'

-- Chronicle of the Metal Age"
M09B01: "Dearest Stephanie,

I just thought I would take a break from all of my distractions to write you a little letter letting you know how much I love you. I know I have been very busy lately and haven't had as much time for you as I would like. The 18 hour days I'm putting in at the warehouse are killing me, but I am learning so much from the Mechanists. They are a little arrogant, but they have a vision I want to be a part of. They are beginning to accept me, which means a lot to me. I've had to work very hard to prove myself to them,"

" but I know that in the end, all of my hard work will pay off and we will both benefit from it. Thank you for being my inspiration, and thank you for being so understanding. Our love is the most important thing in my life, and when the Mechanists' project is done you will once again be the center of my universe.
I love you, Ekim"

If thou wouldst unlock this kind of door, thou wilt needst use the appropriate

gear. Insert thou the correct gear unto the locking mechanism. When

the mechanism be complete with the correct gear, then marvel thou as the

gears turn to unlock the door. For those with no eye to tell one gear

from its cousin, know thou also that if thou use the incorrect gear, the

mechanism shall fail thee and nothing shall happen. If thou hast concerns,

please bring them unto me.

-Friend Capezza."
M09B03: "We all know that many criminals harbor a vendetta against me, so I have decided to have a Mechanist install several security devices throughout the estate. A new mechanism has been installed to lock all doors leading up to higher floors in the mansion. These doors cannot be forced open or unlocked using conventional means. All doorways that lead to upper levels will be locked every night and will unlock again in the morning.

-Sheriff Truart"

M09B04: "I went and lost my silver gear and now I can't get up to the

third floor. I tried knocking on that blasted door for an hour, but no

one would open it for me. Last time I saw it was before I took a swim.

Please return it to me if you find it, I will be in the game room.

- Officer Benny"
M09B05: "I know well that thy father was a loyal supporter in time

gone by. Most greatly did we appreciate his generosity in building

the chapel upon Truart Estate, where mine brethren and myself did give

praise to the Builder. However, the worship of the Builder has come forward

while thy chapel dost remain in the past, for its walls and panels art

still decked in the symbols of our old ways. For one who hast renounced

these antique trappings, such things are deeply offensive. Thou must think

strongly upon replacing them with the more modern and appropriate symbols of

the present age.

-Brother Tickspring"

M09B06: "Dear Volari,

Prostitution in this city is a huge problem, and I plan on cleaning it up, so you should keep a low profile. I've taken the measures to protect you that we discussed. I live a demanding life now that I'm the most important person in town, and meeting with you is my only means of relaxation. I do not consider you equal to the rest of the scum that lurk the streets, so I am going to give you special treatment as long as you take care of me when I need you.

-Norman Druart"
M09P01: "Do not push this button."
M09P02: "Here Lies Iblis Truart Sr., Beloved Husband and Father."
M09P03: "Here Lies Leeta Truart, Beloved Wife and Mother."
M09P04: "Here Lies Iblis Truart Jr., Beloved Son."
M09P05: "Security Power."
M09TIP: "I hear the foundation under the porch of Truart Estate has a large crack which you should be able to crawl under. Check behind the bushes for it. There must be an easy way into the mansion under there.

MISCB15: "My lord -

I write to thank you for your most interesting entertainment

of the other night. The Sheriff's men are, as you said, most

efficient, and watching the rabble fall over themselves in panic

afforded me more entertainment than a good month of

theater. Might we avail ourselves of this street-cleaning

farce again this weekend? I await your reply.

Your devoted L--"
"'He who keeps his work in disorder gives home to chaos.

Let him be struck with stone and iron to forge away his flaws.'

-- Collected sermons of Karras"
M8B02: "My co-conspirator:
Our plan seems to have had no unfortunate consequences. You were concerned that some incriminating evidence was dropped by your assassin at the scene.

If so it was not found, still, it was foolish to place the key on a key-ring with my emblem on it. I am a novice at such conspiracies, I confess, but no one has implicated me in the murder. With both Hagen and Truart out of the picture, you can expect little trouble from the City

Watch from now on. However, we both know that there are far more sinister forces at work in the city. On that note, you mentioned once that you had one last place to retreat to where the Mechanists could never find you. If that is true,"

"I urge you to go there now, since in light of recent events they will waste no time or effort trying to discover your current location.

I hope this warning does not reach you too late.
Steadfastly yours, Lt M."
"'Saws we them man o' moons faces,

rounds o' glows brights

in them summer night sky,

saids them to us that

winter comes earlies,

summer is gone,

and the harvest is fled.'

-- From a Pagan song"
M10B01: "He am the Honeymaker and drinkers we them meads,

He am the Jacksberry and eaters we them leafs,

He am the Trickster, and the Woodsie Lord he bes."
M10B02: "Planters we aft the spring moon is full, and water 'til it be at wane,

Harvests we aft the fall moon shines there, and the winds crisp air cool us be."

M10B03: "Rounders us gardens plants we them marigolds,

keepsies thems buggies away from the fruits,

sweet hare and vole bes kept aways too."
M10B04: "Lily must writ this five times over fer home lesson:

Full moon bes called Nene, for him Woodsie Lord's jackal,

New moon bes called Enen, thems jackal's dark shadow."
M10B05: "Lit up the lights o' the Gathering Place,

'til all of thems glows round the Woodsie Lord's head.

Then open them eyes of the Jacksberry Giver,

by bringin the rubies and then placing thems there.

Jumps in His mouth, when glows it all red,

for these is the way to them lair of the greens, the maw of them earthsies and court of us dreams."

M10B06: "To the person or persons whom I hope will have an interest:

How does one begin? I am in a position to be of service to you and your cause, to save lives. But even as I write this I doubt you will trust me. Why would a high ranking member of the City Watch help Pagans? But I tell you it is true. I have helped you already, though you may not know it. Twice I have spied your agents in the city streets, and twice I looked the other way. Yes, I have helped and at great risk to myself too, for what if this letter were to be intercepted? Or if one day I were to look away when I see a Pagan, and find myself face to face with my superior? A superior who has given express orders to destroy any Pagans I find!"

"Question your agents, and you'll see they will verify the truth of my statements. Then, if you trust me, contact me.

This is the only correspondence I will send so brazenly. From now on we must decide on a system for contacting each other.

With complete sincerity,

Lt. Mosley, City Watch"

M10B07: "My new friend!

I was very pleased to receive your answer so quickly. I will now outline for you my plan for how we will correspond with each other in the future.

Firstly, contact will be made only after a signal. Each day, check to see which plant I have in my office window, if it is the peony, then you know I have a message to give you.

Then at midnight, I'll drop my message off in the alley we agreed upon earlier. Please make sure an agent picks it up promptly as I cannot risk anyone else seeing these letters."

"If you need to contact me, then leave a sage branch outside my door in the morning, and I will pick up your message at noon - in the same alley.

Do not deviate from this system. I will assume anyone who contacts me in your name outside of these rules is a spy or traitor to our conspiracy, and will have him or her killed.

Similarly, any person who claims to be sent by me, or any message you recieve from me sent in a different manner - assume to be false, and, of course, our secret associations discovered by a third party. I shudder at the thought.

Yours sincerely,

Lt. Mosley"
M10B08: "My secret correspondent:

I have found out something new. All this time I thought Sheriff Truart, possibly out of some misguided sense of duty, was acting alone against your people, but that is sadly untrue.

As is his fashion - Truart was hired! Yes, and by the Mechanists! He has met with Karras, their leader, several times, and from those meetings came the order to systematically eradicate all Pagans.

Oh, and they're so clever! You are now officially 'potential obstacles to the greater good' who 'must be eliminated'!

You and others too, including a poor soul named Garrett whom they pursue mercilessly. Why Karras has targeted him, I have yet to discover, but as of this letter, he remains at large."

"The others were unfortunately not so lucky as you and this Garrett seem to be. I fear your peril is too great! Truart can be handled, but Karras and his Mechanists - stay away from them!

I trust you are taking every possible precaution.

My thoughts are with you.

I remain,

Lt. M."
M10B09: "My fellow collaborator:

I agree with your assessment that it is time to take drastic measures. Measures that will be no pleasure to undertake, however, they must be done.

You are right, we must be rid of Sheriff Truart. With Truart out of the way, then the City Watch will receive new orders - from me! It's the only way to ensure your safety, and to preserve the integrity of the City Watch - indeed if any is left.

I have a plan that I will tell you about, but in a few days. In the meantime, ready an agent to serve as assassin. Wait for my next correspondence.

Until then,

Lt. M."
MISCB11: "Lord Signoli -

Do tell me, I beg you, where you found those most exquisite

ferns? I have never seen such lush greenery in my life!

I do not doubt that they must be birthed in some magical

workshop, rather than plucked from the wilderness, for

surely such fronds are the work of an artist, not rough nature!

-Lady Bumbleson"
MISCB05: "Jabril -

Fifty, and that is my final offer! By the teeth of my ancestors,

I nearly think I could journey into the forest and cut my own

greenery, pagan bandits be damned, rather than pay such prices!

-Lord Signoli"
M10B11: "Cedar -

We'll need another cartload of those frondy plants,

and let's have no lazing about the way you normally do.

If you're quick, you'll even have a bonus - seven each

instead of the usual six. Cutting my own throat for it,

that's as much as I can squeeze out of these petty lordlings,

but because you're my friend and I know you need it...

anyway, get me the plants.

- Jabril"
MISCB07: "Watch Officer Morgan -

Have I got a deal for you! I know Truart's been

looking for the pagan outlaws for months - I should

be able to provide one, ripe for the plucking, when he

leaves the city. I hear he's smuggling in some banned

herbals - if I can learn any more I will of course let you

know, but I do know he'll be leaving around midnight at the

Carter's Gate.

"'The Builder has gifted thee with the greatest of all treasures - the future!

But thine own will forges the key that opens the lock.'

-- Karras, private correspondence"
M11B01: "Trondheim,
You were correct in recommending Tol Camrick and Sons for our recent contracting needs. Their craftsmanship is truly remarkable, as evidenced by our new armory door -- it's made of pit-forged steel, interwoven with black iron and coated with a titanium resin...or something like that. The sun itself could not blast that portal open."
"In the unlikely event that we are attacked, the men should come to one of us to gain access to the armory. (Remember the thirty-day siege at Castle Morendrum, old friend? Ah, now those were the days!) It is truly a shame that the men must be kept from the very tools of their profession, but such blatant misuse of gas arrows simply cannot be tolerated. Alas, that poor Burrick....
-- Mollick"
M11B02: "Master Guest List:
Dorcas Goodfellow -- In Attendance
Lord Bafford -- In Attendance
Madame Deniere -- Declined Invitation (Pagan sympathizer?)
Lord Gervaisius -- In Attendance
Ramirez -- No Response"
"Sir Christopher -- In Attendance
Marie Eleanora -- In Attendance
ArchDuke Damor -- In Attendance
Pernillious Pennybuckle, esq. -- In Attendance
Master Willey -- In Attendance, but quietly escorted off tower grounds (wanton drunkenness)"
"Duchess Alexandra Kurenov -- In Attendance
Lady Louisa -- In Attendance
Squire Shaunus -- Declined (touring with the city's rumpleball league)
Lady Van Vernon -- In Attendance
Joseph Fieldstone -- In Attendance"
"The Bumblesons, Winifred & Archibald -- In Attendance
Thistlewell -- In Attendance
Evelle de Ravencourt -- In Attendance
The Rothchilds, Frederick & Penelope -- No response (misplaced invitation?)
Sir McAllister Crom -- In Attendance"
"BrandyRidge -- In Attendance
Madame Robilard -- In Attendance
Lord Carlysle -- In Attendance (Retired Early)
Lord and Lady Rumford -- In Attendance
Sir Allard McCrellis -- In Attendance
Bandly Rofthoffer -- Declined (on holiday in Shalebridge)"

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